Why is live pronounced differently?

In the current context, ‘live’ is used as an adjective rather than the verb usage as in ‘I live here’. Hence the difference in pronunciation. Very often in English language, words are used in more than one part of speech, as in a noun, a verb, an adjective etc. These words fall into a category called ‘Heteronyms’.

How do the British pronounce live?

How do you say live vs leave?

What is the difference between live and live?

How do you pronounce Where do you live?

How do you pronounce live location?

Do you say I live in or I live at?

Live in a small village is correct”. When you refer to a large area “in” is used. And if two places are to be used in a sentence and one’s area is smaller than the other you we use “at” before the smaller one and “in” before the larger one..

Is Live singular or plural?

we live (plural verb). you live (plural verb). they live (plural verb). In sum, as an adjective or an adverb, there is no singularity or plurality of the word “live.” Nonetheless, as a verb, the word “live” agrees with the subject in number: singular noun = singular verb; plural nouns = plural verb.

What is mean by live in?

The definition of live in is someone who resides in your home with you permanently or on a full time basis. An example of a live in housekeeper is someone who has a room where she sleeps in your home and who stays there on a permanent basis.

What is another word for live in?

inhabit; reside; occupy; dwell in; take up residence; live in; lodge; sojourn; sleep in.

Do you live on or in a street?

To live in the street means that you have no home, and your only place to exist is in a public street, where you have no home, no address, and are open to the weather. To live on the street means that your residence is located on such-and-such street, and you have an address on that street.

What part of speech is live in?

live (adjective) live (adverb) lived–in (adjective)

Is live one word?

What does it mean to live in place?

Rather than focusing solely on seniors (who are only 20% of the population), Living in Place’s goal is to make all homes accessible for everyone. … It gives a disabled person the independence of staying in their own home.

What is the homonyms of live?

Live and live are two words that are spelled identically but are pronounced differently and have different meanings, which makes them heteronyms.

What word type is live?

Live can be a verb, an adjective or an adverb.

What is the noun of live?

(“He led a successful life.”) The noun “lives” is the plural of “life”. (“A cat has nine lives.”) It is pronounced with a long “i” sound. “Live” is a verb, and the third person singular is “lives”. (“He lives alone.”) The verb “live” is pronounced with a short “i” sound. “Live” can also be an adjective.