Bowling is one of the most popular games in the world. The bowling enthusiasts invent different techniques to get the best result of the game. In the professional bowling games, the players try to spin the balls so that they can hook the ball into the pins to win the game.

How to Spin a Bowling Ball with Two Hands?

Here the players have to roll a ball to the pins, look like bottles, to break their arrangement. Thus you need to roll the ball through the lane which is actually the surface through which the ball rolls reach the target. You can achieve a strike if you can knock the pins down in a single shot. If you can do the same in the second attempt then you will achieve a spare.

  • In the professional games of bowling, you will get the lanes made of woods or synthetic surfaces that have some lubricating oil on it to facilitate the role of the ball towards the pins.
  • There is another game called target bowling where you will get grass lane, gravel lane. There are both indoor and outdoor options for the bowlers to play.
  • Since rolling the ball with two hands has become legal in the bowling events, you can easily use both of your hands to roll the ball on the lane.
  • You can put more strength on the ball if you will use both your hands. You have to put your fingers in the holes of the ball in such a way that you can generate the maximum strength out of both your hands.
  • Now you need to hold the ball in such a way that the holes with your fingers will make an angle of more than 90 degrees.
  • Now you need to stand in such a position where you can swing your arms through your legs and generate the power to force the ball to drive towards the pins.
  • Be careful while releasing the ball towards the pins that it doesn’t get deviated from the path to hit the pins.

How to Curve a Bowling Ball?

Bowling is a game where you need to hit the target to score points and win the match. Curving a bowling ball can make you a more competent bowler in the professional world of this game. It will help you to get the ball on the right track. Sometimes it also helps the ball to change the direction towards the pin and hit them all to get down in one attempt.

  • Hold the ball in your hand comfortably so that you can release it easily while you are going to roll it on the lane. Your middle finger and ring finger should be inside the holes of the ball and your thumb should fit into the third hole that is situated just beneath the two holes.
  • Now give a movement to your hand forward and backward so that you can easily generate the power and put it on the ball.
  • Just before you release the ball take your thumb out of the hole and pull your other two fingers out of the hole upwards to spin the ball.

How to Hook a Bowling Ball with a Conventional Grip?

To hook the ball with a conventional grip, first of all, you need to know about the conventional grip actually. It is the grip that gives you the maximum power when you release the ball from the hand.

  • In case of a conventional grip, your fingers should be in the holes of the ball till your second joint from the tips.
  • Actually, the beginners of the bowling game mostly hold the ball with this grip to learn the throwing.
  • When we are in search of the hook in the bowling ball we need to hold the ball in the most comfortable way.
  • You will be able to drive the ball in any style if you have a comfortable grip on it. Put the fingers under the ball so that you can hook the ball.
  • You need to take a simple step to release the ball with the maximum power. Your body should be straight and it should be under your arm.
  • Now take your fingers out of the ball to drive it towards the pins. The direction of your finger will make the ball spin and curve towards the target if it is off the track in any case.

What Makes a Bowling Ball Hook?

Actually, there are two different ways to make your ball hook. The technique of releasing the ball is very important in hooking it out.

  • The grip should be the most conventional with the hand behind the ball. When you release the ball, you need to rotate your hand anti-clockwise.
  • If you release your thumb first and then you’re other two fingers from the holes it will eventually hook at its best.
  • While you are releasing your middle and ring finger from the ball you need to lift your hand so that it gets an upwards spin in it to facilitate the hook.

How to Make Your Bowling Ball Hook More?

You can put most of the power to the ball to spin it in such a way that it will change it’s the direction towards the pins. Now there are several other methods to hook the ball more than its capacity. You can go for ball-tampering to hook the ball more than it usually does. Weighting the ball will increase more weight on one side which will cause the rotation of the ball into a particular direction. Thus you will be able to make the ball hook more than its actual track.

How to Hold a Bowling Ball?

Holding a bowling ball is the most important part of the case of bowling games. You need to hold the ball in such a way that you can release it in the most comfortable manner. You need to put your hand at the back of the ball and put your fingers in the holes made in it. Your thumb, middle and ring finger should be there inside the holes and they need to form a triangle together. This will help you release the ball with maximum power and spin to get it on the right track towards the pins.

How to Put a Sign on a Bowling Ball?

To put a sign on the bowling ball you need to suspend the surface of the ball. After the cooling of the mold of the ball, you need to remove the pin from the ball and that leaves the mark over there.

Why do Bowlers Spin the Ball?

The bowlers spin the ball because it will change its trajectory towards the pins and it will hit the target to take down all the pins with the spin.

How do You Spin the Ball in Wii Bowling?

Wii bowling reads the angle in which releases the ball to hit the target. You need to release the ball in a 45-degree angle to get the spin out of it. If you will release the ball straight then you will not get the spin and the ball will drive to the target straight.


  • Hold the ball in your hand comfortably so that you can release it easily.
  • You need to release the ball in a 45-degree angle to get the spin out of it.
  • The technique of releasing the ball is very important in hooking it out.

Why do you spin a bowling ball?

The spin or hook ball is ideal because it gives you the best angle into the area of the pins known as the pocket. (The pocket is the space between the 1 and 3 pins for right-handed bowlers. It’s between the 1 and the 2 for lefties).

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