How do you make food in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

Cooking is simple. All one needs to do is go into their kitchen, with nothing in their hands, and press the ‘A’ button. The option to either cook, or view your recipes will come up. Upon selecting ‘cook,’ you will go to a new screen, and you can choose which utensils you wish to use.

Can you be a girl in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

There are a total of 6 girls you can marry in this game. Each has their own Heart Level for you that are visible (with the exception of the Harvest Goddess). In order to marry a girl, you must raise their heart level and witness all the Heart Events.


Ann Elli Karen
Mary Popuri Harvest Goddess

How do you build a kitchen in Harvest Moon?

How do you get a kitchen in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

To set up your cooking environment you’ll first need to upgrade your house to the second stage. Once you have your house remodeled you can watch Channel 2 on your Sprite Station until you can buy the kitchen and it’s matching utensils.

Who is the best girl to marry in Harvest Moon?

How do you get a girlfriend in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

You must also:
  1. Complete the shipping list.
  2. Dig up every type of item from each mine.
  3. Catch every type of fish.
  4. Be in your 5th year or later.
  5. Collect all 9 of the Goddess Jewels and the Goddess Gem.
  6. Have her friendship equal to the red heart level.
  7. Confess to Carter that you want to marry the Harvest Goddess.

Can you marry the Harvest Goddess?

  1. give gifts to the girl you like until she becomes red heart which will make her like you. then, you can buy a blue feather at the Supermarket.
  2. To marry the girl you like, you must make her heart become red.

Are there cheats for Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

Who is the little girl in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

Everything you need to know about your local harvest deity. The Harvest Goddess is one of the special marriage candidates that you can romance, regardless of your gender, in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.

How do I marry a goddess?

The first cheat is a trainer file and can be downloaded from Mrantifun. it has a file size of 4.4MB and offers five cheat options like freeze time, super bag and more. the guide on how to use the game can be found on the page itself. The second cheat is also a trainer file and is available at CheatHappens.

What is the Harvest Goddess?

In BtN, of which FoMT is remake of, it’s revealed that the little girl is whomever you marry. From Popuri to Ann, they’re all her. It’s never truly revealed who it is in FoMT, but I assume it’s the same as BtN.

Where is the Harvest Goddess?

Harvest Goddess Crossword Clue
Rank Word Clue
95% OPS Harvest goddess
95% CERES Harvest goddess
95% DEMETER Harvest goddess
4% REAP Harvest

How do I meet the Harvest Goddess?

According to, she lives in the pond on top of the mountain, but you can’t access it until Spring 21.

How do you marry a goddess in harvest moon back to nature?

To find the Harvest Goddess, head to the Hot Springs and Spring Cave area of the map. Right beside this is a river, and if you stand close to the river with an item in your hand, you can opt to throw it into the water. Doing so will summon the Harvest Goddess, and she will float above the water and speak with you.

How do you summon the Harvest Goddess?

What does the harvest goddess like in harvest Moon?

How do you summon the Harvest Goddess in farming valley?

The Harvest Goddess is the being whose presence governs the nature of Mineral Town in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Unlike some Harvest Moon titles, the Goddess is not considered a villager who you can befriend. You also cannot marry her. Gifts do not increase friendship with her, they are used only as an offering.

How do you make a goddess flower?

What does Jade Like in farming valley?

Harvest Goddess

When you’re done, right click the center flower pot with a stick until a new flower appears, called the Goddess Flower. You’ll lose the flower pot, however. Now, to summon the Harvest Goddess, break the flower and drop it into water. The Goddess should appear.