Many riders want to follow their passion with other similar individuals. Bike riding is the most exciting adventure for many people and they love to have individuals who are like them. Well, having a motorcycle club is an interesting thing for bike lovers. Let’s explore more about the motorcycle club.

Can We Start Our Own Motorcycle Club?

Starting your motorcycle club might sound interesting but the reality is that it is not a good idea if you haven’t planned certain things. Before starting a motorcycle club, first, check out if there are any other clubs in your area.

  • Generally, there are a lot more MCs or motorcycle clubs in every area. Check them out if they are the best fit for you. You can join that club and become a member. But if you find that these clubs are not working as you wish, then you can start your own MC.
  • And if you have decided to start your motorcycle club, then find the local lead motorcycle club and discuss it with them. They will help you out in certain things that you can follow in your motorcycle club too.
  • Another important thing here is that you need to ask for their permission. They are a dominant MC and if they permit you to start your club only then you can start. But for this, you need a strong reason so that they can support you and provide permission.
  • If you are planning to start a riding club with some friends and other enthusiasts then you don’t require any permission. But if you are thinking to start your MC then you need to convince the leading MC to permit you. Let’s discuss how to start a motorcycle riding club.

How to Start a Motorcycle Riding Club?

There are certain things that you need to decide on your club. These things are listed as follows.

1. Forming Your MC

  • Decide the purpose of your club. Set a general theme. Decide the brands of the bike that will be a part of your club.
  • Come up with an amazing name that represents your MC. Draft a mission statement. This will help your MC to stand out.
  • Create an attractive logo that suits your club and its mission. Register your club under a non-profit organization in the state.

2. Recruiting Members for the Club

  • Prepare registration forms and provide them to the prospective members. Reserve the first membership rights for your family and friends.
  • Openly invite other enthusiasts to join your club. Organize community meetings for the locals. (This will attract the people towards the club).
  • You can appoint officials if you want your club to be more professional.

3. Conduct Club Activities

  • Establish a designated meeting place for the club members. Set the meet at regular intervals so that people can interact with your club.
  • Plan fundraisers to provide back to your community. This can include some exhibitions, charity, donations, etc.

So, this is how we can start a motorcycle riding club. But the most important thing is to be specific about your mission.

What are the Rules of a Motorcycle Club?

Rules set the basic structure of how your MC will work. These rules are the backbone of your motorcycle club. Hence, they are necessary to be followed. Let’s Have A Glance At The Rules Of A Motorcycle Club.

  • It seems to be quite difficult to join a club but it is more difficult to leave the MC. While you are a member of the club, all the members will treat you like brothers but if you leave then this will automatically affect your relations.
  • The biking gear you wear must be treated with reverence as it is the identity of the club. Non-members of the club are kept away. Club secrets are not revealed to other people. Most of the MCs are males only.
  • At motorcycle clubs, if you are an old member then it’s good but if you join recently then new members can face some violence-oriented acts.
  • Others might encourage old members to act violently. Different clubs have different rules, not suitable for faint-hearted people.
  • Sometimes, you might need to race with others to prove your skills. The meeting must not be treated casually. They are important and require every member of the club to attend them.
  • Blind loyalty is demanded by every motorcycle club. The club is the priority. And every member must respect that.
  • These clubs are only for enthusiasts who love to travel miles with the club. Members have to be nice to each other.

These rules will help you out in many ways. If you are thinking of joining a club, be safe. Also, if you are going to start you MC then take care of others.

How to Start MC in GTA 5?

GTA is one of the popular games; developers keep on updating the games with new content. Will all new jobs, missions, locations, races, etc. make GTA the best game? Let’s look at the steps and learn how to start a motorcycle club in GTA 5.

  • Refer to in the game. Now, you have to purchase one of the clubhouses from the website.
  • When you are done purchasing, you will become the president of the MC or motorcycle club. Now, invite your friends to join your motorcycle club.

Some of you might be confused about completing the missions and then becoming eligible to purchase the club but this is not how it works. You don’t need to complete any of the missions for purchasing the club. After purchasing you can hang out, play darts, arm wrestle, and drink beer.

How to Start a Motorcycle Club without Permission?

Well, there is no way out so that you can start MC without any permission. And doing this is not safe. The leading motorcycle club in your area will get to know that you have started a motorcycle club in that area and they will come after you.

  • Instead of playing hide and seek with the lead MC, go for permission and discuss all the points that why you want to make your MC and why not to join their motorcycle club.
  • Keep one thing in mind; if your intentions are strong to start your motorcycle club, then nobody can stop you from doing that. You just have to convince the dominating MC. And then you are done.

How to Start a Bicycle Club?

We have discussed a lot about the motorcycle club. Now, let’s see how we can start a bicycle club.

· Make a Cycling Routine

This will help you out to find members who are willing to ride. You will get to know the regularity of these people.

· Decide the Name of Your Bicycle Club

Think of something that matches your skills and passion. This will represent your club.

· Prepare a Kit for Your Club

Those boring and traditional kits are being outdated. Think of a new kit. You can design your own.

· Make More Friends who Love to Ride

Go and talk to people. This way you can make many friends.

· Experience Adventures with Your Mates

Go with your club members on long rides.

· Organize Regular Events

This helps you to attract more people.

These are very simple and easy steps to start your bicycle club.


  • Joining or creating your motorcycle club or bicycle club will keep you healthy.
  • It will enhance your interpersonal skills like communication as you will be communicating with many people.
  • Organizing events will provide you the spirit to overcome stage fear.

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