A mouth swab test is a type of test that can analyze your saliva and can bring out the antigens in it. The pathologists use this one comprehensively to test whether a person has gone intoxicated with drugs or not. It is an alternative to urine drug tests in pathology.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Test for Amazon?

Mouth swab test can show you the foreign body or intoxicating agents within your saliva. If a person administers drugs in his body, they remain in the saliva even after the withdrawal of the intoxication symptoms. This is why you can trace the drugs in the human body even after 24 hours of administration. In most of the nations, drug administration is illegal. Especially in sports events like the Olympic Games, the authorities can suspend you if there are any forbidden drugs in your body.

  • Many athletes use such drugs which gives a boost to their performance. But to continue the gaming events with fairness, the highest authority has made a list of drugs that are not acceptable in the arena of sports.
  • The most popular test to check whether the person has taken drugs or not is the urine drug test, but there are drugs that you can’t test after 24 hours of their administration.
  • To overcome this drawback, the pathologists use this mouth swab test to determine whether any person has administered drugs or not.
  • Not only in the sports arena, but there are also so many industries that go through a swab test before you join in there. Once you fail the test, you are not eligible to join as an employee to the company.
  • This is why you need to know some home remedies with which you can pass the mouth swab test easily.

● Use Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most popular tricks to beat a mouth swab test. Since vinegar has a very high level of acidity in it, it can easily dissolve the drug tresses from your mouth. Though there is not enough proof from the scientists, still people use vinegar to beat the drug swab tests from the saliva. Some people argue that vinegar is very good to increase the metabolism power of the body and it dissolves the fat cells in the body very quickly. This chemical also works as a very good detox agent in the body as it pushes out the free radicals and the drug residues out of the body. There are many people who have talked about their experience with apple cider vinegar. They had consumed the apple cider vinegar a few days before the test and have successfully passed it.

● Hydrogen Peroxide

If you can gargle with hydrogen peroxide before the test then you will be able to pass the test. Hydrogen peroxide is actually a disinfectant that contains hydrogen and water. You can buy hydrogen peroxide of different power as per your need to use it. The best thing you can use is a 3% solution of Hydrogen peroxide which gives you enough strength to pass the mouth swab test for drugs. Before you purchase a hydrogen peroxide solution for gargling, you should be confirmed about the power of the chemical as there may be other toxic ingredients too to harm your health.

● Listerine

It is a very popular mouthwash to wash out the germs from the mouth cavity. Thus you need to take four ounces of Listerine in a cup and gargle with it. This will wash out all the foreign bodies in your mouth cavity as well as all the drug tresses. 30 minutes gurgle can cause you a fresh mouth all together. But if you are washing your mouth regularly with this, this can cause burn in there and you may have mouth ulcers as well.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Test for Xanax?

As we have discussed, many companies test their employees before their joining whether they administered drugs in them or not, so you need to find out such a way through which nobody will get the tresses of drugs in your saliva.

● Such Candies

Since candies contain sugar, it will increase the acidity of your saliva. This will help you to pass the saliva test easily. There are some candies that are sour and if you can keep one of them in your mouth the acidity of your saliva increases automatically. This is why you need to keep candies in the mouth if you want to suppress the history of your drug administration even after the swab test.

● Chewing Gums

Chewing gum causes a continuous flow of saliva into your mouth cavity and it is actually very good for digestion and metabolism. Since the production of saliva increases due to the chewing of chewing gums, the concentration of drugs in your saliva decreases. It helps to change the chemical composition of your oral fluid for the time being and the swab test will become less effective to tress the drugs in your saliva. There are several kinds of chewing gums in the market, but the best one to buy is the cinnamon or a fruit flavor with a strong citrus flavor.

● Use Hydrogen Peroxide

If you can rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide then you can easily beat the swab test, this chemical is very good to interfere in the test and decreases the ability of the test to detect the drug tresses in your mouth. If you will take some hydrogen peroxide just before the test in your mouth and rinse after 30 seconds, then it will be beneficial for you to beat the test.

How Long do Drugs Stay in Your Saliva?

There are different kinds of drugs in the world and they have different life spans in your saliva. Some of the drugs stay there for about 3 to 5 hours and some are there for almost 3 days. There are different reasons why people go for these drug tests. Some are the legal matters which need to be solved in the court. But mostly the drug tests are important in the sports arena. Sport is something where you expect everything to be fair and just.

  • This is why you need to be cautious about the participants that they don’t adopt any unfair means to win the competition. There are some drugs that can help to increase the intensity of the performance.
  • These drugs are strictly prohibited for the players to use. But if some of them use these kinds of drugs to increase their performance, you can easily mark them with the swab test.
  • There are various factors that determine the length of stay off drugs in your saliva. The drug type you are using, the amount of drug you have taken, the regularity of use of the drug, how much water do you consume a day, your body mass, your tolerance to the drug, physical activity as well as the metabolic rate can determine the length of stay of the drugs in your saliva.
  • Drugs like marijuana can stay in your urine for almost 30 days whereas in case of saliva test they may remain there for almost 3 days at a stretch.

How do I Make Sure I Pass a Mouth Swab Test?

If you are about to go through a drug test and you want to pass it for sure, then you need to follow the steps beneath here.

  • Stop administering drugs almost before 72 hours of the test. In the case of the swab test, the drug tresses remain there for mostly 72 hours and after that, there are minimal possibilities to get the tresses. If you are not that a heavy user of the drug still you need to stay away from the drugs for at least 72 hours.
  • If you will add high-fat content to your food just before 48 hours of the test, the fat contents will bind the drug molecules in your bloodstream and will not let them come out. So before 2 days of the test start eating foods with high fat.
  • Keep sipping water all day as it will increase the metabolism of your body and will help you to drain the drug tresses from your body with the urine. This will help you to pass the drug tests for sure.

How can I Pass a Saliva Test in 24 Hours?

Passing the saliva test within 24 hours of the drug administration is difficult. But there are some ways through which you can turn this impossible into possible. First of all, brush your teeth well to rinse the old saliva traces. Now gargle with hydrogen peroxide before the test. You can keep candies or chewing gum also to increase the water content of the saliva.

How Long does it Take to Pass an Oral Swab Test?

If you have to go through a saliva test within short notice then it is difficult for you. But if you can go through the tricks we have mentioned here you can pass the saliva test within 24 hours of administration.


  • Mouth swab tests can show you the foreign body or intoxicating agents within your saliva.
  • Some of the drugs stay there for about 3 to 5 hours and some are there for almost 3 days.
  • If you will add high-fat content to your food just before 48 hours of the test, the fat contents will bind the drug molecules in your bloodstream.

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