Nowadays, having access to the Internet is a necessity rather than a privilege.

Whether it’s your house or your office, you want internet coverage in the entire venue otherwise the slow internet can ruin your day.

A great way is to install Wi-Fi extenders and this post primarily discusses how you can reset NETGEAR extender.

NETGEAR Wi-Fi extenders assist you with keeping your phones, computers, and other electronic devices connected with Wi-Fi at all times.

Your devices are connected with a quick, solid connection and extended inclusion in each corner of your home or your workplace.

The days of not getting proper coverage from your Wi-Fi are long gone.

Why Reset NETGEAR Extender?

Sometimes the extender starts to exhibit some technical problems which can be sorted out by resetting it. If you regularly find yourself performing a reset, you should call and ask help from the experts; perhaps your ISP.

Moreover, the extender works like a steering machine that sends information to various gadgets.

The goal is to gain access to the internet; hence, the extender requires a reboot to free up the main and the cache memory. The efficiency could decrease if you don’t do this part carefully.

Furthermore, your internet service provider regularly changes the IP address of your extender; this is an automatic process that you cannot control. This tends to slow down the routing processing speed which results in a necessity to restart the extender frequently.

At times, the excessive use of the extender can also lead to overheating. The temperature of your extender should ideally remain under 100 degrees Fahrenheit; it can be concerning if it’s over it.

Resetting your NETGEAR extender would require an immediate reboot in case of overheating otherwise it can lead to continuous interruptions.

Restarting the NETGEAR Extender

Sometimes – if your extender is not working as it usually does – all it takes is a regular restart.

To restart your extender, all you need to do is press the power button to turn off your extender. Then, after a 20-30 second gap, press the power button again to turn on your extender.

There you go! You have successfully restarted your NETGEAR extender. It’s that simple.

Resetting the NETGEAR Extender

Generally, resetting your NETGEAR extender would mean that, apart from restarting your extender, you would also restore the extender to its default factory settings.

A factory reset is vital when you can’t recover your extender’s administrator password. Also, the factory reset will erase your SSID (network name), password, security settings, usernames your entire customized settings.

There are two methods through which you can reset your extender, both of which have been mentioned below.

Method 1:

Firstly, you should know there is a reset button on the rear, side, or bottom of your NETGEAR extender. The button is as shown in the image below.

You can only press the reset button using a clip or a pin; your fingers won’t do the job here. Hold the button for 5-10 seconds till the LED lights on the extender start to blink. Release the button and wait for the extender to reboot.

Once you have reset NETGEAR extender, you will have to enter the admin username and the password. Once it is entered your extender has been factory reset successfully.

This is the manual method that takes only a few minutes to execute.

Method 2:

The second method is the software method. You’ll have to use the web interface to reset NETGEAR extender in this method. Although, its downside is that only a few models support the use of a web interface for factory reset.

What you have to do is open up the WPS client (Wi-Fi Protected System) and select the option maintenance, then go to the backup settings.

When you click on the ‘Erase’ button, there is going to be a pop up that is going to ask you to confirm your command. Click ‘Yes’ to proceed to factory reset NETGEAR extender. Click ‘No’ to cancel your command.

Note: The use of method two varies with the model of your extender. Check the specifications of your extender to know which method suits your needs.


The need to reset your extender can arise in the future. Also, it helps to ensure that your extender is working efficiently and properly. Resetting removes its entire memory and brings the extender back to square one.

This post contained two very simple methods you can use to perform a reset. Now it’s your choice on which method corresponds to your needs. Although, it is worth mentioning that the most widely used method is the manual one.

Not all models offer the use of a web interface to reset NETGEAR extender; plus, it’s not even that complicated to implement. Follow the instructions and you will have no problem at all.

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