Unlike reposting photos to Instagram, reposting videos is never an easy-to-go way as there’s not inbuilt feature on Instagram that can handle that. But does it means that you cannot repost on Instagram? Of course, it doesn’t! But it can cost you a little sweat. Even though many Instagram users resolve to screenshots as the quickest way to repost videos on Instagram, the trick can’t work for videos. Now, how can you do it? Well, it’s quite straightforward—use a third-party-app. Let’s delve deep into the processes.

Repost Instagram Videos On Android Using Regrammer Website

Regrammer is a third party application that allows reposting what other Instagram users have posted to your Feed. Whether you want to download a photo or a video, this tool makes the process effortless. Below are the steps.

  • Launch Instagram on your smartphone or tablet. To do that, look for the multicoloured camera-like icon for Instagram on your phone’s home screen or in the app drawer and then tap on it. If you’re already logged in, doing so will land you on Instagram’s homepage. If you haven’t logged, you’ll get to the “Log In” page where you’ll use your username, phone or email to gain access to your account.
  • After that, navigate to the video you’d wish to repost by scrolling through the Feed. If you know the username of the profile on which it was posted, then you can use the search tab (It resembles a magnifying lens) located at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the Search tab and then type the username in the search bar. When the name appears, you can tap on it and then head to the account’s profile and find the video on the person’s profile.
  • When you get to the video you’re looking for, tap on the three vertically stacked dots located on the upper right corner of the post. By doing that, a pop-up menu will display on the screen.

  • From the pop-up menu, tap on the “Copy link” option found almost at the middle of the list. Doing so copies the video’s link to clipboard.
  • Now Regrammer comes in at this point. Since there is no downloadable tool currently available for Android devices, the only option is to use the website version of the tool. Having copied the link, launch your preferred mobile browser and go to https://www.regrammer.com.
  • On Regrammer’s website, you should see a white text field with a faint “Paste the Instagram link here” located on the upper part of the screen. Tap and hold the white text field for a while. Doing so prompts a single “Paste” menus pop-up to appear.
  • Tap on the “Paste” option on the pop-up. By doing that, the full video URL that you copied from Instagram will fill the blank text field.
  • With that done, navigate to the bottom of the page and tap on the “Preview” button. It’s a blue icon. Doing so prompts a preview of the video to appear on the upper part of the screen.
  • Tap on the play button located in the middle of the displayed thumbnail to watch the video.
  • After that, scroll down the screen and tap on the “Download” button. It’s an icon with a down-pointing white arrow with a blue background found at the bottom right side of the page. Doing so prompts the video to be downloaded to your Android phone or tablet.

  • Now, with the video downloaded to your mobile phone, it’s time to begin the process of getting it uploaded to Instagram Feed. To continue, launch your Instagram application and get to Instagram Feed.
  • Next, tap on+ tab located at the bottom center of the screen. This creates a new post on a new screen.
  • With that done, tap on the “Gallery” tab located at the bottom left of the screen. Doing so opens the gallery.
  • Locate the video you had downloaded and then tap on it to open. By doing that, a preview of the video will display on the upper part of the screen. At this point, you can also crop your video and then tap on the “Next” button located on the top right corner. After that, you can also add filters to your video and then tap on the “Next” button on the top-right corner. Lastly, you can add a caption to the video. When captioning, mention the original creator of the work and mention that it’s a repost. This is an excellent way of avoiding copyright issues n Instagram.
  • When done with everything, hit on the “Share” button on the upper right corner of the screen to post the content to Instagram Feed. If you’re looking for how to repost Instagram videos without an app, then this is one of the best ways to go. Sounds incredible? Well, it’s your turn to take action.

Repost Instagram Videos On Android Using Regrammer App For iOS

  1. Download and Install the Regrammer app from the Apple App Store. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • Locate the App Store app on your home screen and tap on it. It has a blue icon resembling this.
  • When the App Store opens, tap on the “Search” located on the lower-right corner of the app. Doing so prompts a search bar to appear on the top-right pane.
  • Into the search bar, type in “regrammer” without the quotation marks and then hit on the “Search” button.
  • After that, on the “GET” found next to the Regrammer then follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.
  • When done with that, launch your Instagram app. This will open the Instagram homepage is automatically logged in. If not so, then enter your login details on the “Log In” page to get to your Instagram Feed.
  • Comb through your homepage Feed to find the video of interest. This can take you a while. But it can be a bit effortless if you know the name of the account that posted the video. If you know the name, tap on the “Search” bar located at the bottom of the screen and then type in the name of the account. When the account appears, tap on it and head to the profile to find the video you’d want to download.

