Keeping asparagus fresh and crispy can be a tricky business.

Learn how to your asparagus fresh for weeks or even a year with our guide below.

Asparagus is one of the crunchiest and yummiest green vegetables. It can do wonders for your body when consumed. Making asparagus a part of your diet won’t be difficult but it is important to keep it fresh.

Many people tend to waste good asparagus because they don’t know how to store it. Keep reading below to learn how to store asparagus up till a year!

What to Keep In Mind While Buying Asparagus:

Before you look for ways to store your asparagus, you need to make sure that you buy the freshest ones from the market.

  • Start by making sure that they are green in color from the beginning to the end. Asparagus with brownish ends are bound to go bad quickly.
  • Take a sniff at the ones you can’t gauge. The rotten ones will stink near the bottom.
  • Pieces that are about to go bad will also be a little soft. Make sure that your asparagus is crisp.
  • Pick up the asparagus and get a feel of the texture. If it bends easily, it means it is about to go bad. They are supposed to be firm and crisp. Look out for these!

Time Duration:

  • For Several Days

This is for you if you want to learn how to store asparagus for a few days. Firstly, get your asparagus and give them a good wash.

Next, use a knife and cut off an inch from the bottom. Once your asparagus is chopped an inch from the bottom you are good for the next step.

Take a jar and pour fresh water into it. Just pour enough to fill the jar an inch or two maximum. Next, put your asparagus in the water.

Note that you put the chopped side in the water. Lastly, put this jar in the fridge and you can sore asparagus for a few days.

  • For A Week

There are times when we want to store our vegetables for a week. This is not impossible either. Firstly, start by washing your asparagus.

Next up, chop it by an inch. You don’t necessarily have to do it by a knife. Simply pick up asparagus and bend it near the bottom. The part that isn’t useful will come off on its own.

Take a mason jar and fill a quarter of it with water. Now put the chopped asparagus in the water. Once that’s done, you will need a plastic zip-lock bag.

Cover the top of the asparagus with the open end of the zip-lock bag. Don’t make it too tight. Finally, put it in the fridge. Your asparagus will be good for a week.

  • For a Few Weeks

There have also been many people who want to stock up on asparagus for an upcoming event. In this case, one can want to store asparagus for a few weeks.

This can be done as well. All you need is a paper towel and a zip lock bag. Start by washing your asparagus properly.

Get rid of any dirt or dust that might be on it. Put it on a clean surface and let it dry. While it is drying, take a paper towel and dampen it.

Now, take your dry asparagus and put it on the paper towel. Next, wrap the damp towel around the asparagus.

Lastly, bring that zip lock bag in. Put your towel wrapped asparagus in the bag and close it. Last but not the least, put the bag in the refrigerator and you’re done.

  • For a Year

This is by far the most effective tip if you want to store your asparagus for a year.

Before we head into the details, it is important to know that the quicker you eat it, the better. But if you have to store it for longer you can do the following process.

First, start by cutting your asparagus in 2-3 inches per piece. Take a pot and pour around 3-4 cups of water on it. Put in 1 tablespoon of water and let it boil.

Put the asparagus in the water when it starts boiling. Cook them for 3-5 minutes. Here we are blanching them.

Remove them after a few minutes of boiling and put them in ice-cold water to stop the cooking process immediately. Take the asparagus out once it’s cooled down, put it in a pan, and keep it in the freezer for a few minutes.

Take them out once they are crisp and dry. The reason why we kept them in the freezer for a few seconds was to dry them real quick. If you put wet asparagus pieces in a bag they will stick to one another.

Lastly, take a plastic zip lock bag and keep all your dry asparagus pieces in the bag. Close the bag and freeze it. This way, as a result of blanching and freezing it, you can store asparagus for up to a year.

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