Vans shoes, sneakers are a classic icon and part of the US lifestyle. The 45” laces Vans produce are 100% polyester and can be difficult to keep clean and tidy. The ideal way to wear them and tie them can help you keep them clean and ensure longevity too.

Bar-Lace Vans Authentic/ Old-Skools

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Vans Authentic line of sneakers brings the classic style forward into the new era. These unisex sneakers are the original lace-up skate shoes that have become a part of countless cultures, movies, and media. Authentic is a Trademarked name used by the company for its range of sneakers in this line.

  • You can find them in canvas, suede, and leather materials, so the laces also come with the varieties.
  • Since 1966, their design has remained the same. But, they rolled out Gum Authentic, Authentic Pro, and Leather Authentic, Golden Coast Authentic likes of sub-collections.
  • Lacing the old-skools is a technique and this YouTube video shows how to bar-lace a pair with ease. Notice the crisscrossing.
  • Bar-lacing means the laces look like bars running all the way from top to bottom and don’t poke or show out anywhere else.
  • The ends also stay neatly inside giving the lacing a cool look that you will instantly love. The laces don’t touch or come off so easily.

How do You Tie Vans without Laces Showing?

Well, bar-lacing is also a technique you can use to lace the Vans Authentic without the laces showing. To understand the steps, you must watch a couple of videos that best explain the process. Starting with one shoe at a time, you can lace them up in under 2 minutes.

  • First, start with the left shoe, and pull down the lace from the starting left a hole at the toe, then do the same with the other end. Put the laces through the holes from outside towards inside the shoe.
  • Thus, the bars appear on the outside. Now, pull both the ends together, and adjust so that both sides are of the same length.
  • Next, fill all the remaining holes and continue making bars. You could do a criss-cross pattern by skipping a hole on one side and putting the lace through the other side hole.
  • Continue doing this for both the laces on either side. This means with the Vans Authentic, you will need three rounds to fill all the holes from the toe till the ankle at the top.
  • Ensure that the bars are outwards, which means, the lace always stays on the inside and doesn’t show.

Ensure the Criss-Crossing Happens Inside

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One way to ensure the right steps is by making the “X” with the laces as they move from one side to another, from inside the shoe above the tongue. In the other method, they usually stand outside, but in that case, the lace will end up showing outside as well.

  • The side you do the crisscrossing, the side has the ends of the lace.
  • When tying the ends, you also have to tie them on the inside.
  • In this short video, you get to notice the steps on a Vans Authentic Red. This uses the opposite method, where the crisscrossing is on the outside, and you can note the difference right away. The laces will end up showing outside.


  • It is best to start from the toe-end so you don’t leave loose ends. Many do this in a “U” pattern which takes up more lace.
  • Keep the crisscrossing inside. Watch videos above for both the methods, to know which one keeps the lace inside and doesn’t show
  • Always use Vans Authentic with 45 inches long laces to manage the length properly. The ends meet at the top and secure the shoe without showing.

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