Life can be full of challenges and hurdles.

Sometimes the only thing that gets us going is our dreams and wishesThese wishes are the epitome of hope for all of us and the only thing we ask for life is for them to come true.

Whether it is the search for the love of your life, or to get that desired job, our wishes can be of various intensities. The best part about wishes is that we can make them come true as well.

Keep reading to learn how to make a wish come true.

  • Mind Magic to Make a Wish Come True

1. Clear Your Mind

First off, before you go headfirst into making a wish come true you must have a clear mind.

This clear mind will help; you think of what you want. This means giving yourself enough space to think of what you want and how much you want it.

There are many ways that you can empty or clear your mind. The easiest way to do it is by meditation or yoga. With a clear mind, you will be able to think better.

2. Will Power

Secondly, strong will power can be your biggest tool in the mission to make your wishes come true.

Dedicate your entire heart and soul to make a wish come true. Also, you don’t necessarily have to go to extremes. Just thinking about your wish and visualizing it will help.

It should be noted that mindful activities can also make you peaceful in your mission to make a wish come true.

  • Work to Make a Wish Come True

1. Work towards It

Most of the time for wishes related to material things, or even for jobs, etc we can do a lot.

Even though wishing means hoping for a higher power to do the deed, we should also move a little to make a wish come true. This means having a firm grasp on what your goal is and then working towards it.

Identify what you need to do to make your wish come true. Also, once you have a clear idea, then you can work on the steps. Break down your wish into smaller goals.

Furthermore, dedicate some amount of time every day to these small goals to make a wish come true. Besides breaking down goals, you can also make to-do lists and tick them off once done.

2. Remove Hurdles

Making goals and working on them can seem like an easy task but there will also be tons of hurdles along the way. Obviously, making a wish come true won’t a walk in the park and you might have to put in a little effort.

As you are striving towards your mini-goals to make wishes come true you are bound to step on some hurdles. Uniquely, these hurdles can be small or big depending on the situation. Indeed, persistence is the key to life.

Stick to your goal and no matter how tough the hurdle might look like, work on removing it from your path. Moreover, do not give up. Without a doubt, all good things take some time.

  • Occasions to Make Wishes Comes True:

Other than mind work and physical work, you can also go for some easy tricks to make your wish come true. We get tons of occasions and opportunities in our life where we are asked to make a wish.

Remember them and don’t let them go to waste! Some occasions when you can make a wish come true are:

1. Birthdays

Birthdays are the best time to wish for things that you want. These can be material things or just peace of mind and happiness.

The perfect time wish for something near and dear to your heart is right before you are about to blow your birthday candles.

The happy and optimistic vibes that can be found at a birthday party can do wonders for your spirit. Firstly, think of what you want, close your eyes, visualize it, wish for it, and then blow out your candles.

That’s all you have to do! Finally, sit back and let the fairies do the magical work of making your wish come true.

2. Dandelions

This is the time to turn your magical fantasies into realities.

Go looking through your garden or the forest for dandelions. These are famously known to make wishes come true. Look for the puffiest and the whitest dandelion that you can find.

Once you spot, pick it up carefully. Put the dandelion in front of your mouth, think of whatever your wish is and then blow at the dandelion. As you see the seeds fly off you can be assured that your wish is on its way to being fulfilled.

3. 11:11

Lastly, 11:11s are a great time to wish for your dearest things. The best thing about 11:11s is that they come twice in a day so you will get the chance to make your wish come true not once but twice.

Be sure to make these a part of your life and look out for these times. Keep hoping along with working to make a wish come true.

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