How are you in German slang?

The short version is: “Wie geht’s?” – the “wie” means – how. “Geht” comes from “gehen” which means to go or to walk and the “ ‘s ” comes from “es” which means it. To sum it up this means literally: how is it going. And the longer version is: “Wie geht es dir?” The “dir” means to you.

How do you say how are you in German Formal?

How do you respond to Wie Gehts?

Wie geht’s simply means how goes it? The appropriate answer might be Gut (good) or ziemlich gut (pretty good) or schlimm (bad) depending on the situation. Same as you might do in English.

How do you reply to a guten tag?

with “You too” “Guten Tag” is used as a greeting, so you would rather say “Guten Tag” back than saying something like “you too”. If someone wishes you “einen schönen Tag“, you could say “dir auch (informal), Ihnen auch (formal) or “gleichfalls” (informal & formal).

What do you say after Wie Gehts?

The following are acceptable answers to the question Wie geht es Ihnen? (How are you?): Danke, gut. (dân-ke, gooht.) (Thanks, I‘m fine.) or Gut, danke.

How do you respond to Danke?

When someone says danke, the standard response is bitte. This normally means ‘please’, but within the context of responding to a ‘thank you’, it means ‘you’re welcome’. If instead they say danke schön, then you should reply by saying bitte schön.

What is Wie Gehts?

: how goes it? : how is it going? — used as a greeting.

How do you say GN in German?

Let’s start with the most obvious way to say good night in German: Gute Nacht! “Gute Nacht” is a literal translation of good night. It is by far the most common way to wish someone a good night in German.

How do you say guten Nacht?

Is Guten Nacht correct?

Guten Nacht is grammatically incorrect and doesn’t exist. Gute Nacht is correct. With this app, you can freely ask native speakers as many questions as you want!

Do you say good night in German?

SayingGood Night” in the German Language

The direct translation is Gute Nacht.

How do you say WYD in German?

<wyd, WYD> [Internet slang] [What are you doing?] Weltjugendtag {m} relig.

How do you say goodnight in Arabic?

How do you say good night in Austrian?

Guten Tag – Good Day, Good Afternoon (Note: Germans don’t normally say Good Afternoon).

German vocabulary/Greetings and Phrases.

English German
Good Morning! Guten Morgen!
Good Evening! Guten Abend!
Good Night! Gute Nacht! (Only say if you’re going to bed! Use ‘Guten Abend’ until bedtime. Regardless of the hour.)
Good Day. Guten Tag/Tag
Aug 5, 2020

How do you say hi in Austrian?

Among friends and family, people may use casual greetings such as ‘Hallo’ or ‘Servus’ (Hi).

How do you say I love you in Austria?