When it comes to the best smartphone casing, we don’t compromise the quality of the case.

It should always be something that can protect the phone at all costsThis will avoid your phone to shatter or break.

If you need to take off your otterbox, whether for cleaning it or changing it to a new case, we will show you how to take it off the right way.

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Taking off the otterbox the right way

Step 1: If you’re right-handed, use your right fingers for gripping or better yet use your left fingers if you’re left-handed.

Step 2: Carefully take out the outer case that runs through the seams of the whole area of your smartphone.

Step 3: By doing this, you will need to start on the bottom area near the portholes where you insert your charger or headphones. Start taking it off slowly but surely by pulling it away for a little.

Step 4: If it’s too hard for you to do this part, you will need to use your charging port’s dustwrapper and use this by lifting it.

Step 5: At this point, the outer covering should have come off right now. The next thing you’ll need to do is take off the edges’ catches as well.

Step 6: Always start with one side first. It can either be the left side or right side. Please don’t work on it all at the same time together. Lift the catch from the lower part of the upper part of the frame. You can use any coin size or may your finger to assist you when taking off this part.

Step 7: Check if the frame is less tight and try lifting it up. Take your smartphone away, and then you’ll need to attach the frame back to its outer covering.

Step 8: Clean the otterbox, especially all the collected dirt and dust that build up since you started using it. Store it properly just in case you will need to use it again. You can always wrap it with bubble wraps, store it back to the box or wrap it with paper.

Now that you’ve successfully removed the otterbox, you might also need to learn how to install or return it back again. Let us show you how:

How to return your otterbox back to your smartphone?

Step 1: You will need to verify if you were able to retain all the three important parts of your otterbox. Check if you still have the following: the outer rubber casing, the two inner frames that hug and protect your smartphone.

Step 2: The same as removing the otterbox earlier, when attaching it back again, you should always start working at the bottom part of the frame.

Step 3: You will then need to find a flat surface or a table to place the frame flat on the surface. You will also need to put down your smartphone beside it face up.

Step 4: Grab the upper part of the frame and attach it on top of your smartphone.

Step 5: Check the sides of the frames if the clips are still intact. That will let you attach the frame directly to the smartphone. Pair up all the clips that fit the upper part of the smartphone and make sure to lock it securely. Check if it’s a bit loose and lock it tightly again.

Step 6: Then start doing the sides and edges of your phone and start clipping the frame unto your smartphone. Again, check if it was tightly locked; if not, do it again.

Step 7: Grab the outer rubber cover and put your smartphone inside the rubber casing.

Step 8: This time, you will need to start with the upper part of the phone and insert it slowly into the rubber case. Then work on the bottom part of the phone and carefully push it inside the rubber casing.

Step 9: After working on the top and bottom part of the phone, start working on the sides at this point and carefully press it inside the rubber case.

Step 10: You will also need to check if the overall case was positioned the right way. Check if the battery, charger, and headphones port were positioned at the right hole. If not, redo the same process and correct the case installation.

Tips on making your otterbox last

  • Always purchase an otterbox that comes with a product warranty of at least a year, just in case if the otterbox has some defects or it got damaged within one year.
  • When customizing your case with other products, make sure you’re using mild products that are not damaging to your rubber case.
  • Clean the otterbox regularly to retain the newer look and impressive quality of the product.
  • If you’re feeling creative and want to spray your rubber case with spray paint, then make sure you work on it carefully. Go to a clear workshop, take out the otterbox from your smartphone using the instructions we’ve mentioned above. Protect your work surface with a used newspaper when spraying it.
  • While it’s good to clean your smartphone regularly, please don’t do it every day, or your otterbox will get loose early. We recommend you to take it off at least once or twice a month.

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