In the modern world, the dress is not only a material to cover your body, but it exhibits your sense of fashion and beauty. A perfect dress can change your appearance in a gathering. Wrap dresses contain a front closure that wraps around your body with the help of knotting.

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Some Key Features of Wrap Dresses

A wrap dress basically wraps up your body. You need to drag on two different sides of the dress and have to tie them up with the laces so that it stays intact. Traditionally the Europeans used to wear these wrap dresses as their night garments as they give you immense comfort.

  • It forms a closer inside it and wraps you from all sides. Generally, the wrap dresses form a V-shaped neck as you have to pull the ends of it over one another.
  • In the modern era, wrap dresses have gone through various experiments and have created various style statements of their own style.
  • A wrap dress gives you comfort even when you are working on it. It became the symbol of the women’s liberation movement in the decade of the 1970s in Europe.
  • A wrap dress is always suitable for all types of bodies. You can adjust your appearance with its altering characteristics and can wear suitable undergarments to look as you want.
  • You look curvy if you are thin whereas if you fasten the laces a bit tighter, you may appear fit. Not only this, but a wrap dress with a proper cut can also help you to look tall or short as per your wish.
  • This is why these dresses are so popular among women. You can keep a couple of inches extra cloth in the dress and it will help you to adjust it with your figure from time to time.

The Experts Advice on Wrap Dresses

The experts are always advised to choose the wrap dress as per your figure and not only as per the size. Only the perfect size of this dress will not help you to get the most attractive look after you wear a wrap dress, but you need to balance the look to have a great appearance. Since it is easy to wear, you need to keep in mind that the balance of weight throughout the body helps you to look great in any dress.

How to Take in a Wrap Dress?

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Wrap dresses are basically the comfort wears that people generally use to sleep. These types of dresses are very comfortable to wear and are breathable. That’s why you can easily fall asleep in a wrap dress. But in the modern era, wrap dresses are not only reserved as nightdresses, but you can also put them on as fashion wears. Since the modern fashion industry is growing very fast and newer fashionable dresses are launching almost every day, so there are very beautiful collections of wrap dresses that you can use easily as casual wear. So here are some tips to take in a wrap dress perfectly.

  • For the perfect dress, you need to have materials that will help you actually to take the dress in. a measuring tape, some thread, straight pin, a sewing needle, and a scissor.
  • Now take the measurements of your body. Your shoulders, your arms, your chest, your hip along with your belly. If the measurements are not correct, then your efforts to make the dress perfect will not work.
  • Now mark the fabric as per the measurements of your body. Mostly it varies 1 inch or 1½ inches from the previous one. In some cases, if you are taking the dress in after a long time, then it may vary a bit more.
  • Sew your dress through the new measuring lines. You can use a sewing machine or can execute it with your hands. You should always finish the sewing of the raw edges with a zigzag stitch so that no fabric remains unveiled.

What to Wear Under a Wrap Dress?

Under-garments are the most important thing you need to wear under your dresses. Your dress may look very beautiful but if you don’t have a proper under-garment, it may spoil all your fashion enthusiasm. Since wrap dresses stay wrapping on your body, the importance of the under-garments are more important here.

Boy Short Panty

It is ideal for lovers of wrap dresses. These panties hug your body and stay tight under the dress. These clothes provide you adequate coverage under your dress and it appears seamless under the cloth. The materials are stretchy and are very comfortable. It gives you a very comfortable feel and lets your skin breathe perfectly.

Light Boys Shorts

This type of under-garment gives you full coverage of your body portion under the wrap dress. The fabric is smooth and is seamless, thus it doesn’t leave any mark on your skin and no darkening happens.

Boxer Briefs

If you want to have an under-garment really lightweight, you can go for the boxer briefs. It covers all your desired area but is still breathable. The bands fit well on the waistline of your body and hug the interior lining of the body.

Bloomer Slip

Bloomer slips are very good to wear on summer days. It contains lightweight and snit cling material. The lace panel trims blend well with the hem of your normal dress.

How to Style a Wrap Dress?

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While you are in the mood to add some extra style on your wrap dress, you can follow some steps that we are mentioning here. You can wear a wrap dress with a shapewear. If you are a bit too heavy or your body is a bit curvier, then your perfect solution can be the shapewear which you can put on under the wrap dress. It will make your curves more prominent and your look will get a different appearance.

  • You can adjust the neckline of your dress to adjust the falling of the crisscross on your body. Mostly the cross over area falls on the breast line, but if you want it to go some inches up or down, you can easily adjust the neckline. You can also try a stretchy tank top under the dress to cover your cleaves up.
  • A push-up bra can create an illusion if your bust is a bit smaller in size. It can make it look of a perfect shape and will help to create the perfect curves. Put a long cardigan on your wrap dress and it will create a cozy chic look.
  • Use the fabric of some solid color as they will make you look slim. Try some vertical print with it as it will make it look elongated. Use some jewelry with it and your dress will get real complements.

How to Drape a Wrap Dress?

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It is draping means to give a three-dimensional look to your clothes. This process is almost 5500 years old while the Mesopotamians first started this art to make dresses look beautiful. Here we are discussing how to drape the wrap dresses.

  • For this, first of all, you need to take the measurements of the areas which you want to drape. Then mark it on a mannequin with tape and pin.
  • Now take the fabric with which you want to make the dress and wrap it on the mannequin and put pins at the middle portion. Now take the scissor and cut the fabric as per the marks you made on the mannequin.
  • You need to start cutting from the middle of the neckline and cut as per your measurements. Now take the end of the fabric that remains on the figure and post it smoothly on the mannequin.
  • The next step is to extract the excess amount of cloth. Now you can repeat the steps for the rest of the dress and can make a great wrap dress.

How to Hang a Wrap Dress?

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You just need to put on a hanger and clip the sides of the dress to avoid the hanger marks on the beautiful wrap dresses.

How does a Wrap Dress Work?

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A wrap dress works like a skirt or a gown. It is pretty comfortable and stylish. The basic difference from a skirt is that it doesn’t have elastic or hook to fit it on the waistline. You can wear a wrap dress and tie it around your waist to fit it properly.

How do You Wrap a Dress without a Hole?

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  • First, take the left end of the dress and put it across your chest. Be sure at first that this portion is giving your body a perfect coverage.
  • A perfect wrap dress gives you the best look if your breasts are bigger. If you can adjust the neckline perfectly, then it will create an illusion of a smaller breast.
  • Now pin the left end with the interior seam of the right side of the dress. You can put the pin a bit higher up on the seam or a bit closer to the armpit so as to accentuate the least possible part of your waist.
  • Next, cover the left half of the dress with the right half and put the right portion over the left half and pin it up.


  • You can wear a wrap dress with shapewear.
  • A push-up bra can create an illusion if your bust is a bit smaller in size.
  • Put a long cardigan on your wrap dress and it will create a cozy chic look.

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