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  • She gazes at you (for long too). Girls are usually very shy in expressing their feelings; however, their eyes are mirrors to their souls. If a girl really likes she will often look at you for long. But, as soon as you catch her watching you, she will immediately steal her gaze away – a common response of shyness. If she does this, she has probably developed feelings for you.
  • She is usually close to you, and there is the element of touch involved. Girls are usually touchy with the guy they like. Always within an arm’s length, they tend to stray close to them. Perhaps grabbing a chair close to them, touching their hand for unnecessary reasons.
  • She usually takes your side in arguments. If there are any arguments in your group, or whenever you try to put forth an opinion of yours, she always sides with you. She wants you to know she regards your opinion; your opinion matters to her, and she will be there by your side through thick and thin
  • She laughs at all your jokes. “All” is the keyword here. While many of your friends may laugh at your jokes, the girl who likes you will laugh at all of your jokes, even those where weren’t too funny. She will also never make fun of you. However, she may be teasing you (hint: slightly flirting), so keep an eye out for that.
  • She smiles at you often. A smile means a lot for a person. A person who likes you, however, will not simply smile. She will look at you and smile in a dreamy manner; in a way that her smile reaches her eyes. This means she is truly happy in your presence, and her face can’t contain her excitement.

So you see, it is smile where everything becomes clearer.

How to Know if a Girl Likes You on Text

  • She initiates the conversation. You know someone wants to talk to you when they start the conversation. A simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ can be an example. However, a girl who likes you will probably be sending funny memes, jokes, as well as pictures. Some might even send pictures of themselves. If a girl sends a selfie, this is a more personal picture which speaks volumes about how she wanted to just show you how she looked for the evening. So, if a girl is starting conversation, and sending you pictures of herself and memes, she might just be into you.
  • She double-texts. Not many people double-text, and if they do, it means you are someone special. Double texting means the last message was hers, and even though you didn’t reply for a while, she texts you again, possibly for a completely unrelated matter. She doesn’t wait to tell you what she’s thinking until after your reply and continues to text her doings regardless. This might just be the sign you need to know she is the one.
  • She is a quick replier. If she texts back very soon after you send her a message, there is a high probability that she likes you. People usually put off replying to the messages of people who they don’t like or aren’t too fond of. However, if you are getting replies in the same minute – this is a good sign.
  • She keeps the conversation going. People usually are looking for a way to end conversations quickly with people they aren’t very fond of, because texting requires time. People usually give that time to people they like. However, if she is not ending the conversation when she very easily could have ended it, there is a high possibility that she may have fallen for you. She wants to talk to you, and her texts are a reminder of that.
  • She uses a lot of emojis. Women are quite emotional as individuals. However, they usually don’t express their thoughts and emotions in an outright manner. Instead, they drop hints. One of them is using a lot of cute emojis e.g. hearts, winks, smiley face, etc. If your friend continues to send you a lot of emojis, it might just be her trying to tell you something. Reply with an emoji of your own and see how the conversation gathers pace.
  • She sends long texts. Finally, one of the last steps of a girl showing how much she likes you is via long texts. These require a lot of time and energy to write. Which means the girl has taken out a large chunk of her time to write to you, she thinks of you, remembers you, and considers you as a good friend. Long texts are usually filled with personal stories and feelings. So if a girl opens up to you, this is one of the clearest signs that she thinks of you as more than just a friend.

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