Fainting is a condition of unconsciousness which is caused due to insufficient blood flow or oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system.

It is actually a responsive mechanism of the body that can make you unconscious sometimesYou can get faint willingly too through the following tricks.

How to Make Yourself Faint in less than 5 Minutes?

Many times some situations arise when things don’t go your way. So you may feel the need to escape from the situation as early as possible. Sometimes, you can’t get out of the situation physically, and thus you need to play some trick for that. There are times when you need to stay aloof from the bodily feelings like pain and then these tricks do well. Though there are medicines that can make you faint in quick time, if you can try the following tricks, you won’t have to use the medicines either. So here are some ways which can make you faint in less than 5 minutes.

  • Holding your breath can be a good trick to get faint in a quick time. When our brain doesn’t receive fresh oxygen from the air, it starts descending and asks for it. This is why we need to breathe constantly to survive.
  • When you hold the breath, the brain cells don’t get the much-required oxygen. If you can stay in this condition for some minutes say for one and a half minutes maximum, you will feel that you are feeling uncomfortable. You are on the verge of getting unconscious due to this holding of breath yourself.

Alternative Trick

In case you are not able to hold your breath for the required time, you can use another trick. Put a plastic bag on your head and tie the ends of the bag with a rope or thread. Tie this one in such a way that no air can pass through anywhere.

  • Thus you won’t have access to fresh oxygen from any of the points through the plastic bag. Slowly the oxygen inside the bag will end and CO2 will feel the entire place. This will help you to get faint within minutes. Since no fresh air is getting in, your brain will not get fresh oxygen to work and it will get into the crisis mode.
  • If you will suddenly rise from the sleeping position or sitting position, then your blood flow will not be able to cope with the change of position that faster. This will cause drainage of blood flow towards the legs and your brain will not get enough blood supply to carry oxygen there.
  • It will result in your sudden feeling of light-headedness. You may experience darkness around you and may see stars during the daylight. You can go through the experience of an overwhelming head rush due to this act.

How to Purposely Make Myself Faint and how Long will I be?

Sometimes you need to get faint purposefully to avoid any situation. Many of us do this trick to escape from the scolding of our parents after not having good marks in the examinations. As we didn’t know the exact procedure of getting faint, our parents used to catch us easily. But here are some tips which will not fail by any chance.

  • To get faint purposefully, you need to take a straw with you and lay down at a place where nobody will come immediately.
  • Now hold the straw into your mouth and breathe through it. Keep breathing heavily and fast through it and continue this process until you feel light headed officially and pass out.
  • Other than this, there is one more process to get faint artificially. Though adopting these processes are not good for health and the doctors never recommend these procedures, still for one or two instances, you can make experiments of these processes.
  • Over breathing and hyperventilation can cause you to get faint without any proper reason now bent your knees and sit down on your toes.
  • Now start hyperventilating. Hyperventilation means taking quick and deep breaths in quick succession. This will lead you to feel light-headed and will cause you to get unconscious.

How to Make Someone Pass Out Fast?

To make someone pass out fast you can use some old days trick. You need to apply these tricks with full protection. A little absent-minded step can cause you a heavy penalty for this.

  • Bend your knees forward and sit on your toes. Now bring your head towards your knees and start hyperventilating. What you have to do in this phase is to breathe quickly and heavily in a very fast motion and then suddenly you have to stand up.
  • After you stand up on your feet you need to hold your breath so that your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen from the blood. On the other hand, as you will stand suddenly, your blood will rush towards your legs and it will lack supply to the brain.
  • This will result in decreased oxygen supply to your brain which will be enough to pass you out for some time.
  • But all the experts say that you should never try this trick at home and even if you do so, you need to do it at your own risk. You need the proper supervision of a medical practitioner to go through these practices.

Is it Possible to Make Yourself Faint and what are the Possible Ways?

Yes, it is possible to make yourself faint and there are some of the very easy tips to do so. You can easily apply those tricks on yourself and can get faint instantly within minutes. The possible ways which can lead you faint easily are:

  • Hold your breath for quite a long period of time and then you will see that you are feeling dizzy due to lack of oxygen supply in your brain cells.
  • Put a plastic carry bag on your head till your neck and tie it tightly to make an airtight chamber. It will cause you a lack of oxygen supply and will make you faint.


  • Holding your breath can be a good trick to get faint in a quick time.
  • Decreased oxygen supply to your brain which will be enough to pass you out for some time.
  • You need the proper supervision of a medical practitioner to go through these practices.

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