Other than beer pong, there’s another famous college drinking game to play during parties or even to get together at home. It’s a beer bong. If you like to get wasted in no time, then this is the perfect game for your next drinking party. It’s important to note that following the instructions on this game is a must.

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In this article, we will show you what you will need, how to set-up, and how it’s done. Let’s go!

The main objective of the game

The player has to finish the whole beer in one gulp without stopping. Whoever finishes the beer for a short time wins.

Things you will need:

  • Beer (preferably light)
  • 1-inch diameter size Funnel
  • ¾ inch diameter size Ball valve
  • 4-5 inches Tube
  • Hose clamp

Assembling the beer bong

  1. Sterilize all the Materials

Make sure that all the materials are clean and well-sterilized before assembling it. Contamination is a big no in any beverage or food.

  1. Connect the Funnel to the Tube

Insert the funnel to the tube, making sure it is tight and secured. Push the funnel as far as you can to create a strong grip. You can tie it with a rubber band to secure its grip.

  1. Assemble the Ball Valve

Take the two connectors of the ball valve and attach it to each side. Turn each of it until it’s tight. Slip the hose clamp and place it at the end of the tube near the connector. Let it hang loose so it would be easier to move when attaching the funnel to the valve.

  1. Connect the Funnel Tube to the Valve

Get the end of the funnel and insert it into the ball valve while pushing it to the connector. If done correctly, it should fit well and not too tight. Tighten up the clamp as well to the connector. Remember not to screw it too tight, so you can easily disassemble it after use.

  1. Attach another Tube to the other Connector

Attach the tube to the open connector on the ball valve, and this will be the mouthpiece for the player. Do not clamp it so the mouthpiece can be removed easily for cleaning.

  1. Double Check and Do Pour Test

Before conducting the game, test if the beer bong works with zero spills and lose tubes or connectors. If it runs smoothly, you should be able to start the game immediately.

How to play beer bong?

  • Each player has a chance to participate and win the game. The crowd can decide whoever will go first, or the officiating personnel (the party organizer) can pick whoever goes first.
  • It’s recommended to have at least two people to facilitate the game. The first person shall hold the beer bong safely, and the second one shall pour the beer.
  • When pouring the beer, it has to be done carefully and slowly. The person pouring must fold the tube, so the end of the tube hangs above the top of the tunnel. This will keep the beer from spilling all over the place and even to everyone’s shirts.
  • Tilt the funnel and pour the beer bottle as close as possible. This technique will get rid of beer foam in the beer bong. Beer foams are natural, but we can get rid of it so that all the players can successfully finish the game.
  • Let the player take the beer bong by holding it with two hands. The end of the tube must be held close to the mouth.
  • The player should do one big inhale and exhale, then insert the tube directly into his mouth while taking a knee. The moment the tube falls below the funnel, the beer will be flowing in an unstoppable force.
  • The player must open their mouth and let the beer flow freely inside the body. The beer should naturally fall to the stomach while chugging at a slow pace.
  • The player must finish the whole contents from the beer bong. Be careful not to fill your cheeks with beer, or your mouth will explode. The goal is to finish as fast as you can without any big spills or beer residues in the mouth.
  • Whoever finishes for a short period is the winner.

Helpful things to note:

  • To save from big expenses, have everyone pledge for a keg of beer or depending on what you agreed. This will save you time and money when organizing a beer bong.
  • To motivate the players, there should be a special prize at stake, or if you want to get creative, prepare a challenging dare for those who lose the game. The players will feel more excited and cooperative to join the game.
  • Check if any of you has a serious illness or medical condition before joining the game. Remember that health and safety come first before fun. You don’t want to ruin your party by harming someone else’s life.
  • When taking the beer bong, the players should relax and not panic when gulping it. The beer should naturally flow with the help of gravity. After chugging the beer, you will feel a slight chest pain which is normal. If it doesn’t go away the next day, you might want to check with a doctor.
  • And lastly, drink with moderation. Anything taken in excess is dangerous and harmful for your health.

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