How to Make a Tattoo Stencil

A tattoo stencil is a good way of expressing your creativity while also getting something productive done. However, knowing how to make a proper tattoo stencil is also necessary.  There are various ways by which one can make a tattoo stencil and the best ones are given below.

How to Make a Tattoo Stencil with Transfer Paper?

Using transfer paper to make a tattoo stencil is one of the most popular methods out there that you can use.

  • It is preferred by many because it helps people get the most accurate design. They work in the same manner as carbon copy sheets. Though it looks difficult in the beginning, it is really easy to follow.
  • To start with the process, the user draws the design on the top of the paper. Once the user copies the design, they cut it out and keep it separately to avoid interference.
  • Then place the cut out on the desired area and dab gently.

How to Make a Tattoo Stencil with Tracing Paper?

Making a stencil using tracing paper is a popular method among amateurs and professionals alike. You can use this to quickly make a tattoo stencil.

  • This method helps people get an idea of what their tattoo will look like. Using stencil ink, etch your desired design on the tracing paper
  • This ink is a little runny. So, let it dry properly. In the meanwhile, ready the part of the skin where you want the tattoo. Just a simple rinsing would do.
  • Place the paper on the skin and apply pressure. Remove slowly and carefully. Upon removing, the tattoo appears.

How to Make a Tattoo Stencil with Deodorant?

This is among the most innovative and fun ways of making a tattoo stencil on your body.

  • Applying deodorant before doing the tattoo is a failsafe measure to ensure that the design stays.
  • Because the deodorant comprises certain chemicals, it is important to be thorough while cleaning and washing. Shave, wash, and properly dry the area you wish to tattoo before proceeding.
  • Apply the deodorant on the designated area and cover that particular portion to avoid any mishaps.
  • As the ink of the stencil makes contact with your skin, use your fingers to dab it gently in place.

How to Make a Tattoo Stencil with Carbon Paper?

Using a carbon paper is among the most effective methods to make a tattoo stencil.

  • To start with the process, you have to first spread out the carbon paper on a hard and dry surface. Iron it out smoothly with your palms or else the creases will interfere with the design.
  • After your layout, the carbon paper put a sheet of plain paper on top of it. Using a pencil, carve your design on top of this blank sheet.
  • You can now put it on the area of the skin that you wish to print the tattoo.

How to Make a Tattoo Stencil with a Regular Printer?

This is the most renowned method of making a tattoo stencil because the majority of professionals make use of this method. It is easy since printers are readily available everywhere.

  • This method is not as cost-effective as others but it is the most durable one.
  • Select the design from the internet and feed that design into your computer. After determining the design, take the printout of the same on a carbon paper.
  • Cut out the portion of the paper on which the design is present. Apply the cut-out portion of the carbon paper on this area and press gently.

Homemade Tattoo Stencil Solution

Before setting about to make a tattoo stencil, it is important that we have the proper solution.

  • Knowing how to make a homemade tattoo solution not only saves you time but also money.
  • To make a stencil solution you will require a deodorant stick, liquid soap, and cleaning alcohol.
  • To start the process, you first need to melt the stick. You can use a microwave to do this. After the stick melts take a bottle and fill a third of it with the melted deodorant.
  • To this add liquid soap and cleansing alcohol and shake thoroughly.

How to Make a Tattoo Stencil Stick?

Knowing how to make the tattoo stencil stick is as important as knowing your design and keeping the solution ready. This is a quick fix method used by many artists.

  • While there’s no hard and fast rule that you can follow to make a stick, a few objects are preferable.
  • For example, a Popsicle stick makes for a good object to fashion a stencil stick out of.
  • Virtually anything that is easy to grip and does not chafe the skin is good to go. Additionally, if its surface is conducive enough to apply the ink, then that is a bonus.

1. Tattoo Stencil Designs

Various tattoo stencil designs carry various symbols and hold different meanings for different users.

  • Nowadays users generally go for abstract designs rather than run of the mill ones. Some people like to make a tattoo which is a stylized representation of their names.
  • Others go for more abstract portrayals of the flora and the fauna around them to garner a more metaphorical vibe.
  • A sense of aesthetics is important when one is choosing a design for their tattoo stencil. Given that this design remains for a long time, we must choose a design that fascinates us.

2. Occasions for Making a Tattoo Stencil Design

The best part about making a tattoo stencil design is the fact that it requires no official occasion. Because they are so impactful even while being casual, they find use in a handful of events.

  • Tattoo stencils are more or less synonymously associated with the youth in all of their endeavors. Owing to the low effort that it requires; teenagers prefer getting a stencil design over something permanent.
  • Tattoo stencil designs are used as powerful motifs in protest rallies and pride parades. Most people prefer having a design on their wrists and arms before stepping out into such activities.

