A dress gives you a different look altogether.

Shirts are one of the most favored dresses among men and women who went through several experimental changes till nowPreviously, shirts of larger sizes were in fashion but in the modern days, body-hugging dresses are very much in demand.

How to Tie a Shirt to Make it Smaller?

Many of us feel the need to make our dresses fit with our bodies if we find them a bit oversize. It is of no wonder, that a body-hugging shirt gives you the best look ever. The modern fashion designers say that a tight-fitting dress can bring out the folds of your body and that makes you look more stylish. In the earlier days, people used to leave the buttons of the shirt untied so that other people can see their bodies. But in the modern days, you don’t need to go with the same process as you can show your curves prominently through your body-hugging shirt. This is why people try to buy smaller shirts. Even if they don’t get it in the market, they try to make their shirts smaller by home remedies.

  • The first thing that comes to our mind about the course of shortening a shirt is to alter it. But there are some more ways to make the shirts smaller which many of us probably don’t know. Altering a shirt is time-consuming.
  • Thus you can’t wear it the moment you want to. But if you will use some easy homely hacks about it, shortening a shirt will be pretty easy and you won’t have to spend any money on altering.
  • The best and instant way to fit a shirt to your body is to tie it from backward. For this, you have to pull the shirt off to your back and tie a knot after twisting the bottom of the fabric.

Body Hugging

One more trick you can use to make your shirt body hugging. Pull the shirt backward and put a safety pin at the back of your shirt. It will be much better if you can make some pleats on the shirt and then put the safety pin there. This will enhance the style of the shirt as well.

  • If you are having a little time in your hand, then you can obviously put a button at the back of your shirt and tie them from the backside. This will help your shirt to look shorter than the original size.
  • Fold the shirt from the sides and put a gems clip at the bottom to make it look shorter. You can also fold the shirt from the bottom edge which will give it a cool look.

How to Make a Shirt Smaller by Cutting it?

When we find one of our shirts is oversized and we need to make it fit, we always think about altering it. Though it is not a very good practice to alter all your shirts, here you can do the job yourself. If you will send the shirt to a tailor, then he will ask for some money to do the job, but if you will follow the underwritten steps, then you will be able to alter the size of your shirt yourself. That will be even better for you as you will be able to make it as per your wish. So here are the steps to make your shirt smaller by cutting it.

  • Find out one of your old clothes to take the measurement of your figure from it. Lay the new shirt on your bed or the working table and clip it with the surface.
  • Take the old shirt and place it properly on the new one so that the difference from each sideshow.
  • Mark the areas which you want to cut out with coloring chalk or pencil. Not take the scissor and cut the new shirt as per the marking on it.
  • Not take your shirt and sew the edges properly so that your shirt fits you properly.
  • Give small cuts on either side of your shirt such that they look like the fins of a shark. Now tie them in a criss-cross arrangement so that the shirt gets smaller in size. You can make different designs too on the shirt to make it look even more stylish.

How to Make a Big Shirt Smaller without Cutting it?

As we have said that sending the shirt to the tailor for altering is time-consuming and expensive. Thus you can do it yourself by obeying the following steps properly. You won’t have to cut the shirt and it will fit your body properly.

  • Generally, the fabrics shrink in hot water. So it is a very popular practice to soak the shirts in boiling hot water and shrink them to make them smaller in size.
  • Put a large pot full of water on the stove and let it boil. Now remove it from the stove burner and put your shirt in the hot water so that it submerges in it.
  • Use a glass rod or a spoon to put the shirt properly into the water. Leave it for nearly 30 minutes and then take it out.
  • One thing you need to keep in mind is that hot water can cause fading of the color. So, first put some boiling hot water on a corner of the shirt to test whether it is getting discolored or not. Not only hot water, but hot air can also cause shrinkage of fabrics.
  • If you are not interested to put your shirt in the boiling hot water due to the fear of fading, then you can dry out your shirt after you wash it in extremely hot air. This will also work like hot water treatment.

How to Make Men’s Shirt Smaller?

Since the making of the first shirt in the world, men had a monopoly on its usages. The modern fashion designers have designed shirts for women also, but still, the feeling of the monopoly is there. This is why we still consider shirts as the garments of men. To make men’s shirts smaller, you can apply these domestic hacks.

  • Put the shirt in boiling hot water and soak for 30 minutes. Hot water causes shrinkage of the fabric and thus the shirts become smaller in size.
  • If you are not confident about the firmness of the color of the shirts, then you can wash them in cold water and dry them out in extremely hot air. This also will cause shrinkage of the fabric.
  • Cut the extra fabric material as per the measurement of your figure and sew the edges properly to get a body-hugging shirt.
  • Fold your shirts from either side or from the bottom, and then use safety pins to hold the folds. You can also make creases on your shirt so that it looks stylish.
  • Tie a knot at the back of your shirt so that it looks tight fit on your body from the front.

How to Make a Button-Up Shirt Smaller?

It is not easy to make a button-up shirt smaller as you need to take care that the buttons can get together properly. If you sew them from either side, you might face difficulties to close up the buttons of the shirt. So you need to be careful while altering a button-up shirt.

You need to alter the shirts in such a way so that the buttons can get together while you are closing them up. You can make a fold at the side where the buttons are and can sew the side. Before that, you need to take the buttons out of the shirt and sew them again on the folded part.

How to Make a Shirt Smaller with Safety Pins?

