How do you comment on YouTube on a computer?

Click on the account (if it appears) or enter your account information.

Once you sign in, you’ll be able to comment on YouTube videos:

  1. Scroll down to the Comments section. It’s below the description of the video.
  2. Click into the line that says, “Add a public comment…”
  3. Add your comment.
  4. Click the COMMENT box.

How do you on comments in YouTube channel in laptop?

Change comment settings on a video

From the left menu, select Content. Click a video’s thumbnail. Select the More options tab. Under “Comments and ratings,” choose your comment settings.

How do you enable comments on YouTube on a Mac?

Can I comment on YouTube without a channel?

Do I need a channel to comment? No, you only need to set up a YouTube user account; you’ll just need an e-mail address for account validation.

Why can’t I comment on YouTube?

Why are comments turned off on YouTube 2021?

The most common reason you can’t comment on a YouTube video is the video creator has turned off the comments feature for one or more of their videos. If the video has any controversial content, the video creator may block comments to prevent any unwanted messages or spam.

How do I turn comments back on YouTube?

why are they turned off? Thanks for the follow up – auto-generated music videos, or art tracks, only have still images, and their comments can’t be moderated. That’s why we’ve decided to disable this type of engagement on these contents. Hope this helps clarify.

Why are there no comments on YouTube 2021?

How do I turn on comments on YouTube 2021?

In most cases, YouTube comments will disappear due to browser cache issues. Other times, comments may not show up after a platform update. Either way, your best chance to fix the problem is to clear your browser’s cache.

How do you turn off comments on YouTube 2021?

How do I enable comments on YouTube Mobile 2021?

How do I enable comments on YouTube on my phone?

Why are the comments turned off on YouTube music?

How do I disable comments?

On YT channels in this situation comments are off because there is no one to moderate the comments, unlike on the official channels of the artist. Artist channels and their official channels are different things.

How do I turn off comments on YouTube viewers?

Simply click on the three dots icon at the top right of the post. From the options that pop up, tap on “Turn off commenting.” Comments will now be disabled.

How do I enable comments?

How to disable comments on YouTube
  1. Log in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Select Settings (the gear icon) on the left-hand side.
  3. Choose Community.
  4. Open the Defaults tab.
  5. Under Comments on your new videos select Disable comments.
  6. Don’t forget to hit Save.

Why do YouTube comments not show dislikes?

How do I know if someone replied to my YouTube comment?

YouTube prohibits the sharing of like and dislike info to keep users safe. A quick skim through the comments section of any even remotely controversial video will reveal such anger and vitriol in the comments that one might consider it a smart move by the company to keep simple likes, and dislikes, anonymous.