DIY vs. Professional Tattoo Stencil Designs

This subject is a never-ending topic of debate in this particular field. However, in reality, this is an open-ended matter of discussion.

  • While people resort to making tattoo stencil designs as a way to kill their times, many people do it professionally. If done right, it allows for the establishment of a very lucrative business model.
  • Tattoo designs are among the most sought-after art designs in our time. Hence no matter whether you do it in a DIY fashion or professionally, you will never be out of style.
  • DIY designs give you a lot more creative freedom


  • As the process of making a tattoo stencil design includes a few corrosive elements, users follow a few cautionary tips.
  • During the washing and cleaning part, it is important to sterilize the area thoroughly. While opting for a homemade solution, make sure that you use only those components that are generally advised.
  • Make the tattoo stencil as accurate as possible
  • Lastly, be sure of the tattoo design that you want on your skin. It is important that you like the design that you are going ahead with for it endorses your expression.

How do you make homemade tattoo stencils?

What can you use to make a tattoo stencil?

How do you transfer ink from paper to skin?

To make a tattoo stencil you will need the following:
  1. Tracing or wax paper.
  2. An ink pen with a fine tip.
  3. Stencil fluid.
  4. Dip Pen.
  5. Masking tape.
  6. Antibacterial soap.
  7. Razor.
  8. Stencil lotion or stick deodorant.

How do you make a paper tattoo stencil?

Put the image on your skin, face down. Put the wet paper towel or napkin on top of the sheet of paper. Apply pressure for about 20 seconds. The water from the napkin will go through the image, and the ink from the ballpoint pen will bleed, transferring the image onto your skin.

Can you use a regular printer for tattoo stencils?

Can you use Vaseline to transfer tattoo stencil?

Using a hectograph pencil to ensure quality artwork, you simply draw your design on to the top layer. When it has copied through to the bottom sheet, you cut out the design and place it over the area to be tattooed. The skin should be prepared with a solution, known as stencil stay, before the paper is then applied.

Why do Tattooers use Vaseline?

all you need is a regular inkjet printer and a pack of temporary tattoo paper that is easily found at most craft stores. Find great deals on ebay for tattoo stencil printer in tattoo supplies for tattoo and body art. Stencils for tattoos can be made cheaply and easily using a dot matrix printer.

What can I use instead of liquid stencil for tattoo?

Let the tattoo stencil dry on the skin. Leave it for a minimum of 10 minutes. Pat the transferred tattoo stencil with a clean paper towel and then apply petroleum jelly on the stenciled skin.

How do you make a transfer solution for tattoo stencils?

What kind of deodorant can I use for tattoo stencils?

During the Tattooing Process

Tattoo artists use Vaseline when tattooing because the needle and ink are creating a wound. The wound needs something to help heal, and Vaseline can act as a protector for your skin. While it may not prevent scarring and other changes, it can help keep your skin healthy.

How do you make stencils stay?

Green soap solution, works perfectly, and it’s simple to prepare, and it isn’t that expensive since it lasts long time, and since you can also use it during the tattoo and not only for the stencil unlike other products, than it is definitely worth it. Or you can go old school, and use good old vaseline.

How do you put a tattoo stencil on without deodorant?

Mix 10 parts of liquid green soap and one part of distilled water in a disposable, clean bowl. This mixtureis the transfer solution. Sterilize an autoclave-friendly bottle in the shop autoclave to store the solution.

What kind of deodorant is best for tattoos?

Apply the roll-on Speed Stick brand (or generic equivalent) deodorant to the shaved area of skin. Be sure to cover the entire area, so that all parts of the stencil drawing will come in contact with the deodorant.

How do you transfer ink from paper to skin without deodorant?

Can you put deodorant on a tattoo?

Clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Apply a small amount of Dettol or similar antiseptic soap after the rubbing alcohol has dried. Press your stencil firmly over the area with a paper towel. Make sure the skin is still moist from the Dettol when applying the stencil.

What is the most painful place to get a tattoo?

The Speed Stick Deodorant Regular Great Clean Scent offers long lasting protection all day long. It is designed to refresh clean scent with odor fighting protection. Made of high-quality material, it is anti-irritation and durable.

How do I stop my tattoo stencils smearing?

Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto the cotton ball or swab, and apply the alcohol over the area of skin you wish to transfer the design to.

What does an armpit tattoo feel like?

No, deodorant won’t have any effect on your tattoo. the scent could cause irritation in the tattooed skin.

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