Martini is one of the classy cocktails which consists of gin, vermouth adorned with an olive. There are several ways to mix these beverages to make a perfect martini. There are different types of martini but classically, four parts of gin, and one part of vermouth.

How to Order Martini Like a Man?

It is a perplexing moment for many when they order a martini in a very classy way. As we know, it is a very bold choice of cocktail. Before placing the order, you should be familiar with the varieties of martini.

  • You should know the types of martini available and what makes martini special and a bold cocktail.
  • You can ask for a dry but little dirty with two olives. It is advised if you know what you want or if you want to try something new.
  • If you do not like gin, you can ask for vodka-martini as standard martini comes with gin.

Types of Martini

Martini is one of the complicated cocktails. And you should be aware of your order. There are many types of martini as follows,

  • We are aware of a classic martini which is a stirred drink with one part of vermouth and 5 parts of dry gin with ice and Spanish olive.
  • You might have heard about classic vodka martini. It is quite similar to classic martini but instead of gin, it consists of premium vodka.
  • You could be confused about a dirty martini; it is a cocktail of gin/vodka with dry vermouth, olive juice, ice, and stuffed olives.

What does Ordering Martini Say about You?

Martini is all about balancing the alcohol and its ingredients. When you order a martini, it does disclose a lot about your innermost secrets.

  • You go to the bar and order a classic martini; it tells others that you are into classical and great characteristics.
  • When you ask for a vodka martini, it discloses that you are not into a taste that much and you are just into getting plastered.
  • When you order a dirty martini, it gives ideas to others that you are not into martinis at all. You just like healthy olive brine.

What does it Mean to Order a Martini Straight Up?

There are many ways to order a martini. You can order a classic martini or any specific one but if you are an expert already you can order what and how much of ingredients you want.

  • There are a few references to a martini in movies like ‘A Martini Straight Up’; it generally means that you do not want any kind of vermouth in the martini.
  • You should not use this word if you want vermouth in your drink. Be sure because a martini without vermouth is not a martini at all.
  • It gives ideas to your bartender to use funky cheese which will provide an oily layer and enhance the flavor or your martini.

What does a Martini Taste Like?

A variety of martinis have different tastes, different characteristics, and different ingredients. You will find its taste amusing and serene.

  • Mostly when people order a martini, it feels just like a glass of ice at first because of cold gin but in very little time, you will find the saline taste from olives.
  • It matters to the vermouth and usage of lemon or olives twists. Dry vermouth generally means less vermouth.
  • Traditionally, you will find it so inevitable in taste. It is a really elegant cocktail. You can modify it according to your taste.

What Makes a Martini Dry or Dirty?

Most people get confused about the types of alcohol and especially their ingredients but you should be aware of what is going inside your body.

  • A dry martini is mostly because of the less amount of vermouth in your cocktail as if you order like, ‘Very Dry’, there will be even less vermouth.
  • A dirty martini is quite popular as it consists of some extra olive brine with garnished olives. It is more like an olive brine solution rather than a martini.
  • A dry martini is a quite strong cocktail because of less vermouth than a dirty martini.

How to Make a Dirty Martini?

Many of us have heard people ordering a dirty martini. But we are not familiar that it is more like ordering an olive brine cocktail and it is called dirty because of the presence of olives.

  • You can prepare a dirty martini with one part of dry vermouth along with 5 parts of gin/vodka with olive juice and ice.
  • Then you need a chilled martini glass first then a shaker to mix vodka or gin and vermouth.
  • You should stir it for about a minute and then add olive juice then strain it into the glass along with a stuffed olive.

How to Make a Gibson?

The Gibson is similar to classic martini but consists of some garnish changes. You should order this if you are feeling a little adventurous. The onions provide it a unique earthly taste with a little citrusy flavor.

  • A Gibson includes all the ingredients that a classic martini contains but instead of stuffed olives, it consists of cocktail onions.
  • You need a chilled martini glass along with a mixer glass to mix the drinks.
  • You should add some ice and stir it for a while then pour it into a chilled glass then garnish some cocktail onion.

How to Order a Martini: Up or Down?

When you reach out to a bar and order a drink, it provides an impression and discloses your character, your taste, adventurous life.

  • You must have seen people saying ‘Up’, or ‘Neat’ or ‘On the Rocks’. There is a certain meaning for those terms.
  • If you want the drink quite chilled and in a cocktail glass, in case of martini but the case of other alcohols, it generally means neat alcohol.
  • You may think sometime that like neat has its opposite dirty martini; this might be the same as up and down. But if you ask for a martini, you will get weird looks.

How to Make an Appletini?

As the name indicates, appletini is concerned as apple martini. This was one of the low points in whole cocktail history but if you enjoy it, there is no shame in ordering your drink.

  • You should order this drink if you are not into strong martinis. It is more like a sweeter version of the drink.
  • It consists of equal ounces of vodka and apple schnapps with ice and garnished apple slices.
  • You can make an appletini by mixing vodka and apple schnapps in the mixing glass and stir it with ice for a minute then pour it in a chilled glass.

How to Order Chocolate Martini?

Many of us crave chocolate and it is one of the perfect drinks to fulfill it along with your cocktail mood at the same time. It is more like a lady’s drink.

