Scoring in golf is different compared to most sports.

As you can observe, the one with the highest score wins in your typical sporting eventIn golf, however, the one with the lower score wins.

This means that the player with the fewest number of shots taken in the round or on the hole will win the game. Basically, each course has a designated number called a ‘par’ in which the skilled golfer can shoot.

What is a Par?

The term ‘par’ is the number of strokes a skilled golfer can take on a hole. For example, a par 3 hole is shorter than a par 4 hole. This means that the skilled golfer must be able to reach the green on his first attempt.

For a par 5, it is longer than the par 4 holes. This is when the pro golfer will take 3 shots to reach the green. Par 6 holes are rare, but they are possible.

What is a Birdie?

When you score a birdie, this means that you finished the hole with a score of 1 under par. For instance, for a par 4 hole, a birdie is a score of 3, which is a significant accomplishment for any player.

In a tournament, birdies usually help players to gain ground on the leader. It is possible on a hole with any par.

What is an Eagle?

A skilled golfer has scored an eagle if he or she can finish a hole at 2 strokes below par. If he or she has hit an eagle on a par 3 hole, then it is considered a hole-in-one or an ‘ace’.

Hole in One

The term ‘hole in one’ occurs when the golfer will get his golf ball into the cup with only a single stroke. This means that the player should hit the ball straight from the teeing ground into the hole. The score for the hole will be equal to 1.

Such a score is one of the most exciting things to happen to a golfer during a round. This is also considered an ace.

The first professional golfer who scored the first recorded hole-in-one was Young Tom Morris in 1869 during the British Open.

Is It Easy to Score Aa Hole-In-One?

It is actually very hard to score a hole-in-one. However, it is possible that you can score such as you get better in the sport. In fact, golfers of all skill levels can do it, but not as common as you imagine.

You can see a hole-in-one happen during practice rounds, while some can happen during tournament rounds.

What is a Condor?

A skilled golfer can score a condor in golf but it is the rarest event to happen in golf. It is actually a hole-in-one at a par 5. This can also be a 2 at a par 6, but this has never happened before.

Only 4 condors have been recorded throughout history. But it is estimated that a player to achieve a condor during a modern game might be impossible.

Final Thoughts

Stroke play is the basis of scoring in golf tournaments where each shot will count as one stroke. On the other hand, a match play doesn’t need you to write the score because all that matters is the state of the game between you and your opponent.

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