Leather bracelets are one of the most creative accessories that you can have for yourself or give as a gift to anyone dear to you.

If you’re planning to customize a gift for your parents, siblings, friends or a special someone, then this is the right gift you can give.

Here we will show you how to make and personalize your very own leather bracelets.

Making a Leather Bracelet

You will need to prepare all of the materials needed for this project. Please refer on the list below that you need to gather:

  • A roll of leather laces (it’s better to have extra laces so you can make a lot for later)
  • Embroidery threads (have it in different bright colors that are attractive to look at)
  • Tape measure
  • At least a pair of scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Tape
  • Needles

Step 1: First off, grab a tape measure and use it to measure your wrist or the person’s wrist for whom you’re making the bracelet. If that’s not possible, then you can always estimate the person’s wrist measurement by using your own wrist.

Step 2: Place the tape measure onto the leather lace and follow the same measurements that you did to the wrist.

Step 3: Before cutting the leather lace with a scissor, add at least 2 inches of extra length to the leather lace. Then cut it accordingly.

Step 4: Use your glue gun with care and put some onto the leather lace quickly before it gets dry.

Step 5: Paste the embroidery onto it and feel free to pick which color you want to use first. Make sure it’s attached to the leather securely.

Step 6: Then, pick the second color of your choice for the next embroidery thread that you need to attach next to the first thread. Use the glue gun again and paste the second thread.

Step 7: Make sure it was glued precisely to the leather lace so it will not come off too easily. If there are some loose ends, then try to glue it back again.

Step 8: Repeat the same steps as you did when you first attached the first thread until you completed at least 2 inches of colored thread stripes or depending on how wide your leather lace is.

Step 9: When you’re done with the previous step, go ahead and take one of your needles and start sewing it until the end of the colored stripes through your bracelet.

Step 10: You can add a little glue to secure the whole ensemble and to avoid it from coming off.

Step 11: Tie the lace’s tips close around the ends of the embroidery threads up to the other side of the leather lace.

Step 12: When making the tie, you need to make sure that you tie it tightly, having the leather lace slipping through so easily. This way, the bracelet can be adjusted without struggling that much.

Step 13: Next, you need to tie the leather lace finally. Moisturize the lace with water, so it becomes easier to tie up. Then tie the leather lace into a knot.

Step 14: Then leave again another 2 inches of extra length to your leather lace and wrap the embroidery threads around it by doing the previous steps.

Step 15: As soon as you’ve wrapped the embroidery threads successfully, start doing the other side of the bracelet. You will need to tie the other end of the opposite side of the bracelet again.

Step 16: voila! You have customized a bracelet successfully.

Different ways to give your leather bracelet gift to someone

Giving gifts, especially for the ones that you personally made, are quite exciting and rewarding at the same time. To complete the whole gift-giving, here are different creative ways to give it to your loved ones.

  • Prepare a cute little box where you can put the bracelet inside and finish it by wrapping it with a nice cloth covering inside or a craft paper. Then finish it off by tying it with a nice ribbon or lace.
  • Find a beautiful small pouch in lovely colors, preferably a see-through one so the receiver can see the bracelet inside the pouch. Then tie the pouch with a ribbon and attach a card as well.
  • Surprise your loved one over a dinner date and present the bracelet on top of the table with a note in it. Even if you haven’t wrapped, they will appreciate your sweet gesture since they only expected a simple dinner date.
  • Purchase a nice bouquet of fresh flowers and have the bracelet wrapped around the stems instead of the typical ribbon tie. The receiver will immediately notice that you have wrapped a  beautiful bracelet around it.

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