A decent pair of shoes can last a lifetime. However, this is only possible if you take good care of them. We know that some shoes tend to crease easily and therefore, we’ve come up with a set of different tips that will help you in preventing your shoes from creasing.

Tips to Prevent Shoes from Creasing While You’re Wearing Them: 

Things You’ll Need:

  • Water repellent
  • Shoe horn
  • Sneaker shield

Tip 1: Know Your Shoe Type

For leather shoes, make sure you don’t get the ones that are too soft. It’s better to get leather shoes that are a bit hard, but not uncomfortable. Hard leather creases less than soft leather. Also, materials like canvas and suede crease even lesser than leather shoes. So make sure you buy the right pair of shoes, as the right material will crease less than the others.

Tip 2: Give Your Shoes Some Rest

Don’t wear your shoes back to back everyday. If you do so, they’ll start creasing easily. Their durability would decrease and you’ll only be left with a few good pairs of shoes to go out in.

Tip 3: Buy A Good Water Repellent

A water repellent not only prevents the shoes from creasing, but also gives them a nice shine. You can buy any brand’s water repellent. However, keep in mind that this should only be sprayed once a year, not every time you decide to go out. The repellent will protect your shoes from any kind of moisture and will help in preventing it from creasing while maintaining the shine as well.

Tip 4: Sneaker Shield

If you’re someone who wears sneakers all the time, this tip is definitely for you. Buy a good pair of sneaker shields. Make sure to get the ones that are soft and not too a hard. A sneaker shield is to be used only when you have your sneakers on and are tucked inside the sneakers. They help in maintaining the shape of sneakers.

Note: You can skip this step if you don’t wear sneakers much often.

Tip 5: Shoe Horn

A shoe horn prevents the heel tabs of your shoes. It saves the heel tabs from getting crushed by your foot, when you’re forcing the foot into the shoe. This is why you should always put your shoes on with the help of a shoe horn. It’s better if you buy one or two shoe horns, as they’re small in size and are easily portable. You can carry them with you, and use them whenever you have to put your shoes back on.

Now, these were some of the tips that will help you to prevent your shoes from creasing when you’re wearing them. Furthermore, we’ll now tell you how you can take good care of your shoes when you’re not wearing them.

Tips to prevent shoes from creasing when you’re not wearing them:

It is very important to not only take care of your shoes when you’re wearing them but also when you’re not wearing them. Even if you put your shoes in a closet, box or just under your bed, they will still end up creasing if you don’t follow these tips.

Things you’ll need:

  • Shoe tree
  • Newspaper, toilet paper or socks. (If travelling)
  • Dust bag (If travelling)

Tip 1: Inserting a shoe tree

When you’re not wearing your shoes, make sure you insert a shoe tree in them. These basically absorb all the moisture from the inside of your shoes. They help in maintaining the shoe’s shape and not only prevents the shoes from creasing but also absorbs the extra moisture. we all know the life of shoes increase when they’re kept away from water or any kind of moisture.

Tip 2: Stuff your shoes

This tip is perhaps only useful when you’re travelling. Roll your socks and stuff them inside your shoes. This will maintain the shape of your shoes and hence, prevent it from creasing. Make sure to stuff more than one pair of socks. This is the most important thing that you can do to keep your shoes from creasing. This way, your shoes will stay in shape since the rolled-up socks act as feet. You can also use newspaper or toilet paper to stuff your shoes as an alternative.

Tip 3: Pack your shoes in a Dustbag

If you’re packing your shoes for a trip then make sure you have dust bags with you. After you’re done stuffing your shoes with socks put them in a dust bag and then put them in your suitcase. This will help in preventing your shoes from rubbing on to your clothes and vice versa.

Above were some of the best methods you can adopt to keep your shoes from creasing, and ultimately decreasing their durability. Every tip and method is specific to a situation and we’re trusting you to make the right choice.

How do I keep my shoes from creasing when I walk?

5 Ways on How to Keep Your Shoes from Creasing When Walking
  1. Walk properly. To prevent your shoes from creasing, you have to walk properly.
  2. Have a perfect fit. As much as possible, avoid too much space between your feet and shoe upper material.
  3. Avoid using shoes often.
  4. Try using a shoehorn.
  5. Tighten up your shoelaces properly.

What causes creases in shoes?

Your shoes bend with your feet, which causes creasing. Poor-fitting shoes are also more likely to crease, especially shoes that are too big. A larger-than-necessary shoe results in extra space between the foot and the shoe, which limits the foot’s ability to hold the shoe’s shape (and causes extra creasing).

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Can you Uncrease shoes?

Over time, leather shoes tend to get creases in them where you bend your foot. Basically, you pack the shoes with paper so they hold their form, cover the shoes with a wet cotton cloth, then steam iron the shoes. Once the shoes cool, those wrinkles and creases should be long gone.

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A handful of reviewers complained that the heel counter, which extends to the midfoot casing makes this sneaker tight as it does not stretch enough. A reviewer expressed his disappointment with the crease formation on the upper after a short period of use.

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