Sake is among the intimidating drinks to take, but it’s easy to understand how to prepare traditional sake at your home comfort. Using the right tools, patience, and the best method, you will get the sweet aroma of the sake filling your home in a short time. Furthermore, you’ll get to know many things that you didn’t understand concerning sake as you prepare it.

With the ten steps below, don’t be scared! Every action has an essential addition to the sake making process:

Step 1: Clean Your Equipment

Before you begin the sake-making journey, ensure that all the equipment is sterilized and clean. When preparing anything to deal with fermentation (booze, bread, yogurt), no other bacteria should be around to kill off the fermentation process.

You can place the equipment inside a pot with boiling water then relax for a while.

Step 2: Cook The Rice

Put water on a medium saucepan, then allow it to boil. Some people prefer washing the rice before it starts boiling, but this depends on you. Immediately the water starts boiling, add the rice, then use a lid to cover the saucepan. Reduce the heat to low temperature. Once the rice is ready, please remove it from heat and cool for two hours at 85 degrees. As the rice is getting cold, add the yeast balls to a sandwich bag, then crush them.

Step 3: Layer The Rice with Yeast

Add about ¾ inch of rice, then sprinkle yeast on top of it. Do this process again a few times? Make sure you create some space (about an inch) between the jar lid and top of the rice. Do this because there shall be the formation of CO2. Therefore, please give it some space to escape somewhere else your jar might end up popping. Mix everything properly, and yeast will do the job for you.

Step 4: Look for The Best Spot for Fermentation

When fermenting, the temperature is an essential factor to consider: too cold or too warm, and you’ll end up killing the yeast off. Most home sake brewers prefer using temperatures between 55-65 degrees F. in other words; you can find a cool-ish corner of the basement or garage. Remember that cooler temperatures mean that the fermentation activity might take longer.

In many households (unless your home is quite warm), the room temperature must suffice. You can also wrap the rice using a towel to ensure that it doesn’t cool off, which might inhibit the formation of CO2.

Step 5: Taste and Wait for Some Time

The liquid should begin forming after a day. Ensure you give it a taste. The product should be sweet. Initially, the CO2 emitted from the fermentation process will produce a little effervescence to the sake. Then after some days, the taste of the profile will begin developing.

Furthermore, you’ll realize some notes of sourness or fruit. Stop then serve the sake once it gets to the flavor that you want. Immediately the sake is ready, it looks cloudy, but when you leave it to its devices, it will get cleaner through separating and forming a layer of sediment beneath the container.

Step 6: Use The Sake Wisely

Since you now have the sweet rice wine, you can use it for cocktails or drink straight. Additionally, you can play with its flavors by adding fruit to it. Sake makes a perfect addition to any food recipe. You can try adding it to your pasta sauce or sprinkle it on your sorbet.

How to Make Sake Bombs

A sake bomb is always referred to as a beer cocktail. It has a great taste, and more fun comes in its drinking method.

What you’ll need:

  • Beer
  • sake
  • Bar towel or cloth for wiping up any mess
  • Chopsticks
  • Shot glass
  • Tall beer glass
  • Preparation
  1. Start by pouring some beer in a tall glass. Add about an equal amount that can fit inside a shot glass.
  2. Next, add one shot of sake inside the shot glass. Make sure you chill it first, whether it’s warm or not.
  3. Then add two chopsticks in a parallel manner the move them slightly to come up with an elongated V shape on the tall glass. The distance should be a bit narrow where the chopsticks are sitting in the middle of the glass. This is done to balance the shot glass in a proper position.
  4. Position the shot glass containing the chopsticks at the middle on top of the tall glass.

How to Make Sake Hot

What you’ll need

  • Water bath
  • Tokkuri (this is shaped like a carafe or a vase)
  1. Start by filling a tokkuri with sake. Its narrow neck prevents the quick escape of heat.
  2. Next, place the tokkuri inside a pot containing cold water, then measure the quantity of water that will get inside the pot. Immediately you put it in the pot; its fat bulb should go beneath the water to allow sake heat uniformly.
  3. After that, boil the water, then after a short time, remove it from the source of heat. The temperature of the water should not be past 100 degrees Celsius.
  4. Dip the sake bottle or tokkuri inside the pot immediately, then measure the time using a stopwatch.

That’s how to make a cold sake hot.

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