  • After that, tap on the three horizontally dotted icons at the top-right corner of the post to open more options.
  • In the menu , tap on the “Copy link…” to get the link to the video post copied to the clipboard.
  • Next, launch the Regrammer app, and the link to the Instagram post will appear in the white text field automatically.
  • Preview the content. To do that, tap on the “Play” button located on the video thumbnail. Doing so prompts your video to play.
  • Having done that, tap on the blue “Repost” button. It’s blue with an upward pointing arrow.
  • After that, tap on the “Feeds” tab located at the bottom right corner. By doing that, a new Instagram post to be created with the video already in the post.
  • Crop the video and tap on the “Next” button located on the upper right corner. However, this step is optional, and you can just skip it.
  • Select a filter for your photo and then tap on the “Next” button to add a caption.
  • Create an awesome caption. When creating a caption, you should give credit to the original creator.
  • Finally, hit on the “Share” located at the upper right corner of the screen. Doing so posts your video to the “Feed” where all your followers will be able to watch it. That’s all about it.

Note: Apart from the Regrammer, there are other apps that you can use to repost the Instagram video. Such apps include Repost, InstaRepost, and DownloadGram.

How do you share someone else’s video on Instagram?

How do I share someone’s post from feed to my Instagram story?
  1. Tap below the photo or video in Feed.
  2. Tap Add post/video to your story.
  3. Tap Send To.
  4. Tap Share next to Your Story, then tap Done.

How do you repost a video on Instagram 2020?

Open the Instagram app and go to the post you want to share. 2. Directly beneath the post, tap the paper airplane icon. This will let you share it with someone via direct message, or repost it to your Story.

How do you repost videos on Instagram without the app?

Should I repost something on Instagram?

Though reposting isn’t an official feature of Instagram’s apps or website, it’s something that many brands and users have been doing for a while now. And it’s a tactic that has delivered great success, too. Here at Buffer, reposting was a key factor in our growing our Instagram audience by over 60 percent.

How do you repost on Instagram app?

More videos on YouTube
  1. Open Instagram and find a photo or video to repost. Open your Instagram app and find the post you want to repost.
  2. Paste the post’s share URL into DownloadGram.
  3. Download the post.
  4. Open Instagram and find the photo or video in your camera roll.
  5. Add a caption and share your repost.

What is the best app to repost on Instagram?

5 Best Apps For Reposting On Instagram In 2020
  1. Repost via Instant. Repost via Instant lets you repost videos and photos directly from Instagram, but it also gives credit to the original Instagrammer.
  2. Regrann – Repost for Instagram.
  3. InstaRepost.
  4. Tailwind For Instagram.
  5. Save And Repost For Instagram.

Is repost illegal on Instagram?

If you want to cover your bases legally, it’s important to always ask for permission before reposting someone else’s photo to Instagram. You may also need the permission of any person depicted in a photograph. That means you’re technically required to ask for permission for use.

Is Instagram repost free?

Repost for Instagram is a free app that is currently only available for Android users. While I have an iPhone, I was able to get this app before it was discontinued.

How do you repost a private Instagram post?

How to repost an Instagram post
  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Locate the post you want to share.
  3. Press the paper airplane symbol underneath the post.
  4. Select the option “Add post to your story.”
  5. Edit the post if you wish.
  6. Select where you want to post the Story (your Story, your Close Friends, or a Direct Message).
  7. Press Send.

What is the best Instagram repost app for iPhone?

The 5 Best Instagram Repost Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Repost For Instagram. Image Gallery (2 Images)
  • Regram Posts – Repost for Instagram. Image Gallery (2 Images)
  • Sepia Software’s Repost for Instagram.
  • Repost for Instagram – Regrann.
  • Photo and Video Downloader for InstagramRepost IG (Repost for Instagram)

Which is the real repost app?

Our top pick is Regrann, a reposting app for Android that is sure to make it easy to reshare posts on your page. When first downloaded and installed onto your Android device, Regrann will greet you with a short tutorial followed by the Settings screen.

How do you repost videos?

What does repost mean?

transitive + intransitive. : to post (something) again repost a message repost an article … a measurement of how many users repost or comment on another user’s post.

What does repost mean on TikTok?

Yes, you can repost your own TikTok. In fact, reposting your video(s) on TikTok is a strategy that is used by many TikTok users to get more followers, views, and engagement. The idea is to repost an older video of yours that went viral or had performed well on TikTok.

What’s another word for repost?

What is another word for repost?
forwardedpass on
post onreaddress
redirectsend on

Why is reposting art bad?

Is it OK to repost art with credit?

Character thieves make subtle changes to a character to make it seem like the character is theirs. When people think of an art thief, most think of either physical art thieves who steal paintings or people who repost someone else’s art without credit. Reposting is the leading way art thieves steal.