When children reach the age when their milk teeth begin to shed, it is important to know how to pull out a loose tooth.

Here are 4 simple methods to do so, without needing a visit to the dentist.

Method 1: How to Pull Out a Loose Tooth by Wiggling

  • If your child comes to you complaining of a loose tooth, first and foremost: Have a look. Observe whether the tooth is actually loose, and how loose is it. If the tooth is loose enough to come out by incessant wiggling, follow the next steps. If it does not seem loose, wait until the tooth has weakened roots.
  • When the tooth in question fulfills the looseness test, ask the child to begin wiggling the tooth. There are 2 ways your child can learn how to pull out a loose tooth by wiggling:
  • Tell your child to make use of their tongue. Continue pushing the tooth by tongue in an outward motion. Especially hit the tongue at the root of the tooth. This will weaken the roots, and eventually, the loose tooth shall come free.
  • Instruct your child to wash their hands and use their thumb and forefinger to wiggle the tooth. Grip the loose tooth by the thumb and forefinger, and lightly wiggle it in a horizontal motion. The tooth shall eventually come free.
  • Next, if the tooth still doesn’t come free after light wiggling by the child, the parents can try their way. Wash your hands and ensure they are clean. Use your index finger and thumb to grip the tooth of your child. Wiggle the tooth in differing motions. From horizontal to vertical motions, to zig-zag movement – you can try it all. Be careful to directly not pull on the tooth too hard. If the tooth is still well-rooted, wiggling and pulling before time can lead to gum damage and pain.
  • Finally, when the tooth is in your hand, check the gums for any tooth remains. Sometimes, but not often, tooth pieces can be left behind as the tooth is pulled out. In case of sight of any remains of the milk tooth – make a dentist’s appointment.

Method 2: How to Pull Out a Loose Tooth by Numbing

  • Check the loose tooth to assess how loose it is. If it has just begun to move slightly, you might have to wait some time until you can apply the steps to how to pull out a loose tooth by numbing.
  • If the tooth is loosening up, ask your child to begin wiggling it with the tongue. This fastens the process of breaking the roots of the tooth and allowing it to eventually break free.
  • Next, check if the tooth is almost ready to come out. It shall just be hanging by what seems like a thread.
  • Once the tooth is in such situation, grab something cold to chew. This can be ice, or better yet, an ice pop. When highly cold temperatures are applied to the mouth for a long time, there is a numbing sensation which takes away the pain. This is exactly what the ice pop does for the tooth removal. Numbing the area, you lose sensation for a while.
  • Next, as the area turns numb, strike. Pull the loose tooth out of its location. Voila! The tooth is in your hands, and you know how to pull out a loose tooth by numbing the area.

Method 3: How to Pull Out a Loose Tooth by Flossing

  • The first step to learn how to pull out a loose tooth by flossing is to get a hold of floss. While some homes have store-bought floss, others can make use of a simple string for this technique.
  • Hold the end of the string (or dental floss) in both hands. Lift it to the mouth, and strategically place it between the loose tooth, and the one next to it.
  • Now, take the string/floss upwards in the same location – towards the gum.
  • Start flossing vigorously. Begin with simple movements between the two teeth.
  • Next, advance to transitioning horizontally to the base of the loose tooth. Pull the string harder at the base. This shall loosen the roots of the loose tooth.
  • Continue to floss for a few minutes. If the tooth doesn’t come out immediately, continue the technique multiple times a day, and for a few days. Eventually, the loose tooth shall come out by flossing.
  • Finally, as the tooth is free and in your hands, clean the now empty slot in the gum. Do not rinse your mouth vigorously. This can damage the blood clot that is forming and shall take some time to heal. Instead, wipe the excess blood with gauze or cotton. Have a glass of room temperature water, and congratulate yourself on having learnt how to pull out a loose tooth with flossing.

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