Have you ever wondered how to surf? That is one of the most popular questions that people would want to know these days.

Perhaps some people find it challenging, while others consider it a daunting experience.

Well, it is not as easy as it looks, that’s for sure. In fact, surfing is not like your traditional sports because the learning curve is a bit slow in this type of endeavor. But that makes it fun and even people in their sixties can drink to that!

Things To Consider When Learning How To Surf

  • Understand your environment. Find the right spot to study the science of surfing. This includes the waves that you must understand and learn to estimate if it’s the right time to get into the water or not.
  • Having a good physical shape is important. Since it is a tough sport, you can build your muscles, burn calories, and lose weight really fast.
  • You should learn how to paddle. Paddling can be done by laying down in the middle of your surfboard. But of course, this needs practice especially if you don’t know a bit about this sport.
  • You must learn how to pop up on a surfboard. This requires practice and beginners would want to learn this the moment they mount on a surfboard. But you can always practice on the beach for starters.
  • Learn how to catch a wave. You can catch the smaller waves first as a beginner. So, keep closer to the shore because larger waves can be dangerous, which requires a particular level of experience.
  • Know what passing the break means. There is a term called passing the break when surfing. This involves the skills on how to execute the turtle roll and to duck dive. All that requires practice which is favorable when the waves are small.
  • Understanding the etiquette of surfing. There is a set of rules that surfers need to observe. Since it is a dangerous sport practiced in the open, it is important to be courteous and to keep everybody safe.

Is Surfing For Everyone?

There are simple requirements when you want to go surfing. But that does not mean that it is a sport for everyone. So, find out if you are qualified for this extreme sports activity in the open sea.

  • Surf only between the white and black checkered flags.
  • Surfers definitely need to look out for each other, so it is best to surf with a buddy.
  • Always tell someone that you are going to surf and when you intend to be home.
  • Determine the type of weather and tide up ahead before setting out to surf.
  • Always be careful not to go beyond your limits especially if you are just learning the sport.
  • Wearing a leash is basic for beginners who don’t want to be separate from the surfboard.
  • Always wear the proper wetsuit when you go surfing to keep you warm and provide added protection from potential injuries.

If you are not ready to do it, then find some who can accompany you and teach you a few things about surfing on the beach.

When is the Best Time to Surf

Knowing the best time of the day to surf is key to enjoy the best surf conditions and make the most out of it.

  • Surfing in the morning. If you want to beat the morning crowds is to wake up before sunrise. At first light, you should be able to suit up and arrive at your local surfing spot.
  • Offshore winds. The important reason why surfing is better in the evening or morning is that the offshore winds are light during this time. winds are typically stronger in the afternoon before it lights up again before the pretty sunset appears.


If you are just learning how to surf, make sure that you already know the basics before paddling on your surfboard. It can also help if you know when’s the best time of the day to start surfing. Of course, this extreme sport is not for everyone because it requires a sound mind and body. This means that not each person can withstand the rigors of surfing.

Moreover, it is very important to have good mental and physical balance when you aspire to become a professional surfer one day. Of course, you can’t reach that ideal if you don’t have respect for other people. Most of all, it is important to have a lot of patience when learning how to surf.

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