Most people are curious about this, especially for those who are facing an eviction notice.

Can you stop an eviction order from happening even after the court has made a judgment? Yes, it’s possible.

Evictions don’t happen immediately, especially after the court order. It’s not like you will be kicked out the day after the court order is finalized. You still have time to stop it and save yourself from homelessness. Here’s what you can do below.

Stopping an Eviction Notice

  1. Settle first with your landlord

First of all, you got into this mess because you did not commit to your responsibilities with your landlord. As a renter or boarder, you must pay for your dues, and it’s in the contract that you signed in the first place.

It’s just well and right to talk to your landlord gently and sincerely. Invite your landlord to have a chat, maybe in the house or their house. Apologize for missing the payments and make it right to them. Provide an exact date as to when you can accomplish paying the whole amount you owe in full. You can have a witness or a sworn statement to make it formal and documented.

If the issue of you being evicted from the house or property is not about missed payments, like incurring property damages, noise pollution, or too many people living in the property, ask for your landlord’s forgiveness. Reach out to them and express your sincere apology. Show them that you regretted violating the contract and that you want to make it right to them.

When you do this the right way, there’s a very high chance that the landlord will drop the eviction order. Always keep in mind that landlords are just trying to earn a good and steady income from their property. If you’re a responsible renter, there won’t be any problem maintaining a good relationship with your landlord.

  1. Heed for reconsideration to the judge.

You will need to hire a local lawyer to help you file an appeal to reconsider the finalized court order. You can do this if your landlord does not reconsider your apology. Sometimes, some landlords can be too stubborn to accept an apology, especially if the missed payments and inappropriate behavior towards the property kept happening. The best thing you can do is to seek reconsideration from the judge.

Since you’re hiring a local lawyer for the paperwork, note that this can cost you much. It’s going to be expensive if you choose this route. Even though the case is not going to a higher court and the same court is handling it,

If it’s too expensive for you to afford a lawyer, it’s best to go through a Stop Eviction Service. It won’t cost you so much and, you’ll still get a better chance to stop you from getting evicted from the property.

  1. File for a bankruptcy

For some countries, this is possible. Check your country’s laws and regulations about eviction notices, if you can stop the order if you file for bankruptcy. The court allows and understands this situation, especially if you’re missing payments due to job loss, business failure, or for whatever reasons it may be.

You can still file for bankruptcy as well, even though the charges have already been finalized. You can only file for bankruptcy if you have truly been out of money or funds to sustain the rent. Never go into thinking that you can trick your landlord and the court into faking your bankruptcy to get out of this mess. Remember, they can track you and won’t approve your bankruptcy if not proven true.

  1. File a Formal Appeal to the Judge

This is where it gets serious. This is the time where your case shall be taken into a higher court. You can hire a lawyer to help you with this process, especially for winning the case. You can do this if you find that there are a lot of points that the court has missed out for carrying that decision to finalize the eviction order.

If you were regularly paying for the rent, but for some reason, the landlord still files for an eviction order, this is where you can truly defend yourself. Then again, this process can get a bit longer, but this will give you enough window time to pause the eviction order.

Just the thing is, it’s very expensive to pay for a lawyer to keep this case going. It takes enough budget to make this work. If you have the financial support to do this, then you should go ahead. But if it’s something you can’t afford, you can do the Stop Eviction Service as what we have mentioned earlier.

Key Takeaway

Court hearings, eviction notices, and battling with landlords is such a messy situation to be in. Nobody wants to be evicted from their home, especially when housing is charging for a hefty price, and looking for a new one is getting harder and harder. To avoid eviction from happening, commit to your responsibilities as a renter.

It also helps to plan and create a good relationship with your landlord. If you missed a month or two for payments and you have a valid reason, they will understand. As long as you communicate properly and pay on the date you’ve promised.

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