Do you find it hard to store celery and keep it fresh for a longer period of time? Take note that celery can get limp easily because of the lost moisture making it hard to chew. With the proper method, you can learn how to store celery the right way to keep it in its freshest form.

Remember that storing celery properly will only keep it fresh for a limited amount of time. The methods presented here are the most common options that you can do to keep it fresh for at least a week or two.

Wrapped in Foil Inside the Fridge

Of course, you keep it in the fridge. But that must be the correct or else it can ruin the vegetable. So, you have to keep it hydrated by wrapping the stalks of celery in an aluminum foil. But do this by keeping the foil tight enough to keep the moisture from getting out.

Just make sure that you don’t crimp the edges shut to allow ethylene gas to escape. Ethylene gas is responsible for the ripening of fruits and vegetables, causing it to become limp during storage.

Cut and Stored in a Fridge

You may also keep celery fresh by cutting it into smaller pieces and submerged in water inside a tightly-covered container. Accordingly, this will slow down the deterioration of celery, especially if the container is airtight.

Notice how the cold temperature is effective in keeping the stalk crisp and fresh. Simply avoid freezing the celery completely as it will likely lose all moisture.

What to do With Limp Celery

Wilted celery can be frustrating but you can reverse the loss of moisture by reviving it before consumption. You can do this by soaking limp celery in water for a few hours and you will be surprised at how it will be able to absorb water and re-inflate itself.

You may also be able to revive the crispness of celery by keeping it icy cold. On the other hand, if the vegetable is already starting to look bad, do not keep it for later use. Instead, throw it out because it can only affect your health.

Note that celery will not last forever, you only have to store it manually to keep it as fresh as possible for a limited period of time.


If you want to keep celery fresh and crisp, then you should refrigerate the vegetable as soon as it reaches your kitchen. You can wrap it in a dry towel and put it inside a plastic bag.

You can also wrap it tightly in foil and keep it inside a crisper drawer in the fridge. This will last up to 2 weeks or so. Additionally, if you want to store celery longer, then you have to keep it frozen.

Just slice it up and spread out on a cookie sheet before putting inside the freezer. After freezing the chunks, you have to pack it inside an airtight container and return it to the freezer.