Making a book out of paper is a very creative and interesting activity for kids. They can make different colored DIY mini-notebook consisting of different sizes. We can also give them to our loved ones. So, here we go. There are different ways of making a DIY mini-notebook at home with paper.

How to Make a DIY Mini-Notebook with the Help of Staples?

There are many other methods of making a DIY mini-notebook. But here in this section, we will talk about how to make the notebook using staples.

Making a Small-Sized DIY Mini-Notebook

1.  Take a Paper A4 Sized and Fold it into Eighths

Folding will determine the quality of your book, so take some time and fold it properly. To get the hustle-free edges of the book, make sure that the folds are even and creased properly. Press them using the finger-nails or any other hard object like the edge of a pencil.

  • Fold the paper such that it seems to be longer just like the page of a book.
  • After that fold the paper further into shorter edges till we get the paper folded into eight pieces.

2.  Unfold the Paper

Now, you will be able to see the eight partitions of a single paper. This seems to be done nicely as they are the pages of your small notebook.

3.  Fold in the Opposite Way

Now, we have to fold the paper again in the opposite way to prepare for the cutting process.

4.  Cut the Paper with a Focus

We have to place the paper in such a way that the folded edge is facing our side.

  • Then cut along the vertical fold seen very carefully from the middle of the paper until it intersects with the horizontal fold seam.
  • This step is to be done with utmost attention as here we are only cutting a slit in the paper. Make sure not to cut the whole paper.

5.  Unfold the Paper

Now, it must be eight folds with a slit in between the paper.  The slit must be exactly at the center of the paper.

6.  Fold the Paper into Half

After unfolding, fold the paper into half such that the longer side overlaps the other long side.

7.  Fold the Paper into the Shape of a Book

This is another step to be done with focus. Here, we have to turn the paper such that the cut edge is facing upwards. Then push the other two ends of the paper towards each other until you get a diamond shape of the four popping edges.

8.  Flatten the Book

Now, choose the two adjacent wings of the paper and flatten the book by pushing them towards each other.

9.  Staple the Pages

In the last step, we need to secure the pages with the help of staples.

  • Or we can bind it with the help of strings.
  • Now, our DIY mini-notebook is ready to use.

Making a Medium-Sized Book

1.  Decide the Number of Pages You Want the Book to Contain

Six sheets would be able to provide 12 pages and 12 sheets would provide 24 pages. So, choose accordingly.

  • For this you must know the purpose of the book, this will help you to decide exactly how many pages you want in your book.
  • Now, you must be considering why we are limited to 6-12 sheets. What if you want to include more sheets? This is completely up to you how many sheets you want to combine but if we include more than 12 sheets, then, later on, we will be facing a problem in binding.

2.  Choose the Paper for Your Book

Here, we recommend you to choose the A4 size for your book.

  • You can choose plain white sheets or you can use colorful sheets according to your requirements.
  • Avoid using the lined paper because we would be folding the paper and the horizontal lines will be appearing as vertical so this will not look good.

3.  Folding the Paper in Half

For each sheet, join the ends accurately and then fold. Be careful while folding and sharpening the crease by using a heavy object or your fingernail.

4.  Nest the Pages

Nesting is a great technique that includes putting each sheet into one another. If you have 6 sheets nest them accordingly but if you have more than 6 sheets then make different sets of 6 sheets per set.

5.  Staple the Book Sections

For sturdy bookbinding, staple each of the sets properly. After this carefully line up the sections together, if any of the pages are coming out you need to replace that page.

6.  Binding the Book

This is the last step. Here, we need to select a piece of paper as the cover of the book. And we have to fold it into halves.

  • Tape the pages of the book together. Take each set and put the tape between the first page and the last page to combine with the other sets.
  • Now, tape the cover over the book. And you are good to go.

How to Make a Book with the Paper without Staples?

As we have discussed earlier the binding step needs that be done with the help of staples? But here, in this section, we will see how we can bind our DIY mini-notebook without using staples.

For making a paper book, follow the steps as described earlier (for both the small-sized book as well as the medium-sized book according to your choice). We only need to replace the last step with the following binding step. To bind the DIY mini-notebook without staples, we need to follow these steps. For this, you need a puncher to punch the holes. It is better if you are having a puncher that can make two distant holes at the same time. This will punch the page neatly and correctly.

  • Make sure to punch one set of 6 sheets at a time. If you try to punch more than 6 sheets you might not get the neat results.
  • So, punch each set such that when you place the next set on the top of it, the holes must overlap.
  • After you are done with punching, weave the string in the holes, and tie them properly. Also, add the book cover (any color of your choice) and tie them together.
  • For longer journals, multiple holes can be punched and string can be woven from each hole. Now, the DIY mini-notebook is ready to use.


  • You can use A3 paper for a longer notebook.
  • If you want the DIY mini-notebook to look old, you can crumple the pages from the edges and press a little bit. Also, you can spray the tea and dry it out. After some time you will be able to see a pretty old notebook.
  • If you don’t have the staples, you can simply bind it with the help of strings or ribbons.

How do you fold paper into a book?

How do you make a book out of A3 paper?

Fold a piece of A3 paper in half lengthways and then unfold it. Fold the same piece of A3 paper in half widthways and leave it folded. Fold it in half again in the same direction, then unfold the last fold. Cut along the centre crease until you reach the middle of the paper.

How do I make a 16 page booklet?

16page booklet
  1. Press the menu button in the top-right corner of the window and press the Print button.
  2. Choose the General tab. Under Range, choose Pages. Type the numbers of the pages in this order:
  3. Choose the Page Setup tab. Under Layout, in the Two-sided menu, select Short Edge (Flip).
  4. Click Print.

How do you make a book without staples?

How do you join paper without glue?

How do you make a book out of one sheet of paper?

How do you make a book out of paper and staples?

What is the best program to create a booklet?

Here my top five favorite tools for designing brochures, why I think they’re the best, and what I think their strengths & weaknesses are.
  1. Adobe InDesign CC. Designing multi-page documents is what InDesign was built for, and it is very good at it.
  2. Adobe Illustrator CC.
  3. Scribus.
  4. Inkscape.
  5. Microsoft Publisher.

How do I make an electronic booklet?

How to make a digital booklet – design online
  1. Choose your page size and orientation. Choose one of our standard page sizes, or create a custom size.
  2. Select one of our free booklet templates.
  3. Upload your photos.
  4. Edit your photos.
  5. Add your text.
  6. Save and publish online.

How do I print a book at home?

Can I print a book from PDF?

Choose File > Print and select the printer. Specify which pages to print: To print pages from front to back, select All. To divide a large booklet into smaller groupings, select Pages and specify a page range for the first grouping.

How do I print a book from my HP printer?