How do you say Tagalog language?

How do you pronounce y in Tagalog?

Tagalog words can be very long and can have 3 or more vocals after each other. These vowels are each pronounced separately, thus with a glottal stop in between, like Maaari (perhaps) pronounced as ma-a-a-ri.

Filipino Alphabet.

Filipino Alphabet English Sound Pronunciation Example
X x /ks/ as in ox
Y y /j/ as in you
Z z /z/ as in zebra

How do you say R in Filipino?

The Filipino R is very different from the English R. It is sounded by flicking the tip of the tongue against the back of the upper front teeth. This R sound can be compared to the double D in “ladder” – but only if we don’t over-enunciate the word.

How is are pronounced?

It is pronounced /ɑ:/ (without /r/) when it is stressed: /ɑ:/ What ARE you doing? I don’t think they are.