Many times you might need to reset Vizio TV sets.

This can be because of two major reasons; either for sale or to make sure that its working fine.

When you reset Vizio TV it means getting rid of all the previous settings and data on the TV.

It will be just like it was when it was new once you reset it.

  • Soft Reset

The first reset we would suggest is for technical issues. If you want to reset Vizio TV because there seems to some glitch then try a soft reset first.

A factory reset is permanent so you might not want to go for that immediately. The only problem with the factory reset is that you will end up losing all your data, information, and settings that you have on the Vizio TV.

Problems can be solved just by switching it off and on then try that first most of the time.  If there is some minor issue in the functioning of the TV set, then a soft reset will help in solving it.

A soft reset is extremely easy to perform. There are will be no technicalities.

To reset Vizio TV Switch the TV set ON and try operating it. If you are having some trouble then we can try the soft reset.

Simply switch the TV set off manually or with the help of your remote. Switch off the button. You will also have to take the plug out.

Once you have the electricity supply switched off then the next step would be to take the cord out as well.

All you have to do is now take the cord out of the socket and disconnect the TV set entirely from the electricity supply. Let your TV be in that state for at least 5-10 minutes.

Turn your TV set on again after a few minutes have passed and check if it is working fine or not.

  • Factory Reset

Sometimes if the issue is too big to be resolved just by soft reset then you might need to apply the factory reset. Keep in mind doing a factory reset on any sort device means that you will be erasing all your data and settings.

Have a backup of your data before you opt for a factory reset. You will lose all your data such as the passwords that you have entered for different viewing sites.

Sometimes if you seem to be having trouble with the audio of the TV then factory reset is also suggested. If you think that it is not a hardware issue, then a factory reset can do wonders. Here’s a step by step guide on how to reset Vizio TV:

How to Factory Reset

  • To factory reset Vizio TV set, start by going to the MENU option on the screen. This option can be found on the right-hand side in the middle of the remote. Stop on the MENU button and press OK. Next up, there will be a menu shown to you on the screen.
  • On the MENU screen, there will be lots of options for you to choose from such as the Picture, Audio, Timer, etc. Simply scroll down with the help of the arrow keys on your remote. Scroll down to SYSTEMS and press OK. This will most probably be the second or third last option on the MENU.
  • Select RESET & ADMIN from the options given and press OK. This will be the last option on the menu. Scroll down with the help of the arrow keys and press OK once you reach the option that reads RESET & ADMIN. Once you have accessed the reset options form the settings menu.
  • There will be an option that says RESET TV TO FACTORY DEFAULTS when you press OK. This will be the last step for you. You will find this option right on the top of the screen and will not need to scroll down. The TV set will ask you for confirmation as soon as you press this option.
  • A small dialogue box will pop up which will then give you a RESET and CANCEL option. Press RESET to confirm the factory reset. The reason why this dialogue box pops up is that as stated before you will erase all your data permanently.


Sometimes a message pops up to enter a passcode or system pin. Do not worry if you have not set one. Just enter 0000. This will help confirm the entire process and your reset will be complete.

Your TV box will automatically switch off to complete the reset. It will also turn on by itself. There will be a guide for you to help you set up the TV set again just the way you want. And voila, your TV will be as good as new.

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