This post covers two different methods for you to make ShotSkis at home. We’ll be going over the 2 most basic methods of making a ShotSki. You can use these methods to make your own ShotSki with simple items we’re sure you already have lying around your home.

Method 1 (Standard):

This method is easier than the second one. For this, you’ll need the following items:

  1. An old Skiboard
  2. An electric drill
  • 3-5 shot glasses
  1. Super Glue
  2. Measuring Tape

The Step by Step procedure is as follows:

  • Take an old wooden ski board and remove all the bindings from it.
  • Use a measuring tape and mark 3-5 equidistant points on the board. These marks will be the holding point for the shot glasses.
  • Use an electric drill and make holes on the markers.
  • Take the Super Glue and attach the shot glasses in the holes.
  • Use paint or colors to design and decorate your ShotSki.

Method 2 (Customized):

This method is a bit difficult but it allows a little more room for you to show your creative side. The tools and materials required are as follows:

  • A wooden plank
  • An electric drill
  • A mini woodcutter
  • 5 shot glasses
  • Super Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Markers
  • Paint
  • Sand Paper

Follow these steps to make your personalized ShotSki board:

  • Take a wooden plank at least 5 feet in length.
  • Sand the plank to give it a smooth texture.
  • Use the woodcutter to cut the plank. Try shaping it similar to a skiboard. However, you can use your imagination and get a little creative as long as you leave enough room for the shot glasses.
  • Use a measuring tape to mark equidistant points on the board.
  • Take an electric drill and make holes on the marked points for the shot glasses.
  • Use super glue to fix the shot glasses on the holes.
  • Show the world your aesthetics by painting on the board.

The above-mentioned steps are some of the easiest methods of making a ShotSki. However, both the methods are missing one final step; that is, to have fun with your friends and loved ones while using the ShotSki.

To conclude, ShotSki is a fun and creative drinking utensil which can be used by multiple people at once. Many European countries hold such games and competitions on a yearly basis to this day. However, it doesn’t matter how you make your ShotSki – you can pick the standard (easy) method, or you can go for the customized one where you’ll get to show off your creativity – as long as you and your friends use it to have the time of your life.

As the name suggests, ShotSki is basically drinking shots from a skiboard. During the early days, people thought of skiing as a mode of transportation. People used to glide on snow to travel from the top of the hill to the bottom. With time, Skiing was made part of competitive sports; however, its transformation didn’t end there. To this day, people use it as a drinking activity.

People fix shot glasses at equal distance on a ski board and use those glasses to drink. Though there are many speculations, shotski’s origin is still unknown. Some believe that a celebrity couple invented it while others believe that it was founded in a college dorm during a party. Others say this game originated in the 20th century while others think that the history of ShotSki goes back a couple of centuries. Several people also believe that it was invented in Norway where skis were originally invented. On the other hand, others say that they were invented in Austria where people also call them schnappskis.

In order to take a sip of the drink, they lift the ski to their faces, and if anyone fails to complete the drink, what remains in the glass falls on the face of the person. Every year, people organize special events for ShotSkis in different cities around the world which attracts a number of tourists and local citizens.

Its history is not well documented and therefore it is very difficult to track its origin. However, one thing is certain, this is a very fun activity for a group of people. Some entrepreneurs have capitalized on this opportunity and have started selling ShotSki boards online. But today, in this post, you’ll learn how to make a ShotSki at home by yourself.