Painting can prove to be a very therapeutic hobby.

Many people choose to paint in their free timeThis is because it can be a very peaceful and silent hobbyThere is no rush and you won’t be bound with any deadlinesIf you want to get rid of the stress and anxiety then painting is the way to goYou can have the time of your life painting different things on different surfaces.

One can choose from ma variety of surfaces and materials to paint on. These surfaces can be a canvas, paper, or even your clothes. One of the most famous pieces of articles that people like to paint is their jeans. This might seem like tricky business but it is very easy. All you have to do is get your things ready. Prepare a little beforehand and you’ll be good to go. The trick is to have everything ready at hand when you sit to paint. If you have to keep getting up to get your things it might get annoying and irritating.

1. Types of Paints

There are several types of paints available in the market. If you are painting your jeans then there is a major chance that you want it to last for a while. Watercolors will get washed out as soon as you wash it. The best option for clothes is either fabric paints or acrylic paints. These paints won’t easily get out of your clothes. If you want a rougher look then you can use spray paints as well.  You can use puff paint as well because they won’t wash out either.

2. Supply Preparation

The first step as mentioned above is to make sure that you have all your things ready with you. All your supplies should be in reach and near to you. Painting can of various types. You can either use acrylics or watercolors. Water is essential to keep near you. You should have drinking water and water to use for dipping your brushes in. Other than that, you will need your paint colors and whatever material you choose. In this case, your jeans.

Next up, keep some tape at hand. The tape can be used to create a border. You can paint inside it. This will help in keeping the work neat and clean.

3. Jeans Preparation

This is a very crucial step. You can either buy new jeans or just use old ones. It is advised to stick to old jeans so you can have a trial first. If it works out fine then you can go crazy on new jeans as well. For old jeans, wash them before you start painting. Get rid of any stains or dirt that might come in the way of your masterpiece.   Dry them thoroughly once they are washed. You might mess up your art if your jeans are wet while you start working on them. Try air drying or hang them in the sun to make them crisp and dry.

Get some spare jeans if you want to practice on them. These can be easily available from charity shops.

4. Color Palate

Next up, up have ton chose your color palate. Once you have a design in mind you can pick colors and make a palate. You will need a base color. People usually opt for light colors as their base such as peaches, grey, etc. Once you have your base decided, select the rest of the colors by contrasting them. This will help make your jeans stand out. You don’t want the colors to kill each other. Make sure each color on the palate gets to stand out. If you have a white base, choose bright colors to make your design pop out.

5. Select an Area

Once you have your stuff ready, the next step will be choosing a specific area on your jeans. You do not want to paint all of it. Even though that might sound like fun, it won’t be very unique. Also, it might end up taking a lot of time. First, start by painting some part of it and then if you like it you can go further. Try to opt for one specific area on the cloth and let your creative juices flowing.

More than often people like to paint in the thigh area. The most attention that goes is to the thigh area. There is also a reasonable amount of space for you to work in. the pockets are also right at the top so you can incorporate them as well.

6. Finishing touches

Once you finish your art, you can leave it out in the open air to dry. The best option is to put it out in open or under the fan for it to dry. And voila! Your painted jeans will be ready to wear.

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