Being bald can either be a sign of hair loss where as you age, you start losing your hair, or it can be a personal choice.

But whatever is the reason, some people are still conscious of being bald. But fret no more our bald friends because here are some sure-fire tips on how to look good being bald.

  1. Wear a fashionable hat or beanie

You can never go wrong with hats and beanies. Aside from the fact that it covers your bald head, it gives your look an extra oomph! At times, being bald can be boring since you don’t have the hair to style on. But you can always accessorize your head by wearing a hat or beanie. It’s not only fashionable, but it also protects your head as the weather changes.

  1. Wear eyeglasses or sunglasses

If you’ve seen Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, these guys are one of the most iconic bald celebrities that you should observe. They complete their action and rugged look with sunglasses. There’s something about the black and bold sunglasses that increase men’s masculinity and charisma. The glasses will stand out all the more and might attract all the ladies’ attention. You can also put on glasses either for fashion or to aid eye problems. Other than the cool and masculine look, it’s also attractive to see a man looking smart and sharp.

  1. Grow a big beard or mustache

Well, if you can’t grow hair, then grow a beard instead. Blame it with the hormones since they’re responsible for eliminating your hair follicles in your head. Being bald but having a big beard makes it look attractive since it creates some sense of balance. The hairs are not overwhelming to look at since it’s only in one part of your face. If you decide to grow a beard, make sure you maintain good personal hygiene and have it well kept. Don’t let it grow too bushy like grass.

  1. Hit the gym and grow some gains

Again, we would like to go back to our all-time action stars. One thing you might have noticed about them other than being bald is their fit physique. When you’re overweight and bald, your head will look smaller than it supposed to be. But when you’re physically fit, your overall stature looks more balance fit for your awesome bald head. Start lifting some weights and add some gains. This will not only help you to look better but also feel better in health.

  1. Moisturize your face and head regularly

Since you’re sporting a bald head, it’s good to note that it’s more visible to other people’s naked eye. If you have dandruff or dry skin, it’s more noticeable and not so desirable to look at. Take care of yourself and put some lotion on your head and face. Maintain a daily skincare routine that fits your lifestyle.

  1. Get that golden tan

If you just shaved your head recently, then you’ll notice the very obvious skin discoloration. Since our scalp is hidden and gets less exposure from the sun because the hairs protect it, our scalp looks lighter than our skin color. To achieve an even skin color, you can go to a nearby spa to do some tanning sessions or purchase a quick remedy such as tanning spray. If you’re getting some good sunny weather lately, take advantage and chill under the sun; it’s free and easy to do!

  1. Protect your head and wear a sunblock

If you live in a country where it’s summer the whole year round, then you should take extra precaution for your scalp and skin. Before going out of the house, put a good amount of sunblock on your skin and scalp. Trust me; you don’t want a completely sunburned scalp. It doesn’t look good up close, and it’s painful when untreated, too.

  1. Keep your face well kept

Instead of having the people take notice of your bald head, lure them instead to look at your handsome face. Other than taking care of your skin, make an effort to shave your beard, and look clean. If you decided to grow a beard, trip it in a clean-cut so it won’t look like a messy bush. Redirect their attention from your head to your face. This way, you will look even attractive because your face will brighten up, and eventually, it will complement your bald look.

  1. Eat confidence for breakfast

So what if you’re bald? Don’t hide that sexy shave and strut your newly bald look with full confidence. Having confidence in your current look will help you take care more of yourself and become less self-conscious in public. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being bald.

How can I look more attractive when bald?

How To Look Good Bald – 5 Easy Steps!
  1. Keep a fresh face / clean skin. Keeping your skin looking fresh and clean will contribute a lot to the way you look and feel.
  2. Master the facial stubble.
  3. Keep your head clean shaved – and moisturize!
  4. Try the gym, get bigger shoulders.
  5. Improve your posture and act confident.

Can bald guys be attractive?

However, men with patterned baldness, unlike their completely bald brothers, are far from being attractive. Participants of the same study conducted at the University of Saarland said that they found partially-bald men or men with bald spots less attractive and were perceived weaker as compared to completely bald men.

What head looks good bald?

For most people, the ideal head shape for going bald is oval. Traditionally, a lot of attention has been given to achieving an oval shape by stylists and hairdressers. Hairstyles are often designed with the almighty oval shape in mind.

Does my head look good bald?

Head shape: while we can find examples of bald men with different head shapes, who look pretty good, as a general rule the rectangle, square and diamond-shaped heads look best without hair. Having a strong chin/jawline will guarantee a successful bald look for maximum masculinity and sexuality.

Do girls like bald guys?

If you are self-confident enough and like your own appearance, women will look at your baldness as an advantage and the answer to the question “Do women find bald men sexy” will be YES. Most women recommended men to be proud of being bald, but, also accompany the bald look with a nice beard and a fit body.

Should I shave my head if I’m balding?

If you’re currently battling any form of hair loss, it can be exhausting trying to comb hair to hide bald patches, keep up with taking medication, or applying hair growth products to your head. Instead, some men choose to do away with it all. That’s right. They shave it right off!

Should I just go bald?

There is no wrong time to do it. There’s no wrong time to go bald, but there are some more common times guys usually get it done: when hair is thinning, falling out, receding, etc. They’d take a professional look at your hair type, scalp, and head shape, and make a recommendation that might ease your mind.

How can I stop balding?

Seven ways … to avoid hair loss
  1. Consider prescription medications. There are two clinically approved drugs for preventing further hair loss – finasteride and minoxidil.
  2. Use a laser comb.
  3. Change your hair products.
  4. Avoid hot showers.
  5. Switch to anti-DHT shampoos.
  6. Try scalp massage.
  7. Have a transplant.

Will I go bald if my dad is?

Hair loss is hereditary, but it’s probably not your dad’s fault. Men inherit the baldness gene from the X chromosome that they get from their mother. Female baldness is genetically inherited from either the mother’s or father’s side of the family.

At what age does balding start?

Hair loss, also called alopecia, can start at almost any age as you enter adulthood. You can start losing your hair as early as your late teens and early 20s. But you might have a full head of hair with almost no thinning or balding until well into your 50s and 60s. There’s a lot of variation from person to person.

Can you stop genetic balding?

Can hair grow back after Balding?

There is no cure for hereditary hair loss but treatment may help to slow or stop the hair loss. Hereditary hair loss is harmless. However, it can be distressing. Help and support are available for you.

Can baldness be cured?

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that triggers hair loss in patches across the body. It can affect people of all ages and genders, but the good news is that hair often grows back on its own with the help of immune-suppressing medication.

Why do some guys go bald early?

There’s no cure for male-pattern baldness, but some medications can slow it down. Minoxidil is an FDA-approved, over-the-counter treatment you apply to your scalp. It slows the rate of loss and helps some guys grow new hair. But once you stop using it, hair loss returns.

What race is the most bald?

Both hormones are androgens. When DHT increases, or when the hair follicle becomes more sensitive to DHT, the hair follicle shrinks. The anagen phase also shortens and, as a result, hairs falls out earlier than normal. In both men and women, androgenetic alopecia typically happens gradually.

Did cavemen go bald?

There are racial differences, however, in the incidence of male pattern baldness. The highest rates are found among Caucasians, followed by Afro-Caribbeans. Chinese and Japanese men have the lowest rates. For some unknown reason, this form of hair loss is does not occur among Native Americans.

Is balding bad?

A well-polished bald male head was often used by tribes of cavemen to blind predators. As a result every cavemen hunting group of 8 had one bald member, and thus thousands of years later 1 in 8 men experience early on set of baldness.