  • You can order the bartender to make you a chocolate martini or instruct him/her as it consists of one part of crème de cacao and 5 parts of vanilla vodka with ice.
  • You need a mixer glass to mix the drinks then add rice and stir for a while then after pouring it in a chilled martini glass.

How to Order 50/50 Martini?

50/50 martini refers to an equal amount of vermouth and gin. This mostly indicates that you like an orderly life and you like to take it slow.

  • You need to order for an equal amount of vermouth and gin. A Bartender has to mix all the drinks along with ice in the mixing glass.
  • It should be mixed until you can see the outside of the glass is completely frosted. Then pour it.


  • You should drink responsibly. Avoid drink and drive as any activity can be dangerous when you are not into your senses.
  • It is illegal to drink under your legal age limit. You can end up in jail. Bars and wine shops should not sell alcohol to any underage individual.
  • Know your limits and do not make it an addiction. Addiction and regular drinking are not good for your health.

How do you order a martini like a pro?

How To Order A Martini Like A Total Pro
  1. Dry Martini. If you order a dry martini it means that you’d like less vermouth in your cocktail.
  2. Wet Martini.
  3. Dirty Martini.
  4. With A Twist.
  5. The Gibson.
  6. Vodka Martini.
  7. Stirred.
  8. Shaken.

What is a good martini to order?

Dirty/extra dirty: a martini made with olive juice or brine and garnished with an olive. Bone-dry: a martini made with extremely little or no vermouth. Kangaroo: another name for a vodka martini. Vesper: James Bond’s order in Casino Royale: 3 parts gin, 1 part vodka, half a part of Lillet Blanc and a lemon peel.

What does ordering a martini say about you?

Ordering a martini will definitely tell most bartenders you are not without your chops when it comes to downing a cocktail or three. This is the most pure of all mixed drinks. It is all about the alcohol and the balance of the ingredients, and there is nowhere to hide if it is badly prepared.

How do you order an extra cold martini?

“If you want it cold without any ice crystals, go for a beautifully stirred gin.” Stirring is most common, however. “I prefer them to be stirred because of the chill and texture it delivers,” Bell says. “I think a shaken Martini is a bit watery and light.” But, as always, it’s up to you.

Why are there 3 olives in a martini?

Rather, the salinity and brininess of the ingredient serve to highlight the aromatics in the gin, complement the vermouth, and counterpoise the Martini’s bracing intensity. Adding olive brine, in the case of a Dirty Martini, takes this one step further, and adds a pleasingly savoury character to the drink.

Is a martini better with gin or vodka?

Depending on what base you choose, your martini is going to taste different. The more traditional choice, gin, offers a complex, botanical flavor. While vodka, on the other hand, gives the martini a smoother, more modern taste. It really comes down to personal preference.

What 3 questions do you ask when someone orders a martini?

What are the 3 questions that should ALWAYS be asked when someone orders any kind of martini? 1. Would you like vodka or gin? (then top/call brands) 2. Will that be straight up or on the rocks?

Should you shake a martini?

Martinis, Manhattans, Old-Fashioneds — basically any booze-forward drink should be stirred. Stirring these drinks produces “a silky mouth-feel with precise dilution and perfect clarity,” Elliot says.

Why you shouldn’t shake a martini?

A shaken martini gets diluted too fast and gets too much air mixed into it. The result is a slightly frothy and watered down drink. When you stir a martini, you allow the ice to slowly melt and incorporate into the drink, which helps give the drink a soft and silky texture.

Do you shake or stir a dirty martini?

Stirring gently and smoothly blends the ingredients. However, shaking a dirty martini can help circulate the olive brine. It’s really a matter of customer preference. If you‘re anything like James Bond, you‘ll want your martini shaken, not stirred.

How much should you shake a martini?

THE EXPERIMENT. Most recipes for a classic martini advise stirring with ice for about 30 seconds. To see if extra stirring was worth it, we made four martinis, adding 1 1/4 cups of ice, 3 ounces of gin, and 1 ounce of vermouth to each of four cocktail shakers.

What does a martini taste like?

The key thing to remember is that the martini is basically like drinking pure vodka or gin. Sure, there’s a little vermouth in there and a touch of olive flavor, but really, it’s a whole lot of alcohol. Consequently, a martini isn’t for everyone.

Is Shaken better than stirred?

A shaken cocktail gives your drink a more ice-cold temperature than what is attainable by stirring in a mixing glass. These drinks get a better balance of flavor and alcohol when there is more diluting involved.

What drink does James Bond famous prefer shaken not stirred?

Shaken, not stirredis a catchphrase of Ian Fleming’s fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond and describes his preference for the preparation of his martini cocktail.

Why was James Bond shaken not stirred?

While James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s biographer Andrew Lycett committed to record that Fleming liked his own martinis shaken because he thought that stirring a drink compromised on flavor.

Why does James Bond prefer shaken not stirred?

James Bond: The REAL Reason 007 Orders His Martinis ‘Shaken, Not Stirred‘ It is not the recommended way of drinking a martini. The flavor doesn’t pack as much punch, and the alcohol gets watered down. Shaking a martini also distributes the ice more evenly, making the drink colder.

What is the most successful James Bond movie?

Skyfall. The top-grossing James Bond movie to date, with a worldwide take of more than $1.1 billion, this 2012 film is, according to critics, the best Daniel Craig 007 movie — and that’s not all.

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