Are you looking to learn how to remix songs?

Don’t have any clues about where to begin? Worry not, as you have just arrived at the right place. To remix songs, it is no rocket science.

You don’t need any high-end software to carry out the process. All you need is a computer, a simple song editing app, and some knowledge on the basics of e-music production.

With these two things, you’re good to go. Also, grab your notebook and pen to note down these pointers as they’ll come in handy while you remix songs.

Tip # 01: Search for your favorite track that you want to use to learn how to remix songs

To start, choose a list of songs that you think you can make a great remix version of. It can either be your favorite song or any other you’d like to work on.

Once you have a list of songs, choose the one best song you think you can use to remix songs. You may as well choose to go for mashups, so selecting multiple songs is just fine.

Tip # 02: Listen to the song 2-3 times and find the empty parts where you can add some changes

Now listen to the song a couple of times.

This will help you in identifying where exactly the gaps or empty areas you can work on to remix are. These gaps are very important and will be used later on to create remix songs.

Tip # 03: brainstorm some ideas which you plan to use while making the remixed versions

Now that you have followed the two tips, write down some pointers. In this, you’ll need to make a plan about how exactly you want your remix songs to sound like.

You may write down things like what kinds of sound effects will you use. How long will your remix track be? How many chores will you add to the remix? Etc.

Tip # 04: download good software called to get started (explore)

If you don’t have the software downloaded, then download good software that you will need to use to remix songs. Here’s a list of software that you can download:

 Tip # 05:  identify the bpm of the song using a bpm checker

Once, you have your software downloaded; check the bpm of your song.

If the software does not have an option to do so, then go on . Here, you can search for any song and find the song’s bpm easily.

Tip # 06: identify the chores of the song

Once, you have the bpm figured out; now identify the chores of the song.

You can also use this website, called to check the chores of the songs.

Tip # 07: be creative and use your mind to add in different sound effects

Remember this one thing that you need to be unique and creative. If you’re a beginner, then you may listen to other remix songs for basic ideas.

However, it is recommended to create your different sound effects and add them to your remix songs. With the help of the software make as many additions as you can to the song and create a masterpiece!

Tip # 08: do not change the originality of the song

This is where many people end up messing the remix songs. You must under any condition try your best to maintain the originality.

The reason is that you should try to treat your remix songs as the original. This maintains the respect of the original versions as well.

Tip # 09: use other songs of the same artist and mash it into one

Another option is to use multiple songs of the same artist and mash it into one remix.

You can go to another artist’s songs too. These remix songs that are turned into a mash also get popular in no time.

Tip # 10: work on improving the bassline groove with the help of the bassline stem

The last tip of today is to improve the bassline groove. This can be done by using the parts of the bassline stems.

Playing with bass sounds can be fun. You can cut out, reverse, or distort them any way you like.

And that’s a wrap…

These are all the tips and techniques that you need to learn how to remix songs.

You can note these tips down in your notebook. Also, keep this article open while you edit. This way, you can easily edit and remix songs and refer back to the tips that we have provided.

Good luck and have fun making killer masterpieces at home.