How do I reset my i Robot?

Roomba® i Series: Press and hold the CLEAN button on your robot for 20 seconds. When the button is released, the light ring will swirl clockwise in white. It may take up to a minute-and-a-half for your robot to turn on. The reboot procedure is complete when the light ring shuts off.

How do I factory reset my Roomba i7?

First method:
  1. Press and hold the HOME and SPOT CLEAN, and CLEAN buttons on IROBOT Roomba i7 front cover.
  2. Hold it until the white light ring around the CLEAN button lights up.
  3. You can release buttons now.
  4. Give IROBOT Roomba i7 some time to reboot.
  5. Good job! IROBOT Roomba i7 settings are set to its default values.

Why is my Roomba not working properly?

The problem with your Roomba may still occur, especially if you do not clean daily. Some people advise resetting and cycling the unit, which is done by removing the battery, press down the clean button for 5 to 15 seconds, restore the battery, and charging the Roomba until the power indicator light becomes green again.

Does Roomba light stay on while charging?

Is it not charging? Robot models, Home Base® and Clean Base™ that are equipped with energy-saving features turn off their indicator lights while charging in order to conserve energy.

How do I reset my Roomba 620?

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How do I reset my Roomba 805?

To reset your Roomba, press and hold the clean button for 10 seconds until the display reads “rSt”. If this does not work, the battery is the cause of the issue and should be replaced.

Why wont my Roomba connect to WIFI?

Make sure the Roomba is sitting on its Home Base, and that the Home Base itself is charged in. Next, check if the lights on the Roomba itself are on. If not, press the “Clean” button to wake it. Once you’re sure both the Roomba and the base are powered, try connecting again.

Why does my Roomba keep saying charging error?

Charging error 1 means the battery is not detected. The robot will not charge. If you recently received a service robot, ensure the original battery is installed. Remove the battery and look for anything that may be obstructing the battery contacts, such as the yellow battery pull tab.

How do I fix my Roomba charging error?

Reinstall the battery, replace the bottom cover and battery door, and then place your Roomba® back on the Home Base® to try charging again. If the error message persists, contact iRobot Customer Care.

What does flashing orange light on Roomba mean?

Amber: Partially drained. Pulsing Amber: Charging. Red: Nearly drained. Flashing Red: Drained.

What does red light mean on Roomba?

If the red light ring around the CLEAN button is pulsing, the Roomba i Series battery charge is too law to start cleaning. Make sure that the robot is docked to the Home Base or the Clean Base™ (for i7+ models) to start charging the battery.

How do you turn the Roomba light off?

To turn Roomba OFF, press and hold the CLEAN button until Roomba’s lights turn OFF.

How do I manually charge my Roomba?

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How do I know if my Roomba is WIFI enabled?

Roomba® is on the Home Base® and the Wi-Fi indicator is blinking or the blue light ring flashes (i Series). Roomba® is located within a 10 ft ( 3 m ) radius of your mobile device.

How do I get my Roomba back online?

If your robot cannot be found in the network, reboot the robot and router, force close the iRobot HOME App, and retry the Wi-Fi setup process. If the problem persists, check your Wi-Fi settings on your router to confirm they are compatible with the Wi-Fi setup process.

How do I program my Roomba?

To set a cleaning schedule:
  1. Press and hold SCHEDULE.
  2. While holding SCHEDULE, use the DAY, HOUR and MINUTE buttons to set the schedule.
  3. Release SCHEDULE.
  4. If your Roomba model includes a Wireless Command Center, you may use the buttons on the Wireless Command Center to schedule Roomba as if they were on the robot itself.

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