The name suggests that the inventor made it to stay safe from the pointed tip of the pin while using it. Thus a safety pin can be a very good alternative to your problem while you are looking to make a shirt body hugging.

  • To shorten your shirt using a safety pin you need to take the measurement first. You need to count the extent up to which your shirt is bigger than your original measurement.
  • It will be better if you can lie on any of your shirts that you are currently using. This will show the difference properly to you.
  • After you complete the measurement, you need to make a fold through the marking on the shirt. Now put some safety pins to hold those folds properly so that your shirt seems smaller than its actual size.

How to Make a Shirt Tighter Around the Waist?

If you want your shirt to look shorter without altering it or using any safety pin, then there are several other ways to do so.

  • Make a simple bun knot so that it gets a classic look. Bunny ear knots are also in fashion to make your shirt look shorter in size.
  • Make a knot inside the shirt and use a rubber band to hold it properly. Tie the bottom buttons into a knot so that your shirt looks smaller.

How to Make a Shirt Smaller by Washing it?

Put your shirt into boiling hot water and then let it soak for 30 minutes. In many cases, the fabrics shrink due to heat. Thus the extreme heat of the water will cause shrinkage of the shirt. Other than this, many of the fabric materials shrink after the first wash.


  • Make a knot at the bottom of the shirt to make it look shorter.
  • Put your shirt in boiling hot water to shrink in size.
  • Use safety pins and make folds to make your shirt look shorter in size.

How do you resize a shirt that’s too big?

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How do you make a big shirt smaller without sewing?

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How do you make a shirt smaller without washing it?

Here’s how to shrink a shirt with a logo:
  1. Step One: Turn the t-shirt inside out.
  2. Step Two: Wash your shirt with cold water.
  3. Step Three: Place your shirt in the dryer on HOT or HIGH.
  4. Step Four: Dry your shirt for 60 minutes.
  5. Step Five: Repeat if necessary.

Can you purposely shrink clothes?

In a way, yes. Though every type of fabric behaves differently, heat will shrink most, if not all, fabric types. Steam heat will effectively shrink wool clothes, and some fabrics will even shrink when soaked for long periods in warm water.

Does a shirt have to be wet to shrink in the dryer?

Over time, most (if not all) of our clothes will shrink naturally. If you lay your wet garment flat to dry after washing, no additional shrinkage will occur and the fibers in your clothing will de-swell and reform to their original size. However, if you machine dry the clothing, it can indeed shrink for good.

Does cotton shrink in cold water?

The leading path to prevent not only the loss of the dye in the cotton cloth but also a small amount of shrinkage is to wash 100% cotton fabric items in cold water. There will also be a small amount of shrinkage as the temperature of the water increases.

How much will a 100% cotton shirt shrink?

Yes, 100% cotton can shrink if you don’t wash it properly. Pre-shrunk cotton can shrink up to 2-5% or more and if it is not pre-shrunk it can shrink up to 20%. If you want to shrink 100% cotton, wash it in hot water, if not, wash with cold water.

Does Ringpun 100 cotton shrink?

100% Ringspun Cotton

These garments are thinner and softer than your regular 100% cotton tees and, because of their manufacturing process, are more durable as well. They have a higher-end feel and do not shrink as much as your average 100% cotton shirt.

Will 100% cotton shrink in wash?

Does 100% Cotton Shrink? Cotton shrinks after the first wash due to the chemical tension that was applied to the fabric and yarn during its production. Because of that process, most cotton items will shrink from the heat and steam in washers and dryers.

Can you shrink a 100 cotton shirt?

100% cotton is simple to shrink:

When it’s the right size, change the dryer setting to low heat or air and dry the rest of the way gently.

Should I buy a size up for 100% cotton?

With the quality kinds being largely comprised of cotton, you’re at risk of dryer shrinkage of up to 20 percent. Sizing up means you don’t have to sweat it if the shirt accidentally tumbles dry.

Does cotton shrink every time you wash it?

However, 100% cotton is strongly affected by hot water or a high dryer setting. If you wash cotton in hot water, it will most likely continue to shrink during each wash. It will shrink every time you wash it unless you take special precautions. To wash a cotton garment without altering its size, stay away from heat.

Does cold water shrink clothes?

Cold water is fine for most clothes and other items that you can safely put in the washing machine. Coldwater washing means clothing is less likely to shrink or fade and ruin clothes. Cold water can also reduce wrinkles, which saves energy costs (and time) associated with ironing.

How do you wash 100 cotton without shrinking it?

To wash cottons in your washing machine, set it to use cold water and to wash on the delicate cycle. Hot water shrinks cotton. When the washing is over, line dry the clothes to prevent shrinking in the dryer. Reshape cotton sweaters and other delicates and dry them flat on top of the dryer or on a drying rack.

Does a 30 minute wash clean clothes?

It does get ‘normal’ dirt out, but anything really filthy goes in a 40 or 60 degree wash. towels and sheets are usually washed on a hot wash though. I put everything in my 30 degree quick wash about 30 mins. Everything get clean, occasionally put bedding on 60 degrees but use the quick was function on that too.

Will a 90 degree wash shrink jeans?

Any boiling hot water is likely to shrink clothes, and because 90 degrees is one of the hottest temperatures, it’s almost certain that clothes will shrink in this type of wash. Most clothes can‘t be washed at such a high temperature, so read your clothing tags and stick to what they say. Don’t spoil all your clothes.

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