Rings are not only jewelry items, which embellish the fingers of people. Along with a ring’s monetary value, it holds a significant traditional and sentimental value. Thus, it is a perfect connotation for symbolizing purity and serenity of love and relationship. In this article, we will tell you how to make a ring. Read on!

Materials you need

Making a ring requires a lot of tools and materials. Primarily, you need three or four inches narrow paper, scissors, jeweler saw, 8-gauge sterling silver wire, flat-nose pliers, and medium tooth file.

You also need a sharpie marker, torch set up, firing brick, medium solder, sandpaper, brush, flux, tweezers, tongs, hot pickle, bowl, water, mandrel, and a rawhide mallet. As you can see, there are many tools that you would need to make a ring. Next, we will tell you to step by step procedure of making a ring.

Step 1:

The step involves measuring and cutting procedures. You need to wrap the slip of paper around your finger and make some markings to know where the end overlaps. You can use the measurements as a guide to mark the wire length.

Now, use the jeweler saw with a blade and make marks using a fluid sawing motion. It is important to avoid using wire cutters. It is because they pinch the ends of the material into points and do not cut them straight and evenly. If you use a wire cutter, you may lose the metal.

Step 2:

File the ends evenly because it matches up perfectly to make your ring seamless. Next, you have to file off a small bit of the interior and the flat side of the wire to make room for soldering.

You can use flat-nose pliers and your fingers to curve the fire and transform it into an oval ring. For now, you don’t have to worry about getting a perfectly round shape. However, ensure that the ends of the wire meet up perfectly. The purpose is to make a butt joint.

Make sure there is no light passing between the ends. It is vital to make the side of the joint a little flat. It will help you make ends meet flawlessly. Remember, if you want to polish your ring and not texturing, you can use coated pliers. Similarly, you have to make sure not to scratching or marring the wire.

Step 3:

Try on your ring to ensure that it fits perfectly. If you think the right is large, file it and then test again. On the other hand, if you think it is small, then you can’t do anything. Yes, you can gift it to someone.

Anyway, drop the ring into a hot pickle. The purpose is to clean it for a few minutes. Take a solder wire and sand its ends to ensure its cleaning. Now, snip off a one-millimeter piece of the ring. Use a solder pick or tweezers to place the solder on the firing brick.

Then, use copper tongs to lift out the ring and follow that, you have to rinse it and make it dry. Don’t touch the ring with your fingers during this phase of the ring-making procedure. Otherwise, you can damage your fingers.

Step 4:

Use the tweezers to hold the ring and paint it with flux. Now place the ring on the firing brick so that the joint or seam faces you. If you want to make multiple rings at one time, then you have to solder or heat one at a time.

When it comes to soldering, you have to fire up the torch with non-hissing or quiet, reducing flame. You must keep the flame moving about ¼ inches from the surface. Now, heat the brick around your ring and make sure it is away from the soldering bit.

You must place it in front, which is near the solder and starting to heat it slowly. Gradually move closer to your ring and pass over it frequently. Make sure you keep an eye on the flux to bubble so that it turns white. So, now, you are at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 5:

Once you know the temperature, you will heat the ring more directly. However, you have to act carefully and allow the flame to move it on the piece. Again, keep the blue cone away from the surface. Pass it near the solder and observe the different phases of heating closely.

Check the flux, and if it turns clear and glassy, you are good to go. When it occurs, you are at 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, which means the solder is melting. So, it also means the solder will soon flow, and you will see the appearance of a silver line. Next, you have to remove the flame immediately.

Step 6:

Using tweezers, you can move your ring to a bowl of water. Make sure you tiptoe the ring slowly and quench it before you drop it in the pot that contains pickle. Keep in mind that your ring is hot. So, you need to act carefully and protect yourself from burning.

Once you have soldered and quenched your ring, it is time to bath it in the pickle for a couple of minutes. Now, pull the ring out with copper tongs. Rinse the ring and dry it. Test the joints, and if necessary, you can re-solder it. If you have secured the ring, you can now make them round.

Step 7:

Drop the ring onto a mandrel and hammer it a few times using the rawhide mallet. While hammering it, you will see that the ring is spinning a bit on the mandrel. So, continue hammering the ring so that you make it round in shape. Make sure you don’t hammer it downward. Otherwise, you will stretch the ring.

Once done, it is time to add some texture to your ring. You can either give your ring a Florentine finish or make it smooth and shiny. Well, you can add any texture you want. For example, the best texture involves adding patina and dark metal along with sulfur. We think it is a good texture.

Step 8:

The last step is all about finishing, polishing, and buffing your ring. You can do this by using a Dremel. It is a rotary tool that buff and polish your ring. You can also use a buffing wheel to add more charm to your ring.

Remember, the last step is to provide an excellent finishing to your ring. Therefore, you have to check the progress from one point to another. Again, the purpose is to get the desired results and a perfect ring.


Making a ring is a daunting task if you don’t have good knowledge and skill. You can make a ring following the steps given above. Keep in mind that you will require some tools and materials to make the ring. We have already told you about the materials. Proceed with caution because if the ring does not fit your finger, all your hard work will go in vain.

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