Lockets come in many shapes and sizes.

However, picture lockets are mostly smallTherefore, knowing how to put a picture in a locket is somewhat trickyHere are 3 simple methods to put a picture in a locket:

How to Put a Picture in a Locket: Method 1

Step 1: Keep your locket in front of you and open it. When you do so, the locket shall have two inner sides. The side with the bent edges is the one to keep your photograph in.

Step 2: To learn how to put a picture in a locket; look for a plastic insert in the bent inner face of the locket. This insert will be a small, thin, plastic sheet in the size of the locket. For example, if your locket is heart-shaped, the insert will be a small heart. If your locket is Oval-shaped, the insert will be oval in shape, and so on.

Step 3: Get a pair of tweezers. Carefully wedge one side of the tweezer under the plastic insert and grab the top with the other side. Pull the insert out. This insert shall be used as a size guide for the picture.

Step 4: Next, it is time to get the right picture. You might have the heart to put up a picture of your entire family in the locket, but that might not be appropriate. Since a locket is usually small in size, the picture should also be small. Therefore, an image of one person, or at most two, will be the best choice. Get your collection of pictures in front of you.

Step 5: Continue to place the plastic insert over the photographs, to judge which suits the size and style of the image. Choose an image of your liking. Since the image should be small enough to fit in the locket, you will most probably decide upon one that only showcases the face of the individual or goes until the shoulders at maximum. Choose any larger picture than this and the face shall appear too small to be visible to the naked eye in the locket.

Step 6: This step is specifically for those who don’t have hard copy photographs. If you have pictures saved in your laptop or mobile phones, and want to know how to put a picture in a locket; you can resize them according to the size of the plastic insert. Use the ‘crop’ and other sizing options to make the picture the size of the insert – and get it printed.

Step 7: Next, use scissors to trim the photograph and resize it to your needs. For example, if you want the face of your mother in the locket – cut out her face from the photograph/printed copy in the size of the insert.

Step 8: Carefully place the cut-out in the locket. Bend the edges of the photograph and wiggle it inside. Ensure the photo sits comfortably and is secured enough to not pop out.

Step 9: For further protection, take the plastic sheet and insert it over the photograph. This adds another layer of security to the picture, while also preventing any dirt to accumulate on it.

Step 10: Finally, shut the locket and flaunt it around your neck. You have now learnt how to put a picture in a locket.

How to Put a Picture in a Locket: Method 2

Step 1: Purchase your favorite picture locket. There are many available in the market; from heart-shaped ones to unique ones in squares and ovals.

Step 2: Next, open the locket. The locket can have 2 sides with bent and in-turned edges. This means it can hold two pictures e.g. one of your mother, and another of your father. Or even pictures of your 2 kids. In case the locket only has one such side providing a casing for the photograph – this means you can only use it as a one-picture locket.

Step 3: Grab a sheet of tracing paper and place it on one side of the locket. Trace the edges of the locket on the paper with the help of a pencil. Remember to trace the outside edges of the locket inside of merely the interior ones. This is because the picture has to fit into the locket like it would in any slot.

Step 4: Once you have a traced size and figure of the locket on the sheet, cut along the outline neatly.

Step 5: Place a collection of hard copy photographs in front of you. They should include those pictures which you wish to put in your locket.

Step 6: Take the tracing paper cut-out and begin placing it over the faces in the photographs. Whichever picture (only face or until shoulders) fits in the size of the tracing paper – cut it out.

Step 7: Wiggle and press the trimmed image into the bent-edge side of the locket. Wait until it is secured in place.

Step 8: Shut the locket. You have now succeeded in learning how to put a picture in a locket.

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