There are times when you open your newly bought pack of cigarettes, it comes off as unorganized or it wasn’t just arranged according to your liking. Sometimes you buy it from a store where these buyers check the cigarettes and poke on it, leaving an unorganized pack of cigarettes.

You won’t have a choice but to fix it and make it look nice and neat again. We can solve this concern and we’ll show you how it’s done the right way. Prepare your pack of cigarettes and let’s begin.

1. Observe your newly bought pack of cigarettes

  • The most important rule is to handle the pack of cigarettes carefully. If you press or shake it too hard, most likely it will come out as undesirable. Hold it properly and gently so you won’t destroy the cigs inside.
  • Buy a pack of cigarettes that has a cardboard package. If you got the non-cardboard one, then it might be hard for you to pack it.
  • Do not remove the plastic that protects the cardboard package yet and wait for the next step.

2. Try flipping the pack of cigarettes upside down

  • Don’t get confused with this part; you just need to quickly turn the pack of cigarettes upside down using your hand. Once you’ve turned it to that direction, the cigs will automatically pack downwards onto the filter.
  • Upon turning the pack upside down, you need to find a nice surface where you can hit the bottom of the pack on it. This will help you direct the cigs to the filter. Just apply enough force when hitting the pack to the surface.
  • Then, you’ll need to carry the pack the same way as how you carry any flat formed object. Make sure you have enough grip when carrying the pack. Do not squish it otherwise, you’ll ruin the cigs.
  • Make sure that you’re holding it on the hand that you feel comfortable using the most.

3. Striking the pack of cigarettes multiple times

  • Now the fun part begins, just stay put on any flat surface near you where you made the first hit earlier. Use that minimal force again and strike the pack towards the flat surface.
  • If you’re doing this the first time, striking it for 5 times is a nice start. You’ll get the hang of it after a while of doing it. You’ll eventually figure out how many times you really need to strike the pack so the cigs will come out nicely.
  • After continuously striking the pack to the flat surface, you’ll need to turn the pack in between strikes. Make a turn of 180 degrees to ensure that the cigs will hit the filters.
  • Do this for several times until you feel that the cigs are positioned to the filters. You will feel it over time the more you do it. So be patient if you don’t feel it yet as a first timer.

4. The Final Moment: Open your pack of cigarettes

  • This is the time where you finally reap what you sow from all that striking. First, take out the plastic covering at the top of the pack. Most cigarette packs have a guide which is a line. Find that line and rip that plastic package slowly.
  • Then, open up the cardboard pack and try grabbing a cigarette. It should come off nice and smooth.
  • You will need to observe the cig if it was tightly packed. Assess if you did it right. If yes, then congratulations! If not, you can gauge and learn from this experience to be better at packing on your next purchase.
  • Once you have already opened your pack, you can no longer undo the mistake or repeat the process. So just move on, enjoy your cigs and do better next time.

Important Things to Note:

  • Always keep in mind that smoking is for ADULTS only. Kids or underage individuals can not purchase any cigarettes at the store. Most stores know this rule, so if you’re still a minor and you’re trying to buy some cig, just don’t attempt.
  • Every country has different laws and regulations with regards to smoking prohibitions. In America, you need to be 21 to smoke, while in most countries around Europe, 16-18 years old can already do the deed. It’s important to know this to avoid violating the law.
  • Some countries are strict with smoking and they have an official designated smoking area. Take a look at Singapore for example, you are not allowed to smoke in the country anywhere. You can only smoke in designated smoking areas. If you failed to do so, a hefty fine of SG $200 – $1000. Consider this before you puff.
  • Be a responsible smoker and throw your cigarette butts to the trash can. Some just throw it on the streets or just about anywhere. Know that technically it still has fire in it. You might be risking some serious problems when it spreads out unknowingly. Also, always use the ashtray to catch all the ashes and dispose of it properly afterwards. Your pets or worse your kids, might accidentally get curious and try to eat it. It might cause some serious health risks.
  • As what most commercial reminders say, Smoke moderately. Anything you consume out of the “moderate zone” is not good.

Do you pack cigarettes from the top or bottom?

Giving the bottom of a pack of cigarettes a good tapping before opening is a great way to say good morning. The sole purpose is to wake up the cancer and let those carcinogens know it is time to rise and shine! Three reasons: In order to pack the Tabacco inside the cigarettes tightly toghether.

