A city council does everything to the maximum capacity to propose and pass ordinances that would benefit the population.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to run for the city council, this guide will help you prepare for the position. It covers everything you need to start your campaign as a city council member.

Who is a City Council?

A city council is a group of elected officials who are a part of the legislative body. The city council person has the job of enacting laws, deliver municipal services, and look after the citizens.

The members of the city council make sure that the policies are fair for the citizens.

What are the duties of the City Council?

The duties of the City Council are:

  • Adopt the policies for providing municipal services
  • Adopt policies for the health and welfare of society
  • Set up goals, and objectives for the Mayor and the city government
  • Change the municipal services
  • Actively take part in the development plans of the city
  • -Adopt strategies for water and sewerage systems, parks, etc.
  • Approve the industrial and commercial plans
  • Adopt the annual budget of the city
  • Approve the expenses incurred by the city funds
  • Establish friendly relations with the federal, and state government
  • Select the city manager and dismiss if deemed necessary via a voting system

How to Run for City Council

1. Requirements

You need to complete certain requirements to run for the city council. The requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. You should be in the district for a year and register yourself as a voter there.

2. Do your research

If you want to become a part of the City Council in a particular district, do proper research regarding the district and learn about the previous council members.

What contributions they made, the actions they took, etc. to get a better understanding of what the district needs.

Know the prevailing issues in the district by attending the council meetings. The job doesn’t require any high qualifications. Your criminal record should be clean.

3. Paperwork

You must file petitions for the nomination and financial interest. Also, you’ve to provide legal documents that include affidavits in the given timeline.

The clerk would then provide you a package of forms. Sign the statement along with the affidavit for confirmation.

You will need signatures from voters in the nomination petition and a certain number of signatures are needed to confirm your candidacy.

You’ve to submit the form to the city clerk. The fee for filing nomination petition varies according to cities which can be around $200.

4. Test yourself

Ask yourself why do you wish to run for the city council? What is your agenda and what difference would you bring to your community?

Know your motive and address it to the community through effective campaigning. People will ask you and you should be prepared for every response.

5. Raise funds

To make your election campaign successful, you need to raise funds and that will require enough amount of money.

You will need posters, advertisement material, and a professional photographer who would promote and market your campaign.

You’ll also need a team of volunteers who would help you raise funds for the campaign, organize and conduct your campaign. You wouldn’t be able to do it all alone.

Introduce yourself to the community by paying a visit to the neighborhood. You’ll get a list of voters.

By following the guide, you’ll find your name on the ballot paper and hopefully, you will find yourself as the next City Council candidate.

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