Can you keep 4 gerbils together?

What size tank do I need for 2 gerbils?

It is always advisable to get a pair of gerbils, and you can keep either two males or two females. Whilst they are social and can live in groups, unless you have a very big area to keep them in it’s better to keep no more than 2-4. Large groups can become unstable and aggression can break out.

Will gerbils eliminate each other?

One or two gerbils require an area that measures at least 18 inches wide, 24 to 30 inches long and 12 inches high. They also do well in a 15 gallon tank (or larger). As a pet parent, you will want to keep your gerbil safe.

Can gerbils live alone after one dies?

Is it cruel to keep gerbils?

So, can gerbils eliminate each other? The answer is yes. While it is rare, gerbils are capable of fighting to the death. In the wild, it is common for gerbils to fight, but the defeated gerbil can flee because it is not in a cage.

What is the lifespan of a gerbil?

Gerbils should live in pairs to give them the care and companionship that they crave. If one dies, lavish attention on the survivor to stop them from getting lonely and sick. If possible, slowly introduce a new companion to help the lonely gerbil get over the loss.

Can gerbils be happy alone?

How do you comfort a dying gerbil?

Keeping gerbils as pets isn’t cruel if you take care of them and provide them with everything they need: other gerbils, a large enough cage and deep bedding layer, enrichment to keep them from getting bored, and a nutritionally well-balanced diet.

Do gerbils bury their deceased?

Pachyuromys duprasi: 5 – 7 years

Great gerbil: 2 – 4 years

Is it better to have 1 or 2 gerbils?


How can I tell if my gerbil is sad?

Gerbils are very sociable pets that are usually kept in pairs. If you’d prefer to keep a single gerbil, you will need to interact with the gerbil regularly to fulfill its social needs. With the right attention and care, your single gerbil can live a long, happy life.

How do you keep a lonely gerbil happy?

Will 2 male gerbils fight?

Gerbils can get really cold when they’re dying, so you can comfort them by trying to warm them up. This can be done with a good heat lamp or by placing a safe heat mat close by. You can also warm them up by placing a warm water bottle next to the part of the cage that they’re in.

Should you cover a gerbil cage at night?

But gerbils are very clean animals, and deceased bodies in their homes stink pretty bad soon enough and would attract predators. If they have enough bedding they’ll often bury their deceased.

Can 2 gerbils live in a 10 gallon tank?

Gerbils are social animals and need the constant company of their own kind. Otherwise, it is always advisable to get a pair of gerbils, either two males or two females. It’s true that they can live in larger groups, but unless you have a very big space to keep them in, they’re going to be a bit crowded.

Can I give my gerbil a toilet paper roll?

How long can gerbils be separated?

Here are some signs that your gerbil may be depressed or verging on depression:
  1. Lack of appetite.
  2. Constantly laying down/doesn’t move often.
  3. Doesn’t drink a least once a day.
  4. Will not care if picked up and held.
  5. Is limp and doesn’t start getting excited/move a lot when held.

Why have my gerbils suddenly started fighting?