Know the rules of the game

As a basic rule, you will need to get yourself acquainted with the rules of the game. This is the first requirement to help you understand the whole point of the pool game.

Take note that in a pool game, there are different types of balls and racks set-up. The set-up is the most important part of the game since the game relies on how the balls are racked. Each rack set-up has corresponding game rules to follow. Once you’ve familiarized each one of them, it’s easier now to pick which pool game to play.

We will be discussing each one of them as we go along the way.

  1. How to rack an 8-Ball Game
  • Count if you have 15 balls racked inside the triangle.
  • Place the 8-ball in the center of the triangle rack.
  • The apex ball should sit on the foot spot area. Find the mark on the table to get the exact position.
  • See that you have the stripe and solid colors in each bottom corner of the triangle rack.
  • The rest of the ball should be positioned randomly inside the triangle rack. There is no need to follow any pattern when arranging it.
  • Ensure that you don’t have more than two stripes or solid colored balls in a row.
  • Check if all the balls are properly in place to prevent them from rolling over around the table.
  • Then you’re all set to play the game!
  1. How to rack a 9-Ball Game
  • Gather all the object balls from number 1 to 9.
  • Rack all the balls by forming a diamond pattern.
  • Instead of using the triangle rack, use the diamond rack this time to ensure that the balls are precisely positioned. (If not available, you can always DIY your diamond rack or use your triangle rack instead.)
  • Place the 1-ball at the apex of the diamond and on the foot spot of the table. Position the 9-ball in the middle of the diamond rack.
  • The rest of the balls must be positioned anywhere inside the diamond rack without following a designated pattern.
  • Again, double-check if the balls are positioned well to avoid them from rolling down.
  1. How to rack a 10-Ball Game
  • Gather all the object balls from numbers 1 to 10, including the cue ball.
  • Rack all the balls in a triangular shape.
  • Position the 1-ball at the apex of the rack on the foot spot. Place the 10-ball in the middle of the triangle rack.
  • Position the rest of the balls randomly with no strict pattern to follow. Make sure you place them well to avoid rolling.
  1. How to rack a Straight Pool?
  • Gather all the object balls from numbers 1 to 15.
  • Rack all the object balls in a triangular rack.
  • Place the apex ball on the foot spot.
  • When the game starts, and the balls are to be re-rack, leave out the apex ball and use only the 14 balls.
  1. How to rack a Cutthroat Pool?
  • Rack all the balls using the triangle rack.
  • Position the 1-ball on the foot spot.
  • Next, position the 6-ball and 11-ball on the two bottom corners of the triangle rack.
  • Position the rest of the balls at a random pattern, and again there’s no strict positioning needed for the balls.

Tips on How to Tighten Your Ball Rack every game

  • Always take the time to let the ball settle when racking them. Start by positioning one ball at the apex of the rack. Then start working on the rest of the balls.
  • Push the rack in a forward motion using both of your hands by applying downward pressure. This will help the balls to settle once you lift the rack.
  • If the balls still refused to settle after doing all of the above, spin the outer balls into the middle. This will result in friction from its felt fibers that will help the rack to secure the balls better.
  • Please get rid of the gaps by changing the pattern of the balls and rotating it until it fits perfectly in the rack.
  • When you notice that the balls are getting perfectly tight, slowly remove the rack starting from the back. This will help the balls to settle once the rack is removed.
  • Avoid from displacing the balls when moving the rack. According to the rules, no one is allowed to touch the balls once the rack has been removed.
  • Always fix the rack before and after the break.
  • Try using a magic rack to achieve a perfect rack, positioning every game.
  • If it’s still hard to tighten the balls in place, check for breaks or any deformation. The ball will not stay put properly if it has any defect. Replace the old defected balls with newer ones.