You can easily make a knife because the blade is easily available. The major problem in making the knife is the handle. The knife handles are available in different shapes and sizes. The wet handle leads to the slipping of the knife.

How to Put a Handle on a Knife?

Generally, you can put the handle on the blade at home and all you need to know is some tricks and you also need to have a certain set of simple tools at home. Moreover, the best part about making these handles and putting them on the blade designs. You can design them the way you want to. The steps of putting a handle on a knife are as follows,

Sorting tools and materials is the primary step of making the handle of the knife. The tools required to make a handle of a knife and put it on are as follows,

  • A scroll saw
  • Sandpaper (around 60 to 400 grit)
  • Wood rasp
  • Small files
  • Clamps
  • Half-round file

Making the Blade

Making the blade is an important step. Preparing the blade is a strenuous job. The steps required are as follow,

  • Collect the same type of metal pieces. Clean those metals with acetone. Now heat the metal pieces in the furnace so that they completely melt.
  • Put the hot metal liquid in a container having the shape of the knife blade. Take out the solidified blade and rub it against the iron to sharpen it.
  • Once the blade is sharp rub it with the sandpaper and cleans it with the acetone to remove all the dirt. You will get to see the shiny blade is ready.

Materials Required to Make the Knife Handle

In addition to the tools requirements, the materials required to make the handle of the knife are as follows,

  • A piece of wood.
  • Glue or any form of adhesive.
  • You can use Danish oil for the final touch up.

Preparing the handle is what to be done now. The steps are as follows,

  • Take the measurement of the end part of the blade for setting up the handle. Cut the wood accordingly into two pieces.
  • Put glue or adhesive on the end part of the knife and stick them together. Rub Danish oil for the shiny texture of the handle.

How to Make a Knife Handle without Pins?

Making a knife is an art. Many people do it out of love and passion. Among some of the great ways of making the knife, pinless knife handles praiseworthy. You might think how is it possible of making a knife handle without pins. The procedure is as follows,

  • Once you get the blade, clean it with sandpaper first and later on with acetone.
  • Acetone cleans all the dirt. Now put glue on the part where you want to put the wood for the handle.
  • Now put cotton or rubber sheets on it and let it dry. Then again put the glue and put the wooden structures on it.

The glue and the cotton or the rubber sheet will hold the wooden handle firmly. Hence, you will not need any pins to keep the handle of the knife in place.

How to Make a Knife Handle Out of Leather?

Generally, when leather is put into something it becomes classy. Even a knife is no less than that. The materials needed to do so are as follows,

Materials required are as follows,

  • A readymade knife blade with a screw-on the brass pommel and brass guard.
  • Buy good quality thick leather.
  • A 1 to2 thick plastic material.
  • Get non-toxic glue.

Tools Required

The tools required to make a leather handle are as follow,

  • A carpet knife
  • A hole puncher
  • Sandpaper
  • Rotary sander
  • Hammer
  • Leather wax

Get the leather sheets and cut them into proper pieces. Before cutting it, measure it properly.

  • Now put one by one piece into the handle part of the knife. Use sandpaper to give a shape to the handle or a rotary sander.
  • Rub 1000 grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. You will now have to polish the leather handle with the leather wax till it glows.

How to Make a Knife Handle from the Antler?

An antler knife handle always gives you a royal feeling. You can also easily make it at home. You might need to follow certain steps, such as,

Sorting the materials are important to avoid confusion. The required materials are as follows,

  • A knife blade
  • An antler of any animal
  • Angle grinder
  • Thick protective gloves
  • Hot water
  • Vice

Shaping the Antler

Shaping the antler is necessary and it can be done by the following steps,

  • You will definitely have to prep the antler. It is mandatory for the user to feel the handle in his hand.
  • Cut the pointed part with an angle grinder to avoid accidents. Smooth off the sharp and rugged surfaces of the antler.
  • Now it’s time to measure the length of the tang with the antler; both of them should be equal in length.

How to Put a Handle on a Hidden Tang Knife?

  • Check whether the tang and the blade are straight.
  • In the case of a tapered tang, the tapering should be even on both sides. The middle point of the tang should coincide with the middle point of the blade. Your knife is not ready till it is evenly tapered on both sides.
  • Now you can attach the handle. Attach it with both the guard and tang; the handle should also be straight to the blade.
  • One will not have to cut the handle material in half. The important thing is you can use a block of wood or a stag piece. Also, drill holes at the end of the tang.
  • You should know that the handle should properly fit the guard. But the attachment should not be weak as well.
  • Moreover, leave some gap between the tang and the handle for the better effect of the glue and bonding.
  • The straight blade and tang should be perpendicular to the guard, eventually, the handle will follow.

How to Make a Knife Handle with a Paracord?

There are many ways that would help one to make a knife handle out of paracord. Some of them are as follows,

  • Put the paracord at one side of the handle and tape it to the handle right below the blade of the knife.
  • The tape should be wrapped two to three times around the handle part of the blade.
  • Gradually, wrap the cord on the width of the handle area of the blade in one rotation.
  • There might be a loop over the handle. Do not stop wrapping the paracord till the bottom end is reached.
  • We need handles to avoid slipping of the knives. So wrapping off the paracord tightly for better gripping.
  • Once the paracord is wrapped properly tie a firm knot. Now put the paracord into the hole and tie another knot.
  • The knot should be so tight that it cannot unravel. Cut the joined side of the paracord. Tie both the ends to a firm not.


Generally, knife making is a very interesting thing for many people but making the handle is even more interesting. Moreover, it is so much interesting because one can make many types of handle using a wide variety of things. There are also some tips that should be maintained while making the handles of the knife are as follows,

  • The blade needs to be cleaned with the sandpaper and then with the acetone before putting glue for better adhesion.
  • You can get the antler online.
  • Besides, other methods of handle making, paracord usage is a very interesting way of making handles. It is so because there are many ways of making a handle of the blade of the knife.
  • The tang and the guard should be 90 degrees to each other.
  • Always use thick and tough quality leather sheets for making handles of the knife out of leather.