It is a great thing that you are able to hold on to a date for a long time.

But, it is a different kettle of fish when it comes to keeping your partner happyIt is not that easy to satisfy a womanHer needs and wants keep changing according to her moodIt is important that you offer her the best things to keep her happy, to make the relationship last a long time.

Tips on how to keep your girlfriend happy Make the girl feel very special

It is a given that women love to be treated well. They love to get all the importance that they deserve. So, treat the woman in your life no less than a princess. She will love the attention she gets and will never ditch you. Some of the techniques that can be implemented by you to keep your girl happy are:

  • Open the doors for her and pull a chair out for her to sit.
  • Never look to split the date dinner bills, or even ask her to pay for it.
  • Compliment her when she dresses up or wears makeup or does her hair in a different style. A woman loves to hear compliments about the way she looks.
  • Let the girl know that she is always on your mind. This can be done by sending her early morning good morning text messages. Texting her and giving her a call or two in a day, even when you are busy will make her really happy.

Girls love surprises

No matter you get her a very small gift like a candy bar or a rose; it will help your relationship go a long way. Girls love gifts and surprises and gifting them with things that they love will make them happy. Her love towards you will only increase.

  • It is not a good idea to buy a gift just for the sake of gifting. Never make a last minute gift purchase. You need to give it a serious thought and buy gifts according to the situation.
  • Talking to your girlfriend and finding out the things she loves and what she likes to receive in a polished manner without giving her a clue is a good idea to buy gifts that will instantly impress her.
  • It is important that you never forget her birthday, holidays, and other important dates that are significant to both of you. Giving her surprise gifts on their special dates will mean a lot to her and keep her happy.
  • Adding a personal touch or a custom design to the gifts will show how much you love her and how much you care for her.
  • You should make sure to avoid giving repeated gifts.

Make the best use of the time you spend with her

Once the relationship is established, most men like to watch movies on TV with their girlfriends or take them out for dinners. Well, making this a routine is sure to bore her. The precious free time that you get with your girl needs to be spent in a meaningful manner and not behind the four walls of your house. Some of the places where you can take your girlfriend are:

  • Shopping at a mall
  • Bookstores
  • Cafes
  • Clubs
  • Parks
  • A romantic one day trip
  • Adventure sports
  • Leisure activities

Trying new things is sure to excite both of you and will even help in deepening your relationship. It can also spice up your monotonous love life.

Sharing the housework

If your partner is in a live-in relationship with you, then sharing the household chores is sure to impress her.

  • It is the duty of you and your girl to keep the home and surroundings neat and clean. This is where you are spending most of your time.
  • Shouldering your girl’s housework burden and giving her the necessary support to do the household chores will make her feel doubly happy. She will have a special place in her heart for you.
  • Asking her regularly as to what help can be done from your side to finish the household chores fast is always a wise decision.

Show her that you are a trustworthy person

  • It is very important to keep the promises given to your girlfriend. Put the promises on the top of the priority list and try to achieve as many promises as possible.
  • If, at all, you are not able to keep your promise, be sure to ask for forgiveness and give the valid reason as to why you were not able to do it in time.
  • Show that you are a responsible person by being studious and responsible at what you do, be it study or work.
  • You should tell her the only truth about major issues and never cover it up with lies. A few white lies are okay, but major lies lead to distrust and doubts.
  • Be very open to your girlfriend and show your trust to her. Once you do that, she is going to trust you back.
  • Never ever create the impression that you are flirting with other girls. Maintain a good phone and online etiquette and never do things on your phone or computer in a suspicious manner.
  • Letting your girlfriend know who your contacts are on Facebook and other social networks and communicating with them in her presence will increase her trust in you.

Give importance to her interests

  • If your girlfriend has a hobby or a passion for something that you have not given due importance, then, it is time you changed that notion.
  • You should be the one to boost her esteem and confidence and this can be achieved by showing interest in her interests.
  • She will surely feel elated hearing some positive things from you about her work.

It is very important that respect for each other and their work are very important to sustain a relationship for long. Treating her the right way and having a good communication with the girlfriend helps in maintaining a solid relationship. By following the above tips and ideas, you can easily make your girlfriend happy.

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