What is the weakness of Khezu?

MH4-Khezu Render 001.jpg
Species Flying Wyvern
Element Weakness(es) Fire
Afflicted Element(s) Thunder
Afflicted Ailment(s) Thunderblight, Paralysis, Stun
Sep 1, 2018

How do you beat Khezu in mh4u?

Tips against Khezu?
  1. Attack from the sides when is doing his electric bolts, or stretch bites.
  2. Wait for openings, stay away from it when it is electrified.
  3. Have nulberries on hand (cure paralysis)
  4. Use fire to bring it down, and/or inflict poison to whittle its health.

How do you get Khezu off the ceiling?

You can try using Bounce Bombs, or you can try climbing a wall and doing a jump attack to hit him. Sometimes there are icicles you can cling to, you can do a jump attack from those as well.

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