How do you say your beautiful in Russian?

How do you call a Russian girl beautiful?

This is the simplest and most common Russian compliment for women. These two words are easy to remember. “Вы прекрасны!” means You are beautiful in Russian.

How do you flirt Russian phrases?

16 Top Phrases Used When Flirting In Russian
Russian English Pronunciation
Я скучаю по тебе I miss you Ja skuchaju po tebe
У тебя красивая улыбка You have a beautiful smile U tebya krasivaja ulybka
Я обожаю тебя I adore you Ya obozhaju tebya
Я тебя люблю I love you Ya tebya lyublyu
16 jan. 2021

What do you call a Russian princess?

Velikaia Knazhna (in Russian: Великая Княжна) meaning Grand Princess but commonly translated in English as Grand Duchess, was the title of daughters and male-line granddaughters of Emperors or Empress Regnants of Russia and wives of Grand Dukes of Russia.

What’s short for Princess?

We have 2 shorthands for Princess.