It is quite simple to make tassels, and it comes with a lot of fun for the maker.

It can be a great art activity, especially in the time of lockdown, when people are looking out for good ways to pass their time.

One can use handmade tassels in a variety of ways. However, one can use it to decorate. Items ranging from purses, clothes, jewelry items, and even keyrings can be enhanced in appearance with trendy tassels.

Moreover, the benefits of making and using tassels are manifold. But the best part is that it does not require a lot of investment. One can make tassels in just one dollar. If you wish to stand out in a crowd, you can use tassels as it is the most fashionable trend.

The Basics for Making Tassels

The essential element for making tassels includes yarn as a critical component. One can use any thread for this purpose.

It can be either crochet thread, wool thread, or embroidery thread, depending on the user’s convenience. However, most people prefer using the crochet thread because it comes in more mesmerizing colors. Moreover, it is also thinner than the wool yarn, making it the perfect essential for tassels.

The next basic essential for making tassels is cardboard. One must prefer using heavy cardboard for bringing in volume in the making of tassels. However, it is not much of a problem. This is because stuff like cardboard is readily available in homes. One can use cardboard, cutting it right off from old books or cereal boxes.

The next thing that one will need to make tassels includes a large needle. One must use the tapestry needle for this purpose.

However, it is also important to note that it is not completely necessary to use a needle. It is used for cleaning up the knots that one will make in the tassels. It will just provide a cleaner and tidier touch to one’s beautiful handmade tassels.

Making Different Kinds of Tassels

One can either use the conventional technique or several other newly formed techniques to make tassels.

One can follow the following steps for using the traditional method for creating beautiful handmade tassels.

  • The initial step for making a tassel will involve the use of cardboard. The cardboard will help in the delicate arrangement of the tassel. One can determine the size of the cardboard by analyzing the length of the tassel. The cardboard used must be of at least 2 inches wide and at least a half-inch tall.
  • The next step involves using the yarn to be wrapped around at the cardboard piece. This has to be continued until the tassel becomes thick enough as one may require. After wrapping it around, one can just cut down one side that will create its top side.
  • One can tie a knot using a thread from one side to another. It is essential to use the accurate measurement for the line, which should be 15 inches.
  • One must apply another knot in the next step in the middle. This is important for securing an accurate balance between the middle loop. One will use another yarn piece for wrapping around the body of the tassel. This is expected to be 10 inches, at least.
  • In the case of a thinner thread, one must tie it up a bit many times to make sure about the tassel’s thickness.
  • The last step will include the tidying up of the entire tassel by using a needle. First, the exceeded sides must be knotted using the needle, and then the rest of the yarn should be cut using sharp scissors.

Bead Tassels

Another kind of very attractive and trendy tassels include the bead tassels. They require a slightly different type of supplies and procedure for its making.

One will need the following supplies to make bead tassels:

  • Beads
  • Needles
  • Threads

The first step will require using threads. The thread’s size must be double than the length of the
chosen tassel adding another extra inch to it.

One must cut at least five pieces from it. Next, the big and small beads must be attached to all the sewing threads in the right order. Then, one must tie the whole piece together, employing a knot. One can easily use nail polish for knotting up the tassels.

The last step can include putting up one big bead to enhance its beauty. One can use these beautiful tassels for adding to their jewelry and their clothes.

Such handmade Accessories amplify the beauty of the attire in just simple and cost-effective ways. Furthermore, it does not include any hectic procedure as it can be made in a short go. So, don’t waste your money on ready-made tassels and make your own DIY tassels.

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