Why do you pack a pack of cigarettes?

The decision to carry a pack of cigarettes could help smokers create a distinct smoker identity that is more firmly pro-tobacco, while smokers who choose not to carry a pack might be more likely to identify as a so-called social smoker,” said Jessica Rath, director of evaluation and research at Truth Initiative.

Why do you hit the bottom of a cigarette pack?

It compresses the tobacco tighter into the cigarettes. It makes them easier to hit, burn longer, and gives a stronger hit. It is a habit that some smokers do. By holding the cigarette pack up-side-down and packing the box will cause the tobacco inside the cigarette to be more tight inside.

How do you tap a pack of cigarettes?

Depending on the era of the TV series you were watching, Cigarettes used to be commonly packaged in softer cigarette packs. You would normally just tear a small hole in the lid and then hit the packet to get a cigarette out. To add, in addition to a soft pack with a small corner hole, try a slightly sideways smack.

How much is a 20 pack of cigarettes?

In the 2017 Budget, Philip Hammond whacked on an extra 28p to a pack of 20 cigarettes putting the average price at £10.80.

How do you flick a cigarette in your mouth?

Think of your mouth as a “staging area” for the cigarette. Put your lips around the filter area about 5 mm into the cigarette itself. The filter end of the cigarette shouldn’t extend past your teeth. Draw smoke into your mouth through the cigarette.

Did Tom Mullica really eat cigarettes?

While Mullica performed an array of magic styles and effects, he received significant accolades for his cigaretteeating routine.

How do you put a cigarette without an ashtray?

An ashtray is preferable, but in the absence of one you should ash in the sink, in a cup, on asphalt, or a surface that can be easily cleaned. Avoid ashing on wood, carpet, tile, or cloth as these will be stained and/or burned. Hold your cigarette steadily between your index and middle finger.

Is it bad to throw cigarettes on the ground?

Cigarettes contain toxic waste, and once that waste is introduced to the environment, it will contaminate the water. Throwing cigarettes on the ground is dangerous. If a cigarette is not put out then tossed away it becomes a fire hazard. Approximately 90,000 fires are started by cigarettes each year.

How do you extinguish a cigarette?

Douse cigarettes with water or sand to make sure you put them out all the way. Before discarding cigarette butts and ashes in the trash, douse them with water again. 7. Use deep, sturdy ashtrays that can’t easily tip over.

Should I throw away my cigarettes?

Throw away your cigarettes — all of your cigarettes. People can’t stop smoking with cigarettes around to tempt them. So get rid of everything, including ashtrays, lighters, and, yes, even that pack you stashed away for emergencies.

Can lungs heal after 40 years of smoking?

The mutations that lead to lung cancer had been considered to be permanent, and to persist even after quitting. But the surprise findings, published in Nature, show the few cells that escape damage can repair the lungs. The effect has been seen even in patients who had smoked a pack a day for 40 years before giving up.

Why do I want to smoke after quitting?

If you’re experiencing cravings months after you quit smoking, it’s likely triggered by something you’re feeling or something in your environment. 5 Our emotions—like happiness, sadness, and boredom—can also increase cigarette cravings. Emotions can act as triggers for smoking.

What does a cigarette craving feel like?

Physical cravings: Your body’s reaction to nicotine withdrawal can be felt physically. 2 Physical cravings are usually experienced as a tightness in the throat or belly, accompanied by feelings of tension or anxiety.

Why am I craving a cigarette when I don’t smoke?

When you quit smoking, you cut off the supply of nicotine to the brain receptors, causing them to adjust, reducing the amounts of nicotine in your body. When your brain notices the lack of nicotine, it sends signals that it wants more. This is nicotine withdrawal, which causes your cravings.

How many days do cigarette cravings last?

These unpleasant — some people might say intolerable — symptoms of nicotine withdrawal usually hit a peak within the first three days of quitting, and last for about two weeks. So before you can stop smoking for good, you have to quit for the first two weeks.

Why do I have the urge to start smoking?

Certain times of the day, certain places, and even particular foods can spark a strong urge to smoke. Being angry or under stress can trigger a craving to smoke. But even positive feelings of happiness or pleasure can be triggers.