What do you do with CodyCross tokens?

You can use earned tokens to insert letters to clues you’re stumped on. Themed puzzle packs in various difficulty levels (hard, medium, easy and kids) are available for purchase. WHAT’S NOT Collecting tokens can be a bit of a treasure hunt.

How do you use hints in CodyCross?

When you’re stuck on a hint, you can make it rain (letters of course). Drag and drop this fella anywhere in the puzzle to reveal a group of random letters.

Is CodyCross free?

CodyCross for PC is free to play, but it has a paid version for those who want to experience more features. Aside from that, you can link your social media account to earn bonus tokens that can be used to unlock puzzles.

Why do I need tokens to play CodyCross?

At the beginning of each game, you will be given a number of tokens to help you with letters that may be a little challenging to figure out. The tokens are placed on the gaming board by a little friend of Cody Cross, who looks like a cute tiny bee.

What a cell phone is called in the UK CodyCross?

The answer for the puzzle “What a cellphone is called in the UK” is: m o b i l e.

What is CodyCross hard mode?

Hard mode: the game has this option to change the level of difficulty of the puzzles and try to adjust it to your taste. This will have an impact after the 11th puzzle and can be turned on/off whenever you want to.

How many CodyCross puzzles are there?

It depends on the language you are using codycross. In English there are actually 680 groups at the time, but this number may vary since the Fanatee Inc makes regular updates.

What do Americans call their cells?

As far as I know, most Americans will understand “mobile” as a “cellphone”. Also note in British it’s usually pronounced like “moh-by-ul”, /məʊbaɪl/, and Americans tend to say it like “moh-bul”, /moʊbəl/. Both will usually understand the other term.