Nunchuck, also widely known as Nunchaku, is a martial arts weapon that makes an amazing training weapon. It is very popular among martial arts fans. Many of the fans buy nunchucks, while some make nunchucks themselves. It can be a fun DIY task that you can do at home too.

To make nunchucks at home is not rocket science. However, you must take care of the measurements carefully. The real fun of having nunchucks is to make them yourself.

You can easily make nunchucks by using wood, metal, plastic, foam, or even magazine too! You can make nunchucks by combining two sticks of equal length and then connecting them using metal chains or rope.

When we talk about from where nunchucks came from, they were originated in Japan.  Since then, nunchucks are a very important weapon of martial artists.

However, the famous actor Bruce Lee made it a sensation of the present era. He made use of this weapon very beautifully in his movies. He showed his excellent moves using nunchucks, making it very popular around the globe.

So, if you are a fan of martial arts and willing to make nunchucks at home, then this article is for you.

How To Make Nunchucks A.K.A. Nunchakus At Home?

We have compiled all the steps that you need to follow in order to get done with this DIY project successfully. We hope this article will help you to make nunchucks without any mistake:

Take Two Dowels Of Equal Length

We are making wooden nunchucks. You can select material of your choice; either wood, plastic, foam, metal, etc.

Take two wooden dowels. They must be equal to the length of your forearm, which is the distance from your wrist to the elbow. The thickness of each dowel must be approximately 1” or 1.9-2.5 cm to be exact.

Both the dowels must be at least a foot long if your height is 6 feet or less. However, the dowels must be 16” in length if you’re taller than 6 feet. The reason to keep this measurement in view while making nunchucks is that you cannot perform various tricks using nunchucks if they can’t move around your body. So this is important to keep in view. Otherwise, the reason to make nunchucks will not be fulfilled since it will be useless.

If you are unable to find two dowels of the same length, you can take a longer piece of wood. Cut it into two equal dowels that must be equal to your forearm too.

You can paint your dowels in any color of your choice, in order to make them appear more intimidating. Nevertheless, it is optional, if you don’t want to color them, then it’s your choice.

Getting The Right Size Rope For Your Nunchucks

To connect the two wooden dowels, we are going to use the rope. It is preferred if you go for nylon braided rope or any other rope that can hold both the dowels together with strength.

The length of rope must be around 0.6 meters or 2 feet if you’re 6 feet tall or less. But increase the length of rope if you’re taller than 6 feet.

Additionally, the thickness of the rope must be compatible with the dowel’s diameter.

Drill A Hole On Top Of Dowels Using Drill Machine

Now drill a hole on top of the wooden dowels with the help of the drilling machine. Use the drill machine that suits well with the diameter of the dowel.

The hole must go deep around 3.8 cm or 1.5” into the dowel. Also, it should be thick enough so that rope can go inside it easily, for knot tying steps coming later.

Drill Another Hole Horizontally Through Each Side Of Dowel

Drill a smaller hole from each side of the dowel. Make sure it is at least 1” deeper from the top of the dowel.

The reason for this hole is to pass the rope from this hole to the top hole from where the ropes on top of both dowels can be secured in place through a knot. This hole should meet the opening of the top hole.

Tie The Rope On Both Dowels To Join Them

Insert the rope from the side hole of one of the dowels. Then take it out from the top hole. Remember to leave a few inches of rope out, so that you can use it to tie a knot to keep it secure in place. Similarly, repeat the same procedure for the other dowel and tie the knot such that it does not open.

Add Some Adhesive Or Glue On The Top Hole From Where The Rope Is Passing

The rope knot may not be sufficient enough to keep the sticks together since these nunchucks are used for some fast moves and tricks that can result in rope coming out of wooden dowels. Therefore, we apply the glue to secure the ropes properly in place. Let the glue dry for some time.

Ready to practice some moves

You are successful in making nunchucks all by yourself. Now, your home-made nunchucks are ready for you to practice some smart tricks and moves! We hope you learn some excellent nunchaku moves very soon!