Making a resume is the first step that every individual takes upon entering his professional life.

However, you need to make a professional resume and display all the parameters and aspects of your life in the best possible manner.

Moreover, it is not important to run to a professional to seek help. It is because this is something that one can do at home using his personal computer. However, there are some necessary steps to keep an orderly mannerism of the resume to make it look professional yet impressive.

The basics for making a resume will involve a computer with the application of Microsoft word. One can easily use it by installing this application on the computer.

However, even if that is not available, one can utilize the live version of the application. It permits you to easily use all of the Microsoft applications that include excel, spreadsheets, etc. However, the main focus here is the word application.

It will become more comfortable to use in the form of downloads on the PC. However, using the online version will require an internet connection for the document to save up properly.

Steps to Make a Resume on Microsoft Word

These easy yet attention-requiring steps will help make a resume using the application on Microsoft Word without you seeking the help of any professional:

  • The first step is to initiate the application on the computer and create a document on it. The next step will involve clicking on the Insert option in the toolbar. After opening the insert, you will have to click on the choice of shapes and choose the rectangle shape among the various shapes. Next, the user will draw a rectangle on the left side of the page. Then you have to fill a grey color in the rectangle shape without making any shape outline.
  • In the next step, you will have to choose the circle shape from the Insert option. You have to draw a small circle on the top left corner and drag it towards the left page’s end at the top corner. Next, you will have to click on the circle for the next options to appear and fill the white color, process and change its outline to dark grey for the circle to become visible.
  • However, to make things somewhat simpler, one must mention all the details on the resume before formatting it. These details can include the following major components, including Name, E-mail address, Address, including the street address, city, province, and the country, phone number, and website. These things will fill up the first section of the page.
  • After these personal details, one must carry on with the process by adding the heading of objectives. There are several ways to type objectives, but it’s better to order them in the form of sentences, and when you have typed your objectives, then press enter twice.
  • Then comes the part where one has to describe one’s qualifications and give a heading of Education. It’s better to write each qualification or accomplishment in bullet form.
  • Having any previous experiences related to the job which is being applied to are worth mentioning. Hence, a heading of Experiences must be followed by any related experience in a precise manner. Also, the period or tenure of that specific experience must be mentioned as well.
  • Following that, skills can be mentioned so that the person going through the resume might know what the person is better at so that one could be assigned tasks that might suit the person’s skills. This also should be done by using bullets.
  • To spice up one’s resume, it is better to present it comprehensively by using proper spacing. There is no general standard of spacing. Generally, in academic writing, double spacing is used widely with headings of size 14, and the text is 12. Therefore, for creating a resume for applying to the Academic field, this method would be better to opt for. Moreover, the method of 1 point spacing can be used for further formatting the document.
  • The next step will involve highlighting the titles that will make them stand out in the document. Also, the name’s title should be increased to size 20, whereas the rest of the text will remain on size 12. It will create an equilibrium on the sheet. One must also Bold the title of the name to highlight the document’s title and enhance its significance.
  • Likewise, all the rest of the document titles must be increased to size 20 and make them Bold.

This will create your resume with all the necessary details. However, to add or remove any other details is totally up to the user. I hope you get selected by making a comprehensive resume after reading this.

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